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Back in the BC Rail days ... there were 4, 5, even 6 trains a day as well as a passenger line


Posted 2009/08/17 in comments following a CBC Story
Judge in BC Rail Trial steps down

CaribooRose wrote:

Something I find endlessly fascinating (not!) is the lack of trains ... I live right close to it ... back in the BC Rail days, there were 4, 5 or even 6 trains a day ... as well, there was a passenger line going north 3 days a week, going south 3 days a week, then no passenger train at all on Tuesdays.

Further, if ever I noticed sparks coming off a wheel, I'd call a 1-800 number which BC Rail suggested I use, and was sincerely thanked each time I called.

The first (and only) time I attempted to report wheel-sparks to CN, I had to make four or five attempts to finally reach the correct number (not toll free) ... the employee said, "And what am I supposed to do about that?" Well? Fix it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry, then FIX IT!

That was BC Rail ... our railway. And that's Cariboo Rose. Yes sir.

There are other strong, pro-BC Rail comments on this CBC report -- well worth a visit -- click HERE to see a province beginning to boil. Also in the top right corner of the CBC page is the link to a 4-min. video of Dave Basi's lawyer, Michael Bolton, answering journalists' questions about those vanishing e.mails. Recommended. - BC Mary.


Sparks off a wheel? I have to wonder what the chances of sparks off a wheel being enough to start any of those many, many forest fires we have had over the last few months.

Seems to me that in times of war, destroying railroads is a top priority for the enemy.

Well done, Gordo!
i read that anne mackenzie has presided over some important cases, of note the hells angels one. this is encouraging as she appears decisive and not at all a neophyte. this is encouraging. i fully expect her to be able to move this thing along as fast as anyone.

this is encouraging.
then how come the 'angels' never get convicted?
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