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BC Rail train is shown on full Dynamic Braking taking a long, fully-loaded train down into Lillooet.

While searching for something else, I came across this YouTube tribute to BC Rail by Double Ditch Light Productions. Title: BC Rail - Full 'DB' all the way down some spectacular country and into Lillooet. I got thinking that B.C. didn't just own some off-the-shelf kinky-poo trolly, heck no, BC Rail was one of the big ones -- biggest regional railway in Canada -- and maybe the smartest too ... because B.C. built that railway. Just watch how they handled that load and those grades ...

Find it HERE. Allow extra time for the video to load.

Or go to:

Meantime ... I found the news video I was searching for of the 33-year BCRail trainman who stopped his locomotive at a West Vancouver intersection, climbed down, and walked across to speak to Carole James whose election campaign van was parked there. I like how the two of them stood there by the side of the road, unattended, and talked about BC Rail. "It's not working out," said the trainman. "That was our railway," said the Opposition leader. "Good luck to you," said the trainman as they shook hands. In the background, a BCR diesel stands.

I love that scene.

Nobody has made "Carole and the Trainman" into a handy YouTube yet, but there are glimpses embedded and preserved in this CTV page for April 15, 2009 illustrating their news item: NDP promises inquiry into BCRail scandal. Allow extra time for it to load. - BC Mary.

And remember July 14, 2009.


I'm sure if the people had known the truth about the contract, if they could have seen how badly redacted it is - and if they had seen Article would have been enough to get a huge point across. You cannot under any circumstances, for any reason, trust Campbell with the good, or for the good of this Province - or its people. Period.

Not that it makes us feel better today.
You're right Mary, it was the 3rd largest in Canada, and the largest regional railway in the country. It was also a very successful one according to the confidential CIBC World Markets report in 2003. Makes one wonder how the loss (in the book anyway) was arrived at?

It's demise was most likely caused by the very valuable land that formed part of its holdings - that's what GC wanted from the start. The railway itself was never his issue. IMHO.

Hang on, head up, it ain't over cuz I'm not singin' yet!!
I watched the clip and noticed that Carole James also said to the switchman at the end of it "...and they stole it..." What a sad thing for BC to see our resources and sources of transportation being farmed out at this rate and for pennies on the dollar. These thugs will stop at nothing.

I seriously wonder how we could be such a bunch of morons and let these sordid affairs continue, continuely. At the same time I'm ready to throw in the towel and say fuck it I don't care anymore. They seem omnipotent above the law above scrutiny connected up to the ying yang and even have the cops running offence for them and the press propping them up.

I mean really what am I going to do, at this point nobody in power seems accountable, transparency is just a code word for get lost the rule of law is for memebers only and same with the public trust.

So really, mortgagaes, flat screen tv's, vacations, and being all of that are full time jobs so are things really going to change.
People want to know about MJ not BCR that's what matters in this world today because that is what we are told, these are the issues, these are the things that matter, you better shape up (Lou would say ; )

At this point I think the cattle farmer guy is right get a little place in the sticks grow some friggin vegetables and chill... I'm just so sick of being sick of it you know?
Yes, Anon-9:52, I do know. And it's OK to feel as you say: sick of the rot, the lies, the cheating, and wanting to get free of it.

But you know ... there are two things at work here. The "other thing" is British Columbia itself. And that's the part that hurts so much (and is also difficult to explain).

Like, right after the May 12 election, many of us plunged into a kind of grief we had never known before ... it wasn't about the vote-count ... it went way deeper than that: it was about British Columbia itself -- the province which offers "a little place in the sticks" or a cottage on the beach. Mountains, ocean, rivers. To think that somebody could arrange things so that all our rivers are objects to be sold ... fisheries, the same ... railway, ferry service, hydro-electric, our medical records, more, more ... all threatened. We had to face that and many of us were almost inconsolable. What to do?

Baby steps, 9:52.

First we allow ourselves to grieve. In doing so, we pay tribute to the British Columbia we love.

I do believe that, once you do that ... you're on your way back into the battle to save and protect the province. Any and every way you can.

Thank you most sincerely for sharing your thoughts with us. We sure know what you mean.

Baby step #2. Start phoning the premiers office on every issue you think is wrong. Flood the bugger with public opinion. Because it's obvious he is only in touch with big business. Phone even if you don't get a reply.
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