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"Betrayed and hoodwinked" says a BC citizen

Jack Bode's letter will strike a cord with others at this troubling time in BC history.


Letters to the Editor

Comox Valley Record - August 18, 2009

Dear editor,

Here I sit feeling totally betrayed and hoodwinked, feeling an anger I have not felt toward politicians in my 69 years-plus of life on this earth.

I did not support either Carole James or Gordon Campbell in the last election and fully intended not to vote.

Liberal supporters kept nattering away, warning me about the devastation the NDP would bring down on this province, and relenting to the pressure, I and my family voted Liberal.

Premier Campbell in my estimation told a bald-faced lie when announcing the HST implementation such a short time after the election, while just before the vote stating he had no intention of implementing the HST at this time, and then having the audacity to say, “I didn’t lie; I just changed my mind.” Well, what about BC Rail — did you lie on that one or did you just change your mind?

And now we come to poor Don McRae, our rookie MLA who more than likely got smacked with this bombshell the way we did. I can just visualize the snowstorm of e-mails pouring in with talking points from Liberal headquarters to try and sell this tax.

Actually, I do have sympathy for the poor guy because from what I can determine, he is a fair and honourable man.

Now this brings up another matter pertaining to MLAs in our system of government. The point being that of total party and caucus discipline.

With total party discipline, Premier Campbell has the power to be close to an absolute dictator or monarch for a full term.

Now a poll was taken by a reputable firm indicating that 85 per cent of the population of British Columbia was dead-set against the HST. This being the case, I think it would indicate that at least 40 per cent of the Liberal caucus are not happy with the situation.

Will at least a few Liberal MLAs stand up in caucus and represent the voters who elected you?

The one politician who I have the utmost respect for is no longer in politics. (Former Finance Minister) Carole Taylor addressed the Harmonized Sales Tax the same way I look at it. She rejected the tax due to the great impact it would have on middle- and lower-income families.

Because these families spend a larger proportion of their income on necessary purchases like food, transportation and housing costs will go up. According to Taylor, the unfairness of the tax was enough to scrap the idea.

This tax is not the only thing that caught my eye in the past few years about the Liberal Party.

A rather fun way to find out what is going on in the party is to go to Google and play the word link game. Pick a name — let’s say Patrick Kinsella — and link it up with any of the following: Accenture, CN/BC Rail, Basi/Virk, Alcan … Interesting, isn’t it?

I’m just a plain old retired dude living on an average pension who does not want this gargantuan change made to the tax system that can never be undone. Giving total control of our provincial tax system to the feds is totally unacceptable.

Anyone having the telephone number for the provincial Conservative party, give me a buzz.

Jack Bode,


It isn't enough, though, is it? Another political party isn't going to help. What would you say to Jack, right now? - BC Mary.


You mean a poor old tired stupid dude. Anyone who would vote for Campbell and his gang of thieves and lairs than whine about it has to be suspect. I hope you and others like you get screwed over real good by Gordo and his pals.
Fact is, the BC Conservatives are axactly the same as the Liberals and the NDP. What's in it for them, and lord it over us peasants as soon as elected.

Go to www.reformbc.net and read the policies we believe in. You will find we have much more in common with the average BC'r than you've been led to believe.

Ian Vaughan,
Reform BC
Carole Taylor didnt have to deal with an Ontario embracing the HST. BC had no choice. HST a huge tax benefit to industry (read, manufacturing).

As for Carole James I wouldnt vote NDP if my life depended on it. They are to fault for letting Campbell not have to answer for his budget, ie what he would do if he were to face a shortfall. Thats becuase Campbells budget suited the NDPs election platform. Simply put, they were too easy to out maneouver.

As long as we have NDP James, we will have Campbell in power.

And make no mistake about it. Taylor would have implemented HSY too had Ontario done the same during her tenure. The part I dont like is the fact that they are lying that it wasnt in the works prior to the election. Thats simply not true.
Anon 9:39..

That's just plain nonsense. Nothing more than blame the victim bullshit.

Campbell has had many opportunities to make other choices and he always fails to do anything that doesn't benefit his friends at the cost of the welfare of the people of this province.

Do you live in Ontario by any chance - because you don't seem to know a thing about the recent history of British Columbia...

Carole James fought an excellent campaign against a lying and unscrupulous opponent - to suggest she's to blame for this mess is just plain garbage.

