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BC Rail deal: a defective title

From Hansard debates in the BC Legislature, April 21, 2004

P. Nettleton [Independent MLA (formerly BC Liberal MLA) for Prince George-Omineca]: Further to my question from earlier this week regarding the giveaway sale of B.C. Rail and the concerns raised by the CSTC [Carrier Sekani Tribal Council] chief, Harry Pierreā€¦. In his letter I quoted, he goes on to say: "You should be aware that despite the recent amendments to the British Columbia Railway (Revitalization) Amendment Act, 2003, or Bill 89, a change in control or a transfer of rail tenures in the absence of the adequate consultation and accommodation with CSTC members is not only vulnerable to a legal challenge but will certainly pass a defective title which would become a liability to the acquiring company."

My question is: in this government's desperation to push this deal through, no matter what, has the minister considered the consequences of defective title being passed to CN Rail and the implications not only for CN but also for the provincial government, and its cumulative effect on the people of B.C.?

Let's face it: the government's B.C. Rail deal stinks. From every angle it was a bad deal when the Premier first suggested it, and it's an even worse deal now.

To know that honesty, honour and courage do exist in the B.C. Legislature, we have only to remember that lonely figure of Paul Nettleton standing against the Campbell Government, telling his former colleagues that the "B.C. Rail deal stinks." How can we ever say a big enough "Thank You!" for that lesson in public service. - BC Mary.


If more voters had been reading Hansard since Gordo and crew took over, some of his deeds might not have happened
This one question by Paul Nettleton actually answers the question of "why is there a multi million dollar Nothern Native Initiative?"

I allege it was hush money on this accusation of "defective title".
Anon 8:03,

... and if British Columbia had an honest free press, more people could have read about these things in their daily newspapers or could have seen it on the evening TV News.
Gary - You nailed it!!
As Mary points out to Anon:8:03 above -

"British Columbia had an honest free press, more people could have read about these things in their daily newspapers or could have seen it on the evening TV News."

And if we had a free press with "real" journalists" they could also go to Hansard to find relevant "news" to discuss and analyze. Instead Glow Ball shows the most absurd but "entertaining" snippets from the abbreviated Question (not Answer) Period!

If the AssPerson Media conglomerate actually goes bankrupt financially, to match its already bankrupt ethical and moral status, that would be an occasion for a party. The danger is that either Harper or Campbell or both, the main beneficiaries of the GlowBall/Canned Waste bias will somehow manage to help bail them out.

Campbell probably can't afford to hire the 100 or so PABlum Brigadiers that it would take to replace the efforts of Vaughn, Keith, Lucinda and gang. So it will be important to keep the advertising dollars flowing to the Aspers - there are less critical areas for cuts, like health care, education and evironmental oversight.

The most important thing for British Columbians is to be assured that Gordon Campbell is almost a saint, no matter how much he lies, drinks and drives or how many wives or families his has, and has the best interests of British Columbians at heart. Well, at least some British Columbians, like Patrick Kinsella, Ken Dobell, Lara Dauphinee, Mr. MaLean and Mr. McInnes, the CEOs of CN and Plutonic, respectively.
That name "McInnes" suddenly struck me and now I'm wondering if there's a close blood link to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Robert_McInnes - the most infamous/worst Lieutenant-Governor BC ever had, driven from office in disgrace, but very "old money". All McInneses are related at some point, but it was seeing his name next to McLean's that twigged my interest; that Mclean is descneded from Mayor McLean, Vancouver's first, whose supporters hijacked the first Vancouver election by driving Oppenheimer's Chinese voters away from the polling booths; Oppenheimer was a veteran of the Fraser and Cariboo gold rushes, and "old Barkerville hand" (and infamous card sharp); McLean was a fresh-off-the-train transplant from Ontario.....

And btw, I noted a side-street in Halifax's West End/North End boundary area, near the Halifax Shopping Centre/Mumford, "Geo. Dauphinee Avenue" (or Street?)....maybe it was "Gen. Dauphinee", i.e. General Dauphinee. Not a very common name, I suspect now it's Acadian old-stock....I'll see what I come up with on that count.....if I'm not mistaken it's minor nobility, a protege house of the Grenoble region (Dauphinois, the equivalent to Wales re "the Dauphin" vs the Prince of Wales). Really old money, if so.....
To answer your question Mary, I don't think we can give him enough thanks for holding on to his own integrity - and Hansard proves it. What I find so sad is out of the large number of liberals currently sitting, not a single one of them is fit to stand in Paul's shadow. Yet he is the only one fit for the Legislature. Go figure.

