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BC Rail Case: truth, honesty, justice, and doing the right thing

"I believe in truth. I believe in truth and honesty, and in doing the right thing. Most of all, I believe in justiceā€¦"

~ Susan Heyes, owner: Hazel & Co. Maternity, (Victorious Cambie Street Merchant), on why she was in attendance at the Basi/Virk/Basi hearing yesterday.

Go to or click HERE for Laila's comprehensive report on what it was like to sit in the Public Gallery (back row) of BC Supreme Court on August 17, 2009 when Madam Justice Bennett gave her ruling that she could not continue as judge of the Basi Virk Basi / BC Rail trial. The fireworks came later.

Great work, Laila. Thank you!

- BC Mary.


By Laila Yuile
I'm Laila Yuile and this is how I see it
August 19, 2009

It is interesting to note that all lawyers who appear in the Supreme court, refer to each other as "My friend/s".

This became an increasing source of amusement for myself during the Basi/Virk/Basi hearing Monday, because clearly, no love was lost between any of the morning's participants: not those representing the Crown, nor the defense, nor the attorney representing businessman, and alleged key player in the deal, Patrick Kinsella ...

{Snip} ...


I hope that she doesn't believe in the justice we are witnessing with this farce that's been going on for well over five years!I can't help but look at my pay and after having this money extorted from me,going to pay for all these bastard's that are in the courtroom,does the judge that's leaving actually think anybodies buying the crap there selling !Oh wait they don't sell it,because it's extortion! If I had my way I wouldn't put a plug nickel in this justice system from the rcmp to the judges or their political masters ,from what I have witnessed,nothing is real except the money that's extorted from us to pay for their grandstanding and largess!It's time to stop!and stop now for it's long overdue!BASTARDS all of them,they all should be in jail including those accused,that should have come out from the beginning ,they were patsies and fools,now we pay for them too,nobody told them to screw the people they did !and for immunity,what the hell is that,to ask for immunity you have to be guilty that should tell us something,I put that in there just in case you think bennett is or was doing a good job,if your innocent and have done nothing why in the hell would you need immunity?There's a question the judge should be asking the police,to get immunity you are guilty and they weren't even charged and immunity from what?(oops that's sealed) nobodies speculating here it all happened right in front of us we had a railway ripped from us and the courts won't do a thing about it call that justice?I wish they appoint the judge Susan had on her case he see's right through the bullshit and calls a spade a spade he also see's the p'3s for what they are a bad deal for the people we pay for them and they rent them back to us simple as that folks it's just that easy!
I keep thinking I am dreaming, as it seems no one knows who the new judge will be, but I remember googling "Terence Shultes" some time ago....I can't remember where I originally read that info now. Does anyone else remember his name coming up as a replacement for Justice Bennett?

Then I found this link, that names him as the replacement for Bennett on the Supreme Court some time ago, because they mention June, 2009 at the top of the piece. But maybe this doesn't mean he is a replacement for the BBV trial specifically. That could explain it.

Does anyone know how this works?

Maybe I've had too much sun.

Here's the link:

If you type "Shultes" into the search box at the top left of this blog's main page, you'll be shown my May 20 posting of the official announcement.

I took it to mean that Shultes would be replacing E. Bennett in BCSC in terms of numbers ... not in terms of her current work on the BC Rail Case.

Otherwise, there would have been no need for her to make that ruling on whether she had decided to go -- or to stay.

Btw, we'll have something more to say about why Madam Justice Bennett decided to depart ... we think she had a clear, other option. More later.
Thanks, BC Mary....that explains it.

Looking forward to the "more later".
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