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Two weeks ago, I wrote a polite e.mail to the premier asking to have the secret BCR-CN deal opened to the public. There was no reply, not even the auto-response acknowledgement.

The deadline is July 14, 2009 ... 7 days away, or 5 working days.

I have a serious question for the Opposition. Is it true that you have a copy of the deal?

If true, is there some reason why you can't tell the public? Is there any reason for you to be silent?

Are you aware of the options, penalties, and possibilities, made plain (so we hear) in that document?

- BC Mary.


Update, July 7, 2009:

Today, this response arrived in my INbox today from the premier's office

Thank you for your email. Your comments have been shared with the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, for review and consideration in related discussions. We have asked that a response be sent to you as soon as possible.
Again, thank you for writing.
From: Mary Mackie []
Sent: Sunday, July 5, 2009 2:57 PM
To: OfficeofthePremier, Office PREM:EX
Subject: Show us the deal.

Two weeks ago, on June 22, 2009 I wrote to ask you to open the BC Rail - CN agreements to the public.

This is to advise you that there has been no response from your office.


Now here's the real test on whether or not the Premier has been acting in accordance with the Document Disposal Act.

Will the public have access to the "polite e.mail to the premier asking to have the secret....." via a FOI request six years and 11 months from now or will the FOI have to be done in under 13 months?

BC Mary's email is not asking for a meeting time for lunch with the Premier, or asking for a simple Yes or No response as to whom is picking up the tab.

I guess the real test is to discover just how many emails have been shredded in less than the 13 months that the George Copley says is the standard practice.

Who's going to be first to put in a FOI for a trace on an email that they sent to the Premier? How about an email that was sent to Kevin Falcon or any other minister?

There are five working days left before CNR takes over BC Rail lines for a dollar, injunctions takes time, but what of the FOI process, eh?
There's way more priceless land at risk than just the old railway right-of-way. Way more. If you look up one recent comment on my blog, by Norman Farrell, he talks about the Makin Land at Squamish, a big priceless piece of property right in the town of Squamish (I think) with the best beach, too.

The lands are listed on my blog, if you scroll back down to "BC Rail Lands ..." on June 28, 2008.

So there's a huge land grab teetering in the balance. I just wish that information was better understood.
Correction Mary

The Makin Land is at Brittania. And it is a Prime Piece of property.
Well...short of jabbing her with an pointy stick on FB, I sent this today. I'm also trying to make the others who visit her site daily aware of the situation. Perhaps a few more people asking questions will jog the pacemaker back to life. I've spoken with large numbers of people about this at work, and come away from the experience totally stunned - very, very few have even heard of this?! How can that be?


My question to Carole is this:
Would voting for you have made any difference at all in the HORRENDOUS BC Rail giveaway to take place in just one weeks time? Is anyone here even concerned with it? For a lousy buck CN Rail is about to take possession of BILLIONS of dollars worth of land!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!
It is my understanding (as of yesterday) that the NDP has always had a copy of the giveaway contract, but has chosen not to talk to us about it. If that's the truth...I want to know WHY? Carole is the only one who can really answer that question..thus far 4 letters to her and Leonard Krog have drawn no response at all.

The fact is - we need an interim injunction, and it must come from the Official Opposition. To date, the only one in O.O. who has offered to speak to this debacle and try to start the ball rolling is Peter Dimitrov. This MUST be stopped until we know what is going on, it's easily as important as Run of Rivers, R&RA...the only difference is - this has a timetable about to elapse. We can take it back - that's what they don't want you to know, until it's too late. One thing I can promise easily...if this goes through without a whimper from the O.O. Leader/s...the NDP will become a relic of the past. Whether they know it or not, they're being watched by thousands who are now digging for the truth. I'm only one of them.

That's it for today Mary, I'm not sure where to go from here. Again, thank you for all you do everyday to prove your love of home.
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