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Disappearance of emails referred to RCMP

Request for Special Prosecutor on missing emails referred to RCMP
By Bill Tieleman
The Tyee - July 17, 2009

A request for appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate the disappearance and possible destruction of cabinet emails related to BC Rail has been referred to the RCMP by Robert Gillen, the Assistant Deputy Attorney General in the Criminal Justice Branch.

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"Consideration to the appointment of a Special Prosecutor would only take place if the police determine that an investigation should take place and request the assistance of a prosecutor for the purposes of seeking legal advice during the investigation or alternatively, the police at the end of the investigation forward a Report to Crown Counsel in which a charging decision is requested," Gillen wrote, with a copy to Bent.

Krog said he appreciates the letter.

"I'm pleased to have that quick a response from the Assistant Deputy Attorney General. I have a lot of respect for Robert Gillen," he said in an interview Friday afternoon.

"Once the RCMP start an investigation - if they proceed - they'll want to quickly turn to a Special Prosecutor," Krog said.

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"A troubling development in a troubling case," says this CanWest editorial. "Someone in government apparently manipulated the sale of BC Rail ...

Missing B.C. Rail e-mails create suspicion

The Daily News
Canwest News Service
Don Mills, Ontario - July 17, 2009

... Defence lawyers were expecting to argue that the B.C. Rail bidding process was being manipulated by people beyond Virk and the Basis.

We are not there yet, but for a sitting government to potentially cause a mistrial on such a serious matter has its own implications.

What is clear at this point is that the government has breached its own policy on e-mail retention, which states: "Records disposition must be suspended during legally mandated reviews -- e.g. litigation, document discovery and commissions of inquiry." What must come next is that Campbell himself must order an investigation. Failing to do so will give the people of B.C. the right to question his integrity.

We have forgiven our premier for failing to uphold the law around drunk driving in the U.S. He must now assure citizens of this province that he will in every way possible, from ordering an investigation to a possible inquiry, determine who was responsible for abrogating his own government's policy, as well as possibly breaching a court order.

Nanaimo MLA Leonard Krog said what others are now thinking: "It smells of coverup."

Campbell must act swiftly to not only demonstrate there is no coverup, but to prevent further erosion in the confidence of his government.

This is a troubling development in a troubling case. Someone in the government apparently manipulated the sale of B.C. Rail, and three men accused of political corruption may not now get a fair trial.

We now need answers not only to the B.C. Rail scandal, but about why this government has failed to provide these important e-mails.


Cops launch preliminary probe into missing BCRail emails

Susan Lazaruk
The Province - July 19, 2009

Full article is HERE.


The disappearance of e mails referred to the rcmp?holy smokes man they have those e mails and they know all about them! What I want to know is why hasn't anyone been charged yet,we know who bribed basi and virk we know they were *** REMOVED BY BLOG OPERATOR, FOR LIBEL REASONS. PLEASE DO NOT ASSIGN GUILT *** I think his cousin bains is serving 9 years,also brought up late by the media only after mary scooped them after six months,what in tarnation going on here?Wake up people don't let this go!
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