To Paul Nettleton: If by chance you should read Mary's blog, please consider running again. Now that people know the truth, now that they can see your true worth...you may well be the only Liberal left worth voting for. If ever this province needed a strong hand of truth and integrity to lead them, it's now.

If returning is not your choice, whatever you do - I wish you the very best. Thanks for being a ray of light, in the black night of BC politics.
Leah, the sitting liberals only need to be viewed as more competant than the ndp to get reelected, and that is an eaaaaaaaasy thing to do.

Carole James and her lot are a bunch of misguided however well meaning, losers. They lost control of bc over a deck that was built for their former leader, and becuase of cost over runs in respect of the fast cats. These missteps pale in comparision to the cost over runs of the Olympics, Vancouver Convention Centre, the planned (and unnecessary according to scientific sources) secondary sewage treatment plant for Victoria, the sell off of BC Rail, raw log exports, contracting out of Hydro and BCMSA billing, the sinking of the QUeen of the North, the list goes on and from all this the NDP have decided to take a stand for an increase to the minimum wage.

Carole James, you go girl! GO AWAY!!
Anon 4:48,

Wow, I agree, agree, agree!

Got any suggestions for retraining the best or removing the worst??

Seems to me that the bullies are winning too much, too often.

We should never have let Gordo's Gang get away with what they did to Gordon Wilson & Judi Tyabji.

Ludicrous, when you think about it.

But now a lot of good people are gone from public life.

And y'know what? I'm wondering if Judge Bennett is being pushed out of her place in history, too. Tell me if you agree, OK?
agreed. Wilson got a raw deal, so did Judy.
suggestions for retaining? No. Cant be done. Any and all governents in all lands during history are full of the same type of buffoons. It doesnt even matter how big or small a particular goverance is, those in charge will include a few who know what they are doing, are honest and forthright, will include busy-bodies, and will mostly include whiners, theives, liars and fools and those with an agenda all for themselves.

Dont take my word for it, open a newspaper and read whats happening here and now, or find out first hand and join a strata council or run for School Board, Hospital Board, Indian Band office, etc.

Look at whats happening with Victoria right now. Its run by a man who is cool and okay with homeless drug addicts and thieves taking over and scaring away tourists and small business owners. He will help ruin it all for everyone, save for those who are involved in high level drug dealing, read, "Organized crime has stretched into every corner of B.C. and onto most city streets," RCMP Sgt. John Ward warned. "It is not an exaggeration to say that organized crime is a cancer eating away at the social and moral fabric of British Columbia."
Question for Anon 8:41,

Why do you imagine that I need to be told that there are terrible things going on in British Columbia, even in Victoria?

... my question was about "suggestions for RETRAINING" not "retaining".

I know that life is tough for way too many people.

So, in my view, we have to DO something constructive about that. Even one small thing (preferably more) each day will begin to make a difference.

But talking doom and gloom only makes it worse. Write to Gordo. Tell him one small thing he can do, to make B.C. better. See what happens. OK?
BC Mary, write to Gordo? What makes you think I havent? I have written to MANY politicians incl Gordo. Replies I have received have been very disappointing.

As for retraining the best, that doesnt make sense to me, which is why I thought you must of meant retaining.
Try harder. You'll think of something.

Just stop whining.
BC Mary said... August 12, 2009 5:18 PM to Anon 4:48,

Wow, I agree, agree, agree!
Got any suggestions for retraining the best or removing the worst??
Seems to me that the bullies are winning too much, too often.
You have answered you own question
BC Mary,"Seems to me that the bullies are winning too much, too often."
Ive said many times before,when in Rome do as the Romans do.The Carol James method of blowing kisses and throwing flower petals at these characters will achieve nothing.When in a dirty fight, the only way to beat your opponent is by being dirtier,and prepare to receive a few bruises back in the exchange, but then again, stop to realize if you were James pulling in $150,000 plus,per year, with a gold plated pension ahead. Where then is there the incentive to rock the boat,she is more than amply supplied for, shes has it made. Complacency set in long ago.
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