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BC Rail Lands: Have you seen Pat Broe in Vancouver?

It was December 14, 2007, my friends. Pacific Gazette had just published Release the Railgate Tapes! and asking the question:

Why might these documents be vitally important to Virk's defense?

Because, if his lawyer is correct, the discussions/correspondence between Mr. Virk and Mr. Chris Trumpy, then a deputy minister and member of the BC Rail Restructuring 'Evaluation Committee' (see flowchart at the top of the post which is from the 'Interim Fairness Advisor's Report -pdf') appeared to be centered around OmniTrax' bid for the Roberts Bank Spur Line.

Now, don't forget that OmniTrax was the company whose lobbyists, Pilothouse and principals, allegedly paid bribes to Mr. Virk and co-accused David Basi.

And don't forget that there have also been accusations that OmniTrax may have been receiving special consideration in a quid pro quo/smoking gun deal for the Spur Line in return for its having previously provided 'competitive' cover for the mainline deal that was won by CN.

Thus, if any measure of this were supported by the documents requested by the defence it would very strongly suggest that Mess'rs Virk and Basi were not acting alone but rather, at least in part, under the direction of the government.

Which was then, and still is now, despite the defection of many of the Ministers involved at the time, the government of Mr. Gordon Campbell.

So, what has that government now decided with respect to, as Mr. Campbell called it last May, the unfettered and independent treatment, of the documents?

Why, of course, just like Mr. Nixon's government from long ago, Mr. Campbell's government has decided to stonewall:

Government lawyer George Copley has said the documents can't be released because they involve legal and financial advice on B.C. Rail and are therefore protected by solicitor-client privilege.

In other words, like Mr. Nixon's before it, Mr. Campbell's government appears to have decided that the Railgate Tapes/Documents will not be released.

All of which has us wondering if any of Lotusland's proJourno Pundits will soon be asking which is worse..........

......The Crime or the Cover-Up?

Pacific Gazette analysis, embedded links and flow chart HERE.


it blows my mind how easily distracted everyone is here. i thought Basi/Virk/Basi was charged? Yet here we are "coached" off the entired focus for emails that have nothing to do with what the police heard while tapping the parliamenty buildings.

Get on with the trial and if there is something the defence can prove, say so in court. I want to see this reach COURT the people of BC deserve as much.
the old saying goes, you are only as stong as your weakerst link. Methinks Campbell and Co are pretty Pist at what they would preceive as a weak link; none of this would have come to light if they hadnt of given so much credence to you know who. Is Collins to blame for that or what?
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