Thursday, July 16, 2009


Is Gordo feeling the heat?

It's hard to imagine Gordo missing any opportunity for another photo-op. And yet, that's what he did on July 14, 2009. See the Times Colonist story HERE.

And do you suppose "the official" who said, in effect: "Sure, sure, folks, nuthin' to see here, just move along please ..." could have been Lara Dauphinee? And would a CanWest newspaper tell us, if it was Lara? - BC Mary.

Update: I hear from a reliable source who was at BC Supreme Court today that there was a ton of media there – four TV crews even! Plus CBC, CKNW, Globe, Sun, Province, CP and The Reliable Source. - BC Mary.


It would also be interesting to find our exactly how much cash went into that little gem of a building on Government Street too. With health authorities cancelling elective surgeries and asking all non-contract employees to take 10 more unpaid holidays in the coming year I'd like to know what was so important about creating a 'house of the municipalities' here in Victoria...

If now isn't the time for all those who hate the kind of place the province has become to speak up, there never will be a time.
Oh, to have a photo of that, no? A picture speaks a thousand words...

I guess " No comment," or " I can't comment on matters before the courts," isn't really working for him anymore.

Oh, there are images alright....but only PAB-assisted, pablumized ones.


There is even a video you can take screen shots from if you like.

Thing is, now that their own private version of Pravda is goin' down they've gotta make sure that those members of the local press corps that might actually ask real questions know absolutely nothing about their immaculately conceived photo-ops.
status quo;nada as usual this amazingly hot story got no press I just simply can't believe what's going on here someone please help me understand why something of this magnitude is being shunned by the bc media omg!are they being promised something?Like there jobs are useless they're worse than freeloader's expecting paychecks for nothing what are they rock star's !
Anonymous 7:05,

Now I truly don't understand what you mean!

There were FOUR TV NEWS CAMERA CREWS in the Basi Virk courtroom today!

Plus Vancouver Sun, The Province, Times Colonist, The Canadian Press, Bill Tieleman, The Globe and Mail ...

Come on ... credit where credit is due, OK?
Ya, credit for sure Mary.


Don't forget that Mr. Mason's story was already whipping it's way through the wurlitzer well before court opened this morning.

Our friend Gary is given credit on TLR if you scroll down, down ...
Have you had a look at Sean Holman's place today Ross?

There's an interesting email posted up there too...about what 'freedom of speech' actually 'means' in the public service these days.

The pressure is clearly starting to have some effect on the spin machine.

I have a feeling there's more where THAT came from too.
Of course Mary - thanks....just sayin'....

Our good friend Alison tells me that the issue got a pretty good airing on supper hour newscasts this evening as well.


CTV and Global put some time on this topic during their 6 PM news hours, though they thought that a story about the rescue of a red-tailed halk being trapped between two buildings was more important. CTV asked the premier why he wasn't commenting now about the emails when he did 2 weeks ago. Campbell was looking like a cornered rat before he found a way to scurry off into his chauffered black ride. During the 5 PM news Global had put together a bit more of an effort to minimize what was going on.

Global also minimized a bit more by finding a professor who listed his choice of the 5 worst scandals in BC. He put Harcourt and Bingogate (without drawing a clear distinction that Harcourt had nothing to do with it) as the 5th worst, Vander Zalm's mixing government and personal business (without saying bags of cash)4th, Clark and his deck (without saying he was aquitted) 3rd, What's-her-name's finger redrawing the electoral boundary 2nd, and this railway scandal as the top scandal of all time in BC provincial history - but they didn't spend anytime dwelling on it.


And maybe that's why more stuff is suddenly leaking out into the public internets rather than staying put on the private/gov't intranets?

That building is hideous!! I walk by it all the time, and it couldn't have been more stupidly designed from an aesthetic/fitting into the neighborhood perspective. Now Gordon Campbell is lauding it and calling it a model for what is to come. Unsurprising, but heartbreaking yet again to contemplate what follows from having re-elected an all powerful leader who lacks all taste and ethical standards. I knew the whole time it was being built that it must have emanated directly from the uncreative mind of Gordon Campbell or of his like minded minions. It was always unwelcoming and unfriendly - first with a huge box parked on the street forever, later with notably unfriendly, surly workmen. I wondered who these people were and assumed a close connection to GC.
And I forgot to mention that Campbell goes on about buildings made of wood when I'm pretty sure that building is completely concrete. It has cedar shakes on the front only. It looks ridiculous with its concrete sides, especially given the context of heritage homes all around it.
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