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BC Rail Deal Must Be Disclosed. Repossession on July 14?

Island Tides, p.4 - July 2, 2009
Editorial: Full Disclosure
an excerpt

In light of this destruction of evidence [all BC cabinet emails 2001-2005], it is important that the BC Rail Privatization and Revitalization Agreements, which have never been made public, are made public at once. This will simply require a person or group to apply for a Supreme Court injunction to stop the completion of the deal on its fifth anniversary.

The deal is possibly still reversible. And an injunction would bring it to a grinding halt, creating time to examine the deal properly, with whatever evidence remains. A public inquiry would be fully justified.

However, time is of the essence as the fifth anniversary of the deal falls on July 14 and it is thought that two highly significant parts of the Agreement come into play on that date. The province may exercise a right of repossession option on that date. (If grounds for repossession by the Province are required, the failure of CN to provide 600 new railcars might serve.) In the absence of repossession, BC Rail's waterfront lands from North Vancouver to Squamish will pass to CN for one dollar and the deal is complete. [Note: BCR L
ands are much more extensive than this. - BC Mary.]

In this mess, BC has lost more than a railway - its government has clearly lost respect for the courts and for citizens, making a mockery of justice and democracy in BC.

Island Tides


There is more than one reason to stop this BS. After reading that Leah so graciously provided in the article below, I have now seen proof in writing that Gordon Campbell is a bald faced LIAR. I state this with conviction. I am not an accountant but I must assume that CIBCWM used accountants to write this report and even a novice like myself can read the bottom line.

I never checked in to why the BCR employees were pissed about their pension fund but its here in this report in black and white. So They made the employees bend over twice and screwed them out of a $150 million+ surplus. Disgusting.

Campbell you have not managed this province for the people. Resign.
Yes, Island Tides!! Say it like it is! We have hope for another day :)

I don't believe for a moment that all the emails were destroyed. Someone, somewhere. ...

For one thing, the manager/director of IMIT would know as well as Campbell that those documents must be kept for 7 years if they relate in any way at all to legislature or public business.

When I started working where I am, that was one of the FIRST things I was advised..."be careful what you say in email, be careful what you write on paper...they become matters of legal record, and must be kept for 7 years."

Though I may happily go around deleting things from my email weekly, that does not mean those documents don't rest in a server. They do. And they are "backed up" nightly/daily...adding each new days business to what was done previously.

If indeed the emails have been irrevocably erased from ALL data storage devices, it is my opinion that it was done deliberately, and that it would have taken some time to accomplish as they were most likely in a number of different places. If ALL emails for those years were deleted, then we're missing much more than just the emails surrounding the BC Rail deal I would think. Either that or the deletions were done in "cherry picking" style. The best person to ask about that wouldn't be Mr. Copley, or Mr. would be the head of IMIT. Under oath.

Nonetheless; if I had my way I would immediately injunct ANY business done in the legislature that effects the sale or lease of Crown Corporations until the hard paper copies have been thoroughly studied by independent auditors. With every jot, tittle and penny being accounted for. We have already lost a railway for the most part, let's not lose Hydro and our rivers sovereignty due to lousy record keeping, ineffective media...and voter apathy.
excellent post Leah. one must consider WHY the opposition is seemingly ineffective in this regard?

Glenn Clarke had a deck built for him and lost an election as a result. Why are the NDP so unable to push the issue, to make it an election issue, to provide an effective, capable aternative?

Answer: because the NDP are utterly useless. And that is why I didnt vote. I didnt like the Liberals nor the NDP. So why bother?

A confession note could fall into Carole James' hands (along with a sunken BC ferry causing death, BC convention overruns, etc) and she would understand the import of it, never mind figure out what to do with it during an election. Instead she would rally for an imcrease in the mimimum wage.
Anon 9:07, Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad my post touched base with you.

As for why the NDP is unable to push the issue/s, why they chose not to make this deal an election issue, and Run of Rivers an election issue...I will NEVER know. Are they somehow involved in it, and not being honest about it? I don't know, but the feeling is there. It needs to be investigated.

