Friday, July 10, 2009


Robin Mathews on CFUV 101.9 FM at 9:00 AM today, Friday July 10

The Hidden News
Fridays 9 am
CFUV 101.9 FM in Victoria
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Host Mehdi Najari will talk to Robin Mathews about B.C. Rail scandalous sale and the court case ...


B.C. Rail, Gordon Campbell's Watergate and NDP silence

The Legislature Raids

Politics (And Betrayal?) In The High Courts Of British Columbia

Cracks Widen In The Supreme Court Of B.C. Legal Breakdown Threatens

A Letter To Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett, BC Supreme Court

Basi-Virk: Judge orders e-mails of 15 MLAs be disclosed to defence

Vanished e-mails undermine trial

Judge on BC Rail corruption case orders disclosure of MLA emails

Campbell's Own Watergate?

Public taken for a 40km, $1.2m gravy train ride

Campbell's British Columbia: Superunbelievable, among the lyingest places on earth

The key to the BC Rail sale lies in Premier Gordon Campbells beginnings in real estate and land development.

Source of insider BC Rail leak from cabinet questioned in court

Basi-Virk - may be "no explanation" for missing emails & more on possible cabinet leak to Erik Bornmann

The Legislature "Raids" in B.C. Latest Developments: Smelling Rats

Delete button wipes out 'transparency' in government

Fuss over B.C. Rail contract puts a spotlight on Kinsella

Sale of B.C. Rail a tale that needs to be told

Railgate: The Kinsella Connection

Railgate Bombshell: BC Gov't Ethics Scorched by Rail Firms

Railgate: Unearthed E-mails 'Out of this World' Says Defence

Railgate: Secret Witnesses?

Tieleman Hit by Break-In

Judge in Basi-Virk Case Rips RCMP, Special Prosecutor

Corrupt Cabinet. Corrupt RCMP.

Mayor was 'paid' to back BC Rail bid

Happy Holidays Indeed for CN Boss

CanWest reports losses on charges
Making headway on financial restructuring
July 10, 2009


Just heard Robin and I'm happy to report that he did very well - he was permitted more or less free rein to describe the whole sorry mess and he did it with style - every statement supported by his extensive knowledge of the facts.

I hope many British Columbians had the opportunity to listen.
I enjoyed it too, Robin. You were very clear in defining the main parameters of a very broad (and growing daily) topic. I daresay that the host could have been less biased so as to appeal to a broader range of listeners. You could have made your points without his zealous editorializing. I suspect that that he will learn to moderate his feelings/thoughts in time. Thank you BC Mary for bringing this to our attention.
I agree with the interviewer, who said,he wished he had allowed Robin a full hour. I think, Robin was just hitting his stride when his half hour was up. Even so,well done Robin.
Those folks have a podcast?

seems that dave basi caused attention to all of this.thank you dave!
In four days we'll know the real intentions of why CN Rail purchased BC Rail from the Government of British Columbia for a Billion Dollars.
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