Tuesday, July 21, 2009


BC Rail: Campbell Govt. Accused of Giving Orders For Deleting Damaging Emails

By R. Paul Dhillon
South Asian Link - July 20, 2009
With News Files

VANCOUVER – Is this the last hurrah for Premier Gordon Campbell, who’s key to survival has been to smile and look away when scandals and charges against him and his government are raised by the opposition.

Now the revelations of alleged corruption of the highest order are leading right to Campbell’s door. This week’s bombshell at the corruption trial of two former Liberal party aides – Dave Udhe Basi and Bob Virk – revealed that e-mails written by the premier were ordered destroyed during the May election campaign.

It’s now clear that what the Campbell government said recently about following government policy of destroying old emails were a pack of lies. The deletion of emails were done deliberately through orders from high ranking government officials.

This week, the trial heard of an affidavit from high-ranking government worker Rosemarie Hayes stating that at the beginning of May her department ordered the destruction of backup tapes of e-mails.

And it was done most likely to cover the tracks of Premier Gordon Campbell and his cabinet ministers.

We wrote recently that ever since Campbell beat his drunk driving charges by just playing stupid, he’s found a way to fool the public by being coy – and to just look away and no one will really bother you. He must be on to something as he won another election but these sins eventually catch up, Premier.

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