I was, and still am, as frustrated by their inactivity as I was in the run up to the election. As near as I can see, the only thing that will motivate the NDP to actually stand up and fight FOR the people, and our environments is a total change of leadership - from the top down. That much WE can effect. We must.

To say they are "useless" is to include ALL those who ran in the election with her...and that I can't agree with. Their are some fighters in there, but the structure of the NDP doesn't allow for public disagreement with their leader...which is too bad. It would have caused real debate of the "issues" rather than platitudes and rhetoric as we saw.

And now I ask you to forgive me before I even start, but I have to say this: You didn't vote?! SHAME ON YOU! This democracy of ours is DYING, our Province is in its death throes...there is almost NOTHING left of what we grew up with, and love so much. That's what happens when people decide to punish a party by not voting. The "other side" gets in to continue wreaking havoc (which hasn't even begun with this new term yet!). I voted NDP, NOT because I like Carole James. I do not. She is weak, and full of rhetoric.The NDP have now become the Liberal Lite's or the Liberals With Manners party.

Did I like having to vote for someone who didn't fill my bill as an excellent leader? No. Then why did I do it? Because the alternative gave me 8 years of PROOF, that he was/is completely incompetent, abusive, a liar, and someone whose dislike for the people of this Province is proven on a daily basis. Which one of the two is more dangerous to the People, the Environment, the FUTURE of this Province? Campbell. What I found saddest of all is that there was NO one worth voting for, but there was definitely someone worth voting against. Campbell.

It broke my heart to find that 52% of people chose not to vote at all, rather than take a look at the PROOFS of the damage he's already done. In effect, it was like they voted FOR him. With a mere 20% of the ballots cast, he won again. Heartbreaking, Province breaking. So please, hopefully there will be someone in the next election worth voting for, if not take the time to go over the issues and find the answers. Vote accordingly. I don't really give a damn who you vote for - just vote!! That's an obligation in a democratic society IF one wants to keep it. Is there another form of government you'd prefer to live under?

No one should be allowed to serve as Premier for more than 2 terms, it allows for such ingrained corruption that it will take decades to sort it out, and correct it. While we're at it, there should be no Judge sitting on any bench in the Province that has not been elected by the people thereof. This trial would most likely be over already, with very pleasing results.

Isn't it amazing how politics screws everything up?!

Nicely said and powerful. I think you're correct about the NDP needing to change its leadership.

Have a look at this:

Privatization, Profit and Porkchopping
by Will Offley
Canadian Dimension - July 1, 2004

It answers a lot of my own questions about "what's wrong with the NDP" and I just wish I had seen it long, long ago. Note the date!

After you've read it, I hope you'll come back and comment again.

As for using the U.S. system of electing judges, I think of Clausewitz. His battle advice was (from memory) "When you strike, throw all your might at a single target. Don't divide your forces."

Also because yes, politics does screw everything up.

Thank you Mary, coming from you I consider that high praise indeed!

I will definitely comment on the Offley article, right now I have to calm my temper I'll work on it in Notepad and copy/paste it a bit later. Right now I'm too damn mad to think straight.
Leah I will not vote for the sake of it. I find the Liberals corrupt and the NDP incompetant. The Greens even more so. Like 48% of the population, I had no cause to vote for anyone. A gun could be put to my head I wouldnt now who to vote for. And yes, I once was a political type, an elected delegate at a socred leadership convention back in the day.
also, Mary, it reminds me of Andrian Dix, who criticises everything yet never seems able to say what he or the NDP would do istead. Another talent wasted on things that can wait and spends no time whatsoever on the land mines and bombs the Liberals have place all over and which could and have detonated many times over with seemingly no response from the NDP, ie sinking of the ferry, the convention centre, raw log exports, drunk driving, privatisation of hospital services, the Basi drug/corruption deal, the list goes on and on and on...
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