Wednesday, July 01, 2009


testing, testing, testing

Is it possible that bloggerworld has sorted out its problems and that I can post again?

Sorry I haven't been able to open the comments at all ... can't see them (blank white page) ... can't leave message.

Nope. Can't open links either. So I guess blogger problems continue.

If readers can get access, I hope you will leave comments as they will show up later.

Meantime, please put the pressure on Leonard Krog that he absolutely must seek an injunction to stop any further benefits from sliding into CN pockets on the 5th anniversary date, which Lynx has researched and fixed as July 14, 2009.

That's all: an injunction which says:

* open the secret agreement for people to see,
* stop the release of further gifts to CN,
* give people time to study the agreement and decide on the options,
* freeze the agreement until it can be shown that it was legally negotiated, and it is proven that no wrongful criminal acts formed part of the negotiation.

That doesn't seem a lot to ask, does it? It's outrageous that we need to ask these questions. So Leonard Krog will be my hero when he takes this on. Please phone, or write, or e.mail, or drop in at his Constituency Office and make him and his staff pay attention. This is the kind of thing a real Opposition is supposed to do, isn't it?

Leonard Krog, lawyer, is Opposition Critic for Attorney General matters.

His office telephone is (250) 387-3655
His Constituency Office is (250) 714-0630
His e.mail address is
His Constituency Office address:
4 - 77 Victoria Crescent
Nanaimo BC V9R 5B9

The way I see it, the injunction must come from the B.C. Opposition on behalf of the people of B.C. That probably means we must drag them kicking and screaming into action. Time is very short and this is so very important. - BC Mary.


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