As for Carole Taylor, less said the better, even her parents would realize she was desperate to get out of this den of thieves when she did. The woman never even had a chance to read the regulations on the stupid Campbell Tax before she signed them - she's a media person - no more qualified to be premier than the real estate CEO who has the job now.

If you wanted change you shouldn't have voted B.C. Liberal - live with it!

Carole James is no hero - she is an honest person - right now that's what this province needs - we're full to the brim with the consequences of electing crooks and liars.
Your favorable opinion of Carol James and the NDP's election campaign doesnt make it so.

My opinion is and remains that NO ONE in the NDP raised doubt that the budget as presented would be unattainable and NO ONE asked Campbell what he would do in the event of a shorfall.

That is NDP's own fault for not capitalising on that and the many other blunders if not out and out disaters of the Liberals:

1. Rail BC
2. Raw log exports
3. Sinking of the Queen of the North without anyone being held accountable.
4. Privatisation of hospital food & cleaning services
5. BC convenstion centre cost overruns
6. Olympic games/ Sea to sky hwy, lost forest/ Cost over runs
7. Secondary sewage costing 1.2B imposed on Victoria in complete absense of scientific purpose
8. A budget that could only be mainainted with $$ from the sky, which came in the way of an 1.6B HST inducement.

THe list goes on. Yet James, running her excelleent campaign as you would have us view it, LOST.

In contrast, the Liberals were able to defeat the NDP goverment over much less scandelous missteps, namely:

1. A new deck built for then premier Glen Clark by a buddie who wanted a casino licence.
2. FastCats.

SO much for James running an excellent camapain. JAmes has more to do with Campbell staying in office than does Campbelll, for all the misteps and deception, when faced to choose, James is left without a dance partner. Again.
G West,

We've captured in black and white text, something quite remarkable here ...

Anon 6:47 has provided a clear statement as to why it's the NDP's fault whenever Gordo screws up. Or when anything bad happens.

I've never seen anything quite like this and I thank you both for illuminating this dark corner of our history.

Anon 6:47, although I think you've been sadly misinformed (or miseducated), please come back soon. I mean that. It's a topic that has always fascinated me: how is it always the NDP's fault? Even Jack Bode who sounds like a swell guy, makes it seem like the NDP the Devil Incarnate ... and does this make sense, despite the good things that party has done for the public?

So I can't help wondering: Is this the culmination of all those millions spent on the Public Affairs Bureau, educating the public?

Just so you know: I figure Gordo got his ThreePeat because of the rich, $41million a year, propaganda machine he's got working in the Leg. basement on taxpayers' dime. I figure, too, that the WORST you can say about the NDP is that they don't do much.

So come on back. Help us figure this out. OK? And thanks.
Thanks Mary,

I don't often bother tilting at windmills - especially when the real facts (particularly about BC RAIL and the most recent fanciful pretend budget) were covered thoroughly and first by the NDP at the time.

Without, for example, the work of Joy McPhail, the groundwork on the BC Rail investigation would never have been laid. Anon has a very selective memory - however, he/she seems to wish to blame the NDP for EVERYTHING - including the obvious fact that the media in this province is in a compromised mess....

There is, in the end, one explanation for anon's views - some people just don't want to face the truth.

Every BC voter who placed an X beside the name of a BC Liberal candidate needs to be reminded of this every single chance we get.

If you wanted change in this province YOU had a chance on May 12 - I know who I voted for - the fact that ANYONE voted for CAMPBELL is NOT my fault and it's not the NDP's fault either.

Cheers Mary. Keep up the good fight.
To those who say "No NDP"...a simple reminder. It wasn't Campbell who left a 1.2 Billion dollar surplus for the next government to use for the good of the Province and ALL of its taxpayers - that was the NDP government.

When we're faced with the largest deficit this Province has ever seen, perhaps the largest in Canadian history...I will happily take the time to remind them which political party left it behind for us to grapple with for generations.

Having said that, I hope Carole does step down to make room for someone with knuckles, and the know-how to use them. Frequently.

PS: We can and do disagree with one another on Mary's blog, but in my point of view, there is no need to call another person "stupid". Let's agree to disagree - and do it respectfully. It was Jack's taxes that paid for your education, medical, and whatever else you used on the public dime growing up. He deserves your respect for that alone.
"there is no need to call another person "stupid".

Yeah, but most of the other appropriate terms tend to be offensive...........To call many of these people stupid is actually cutting them some slack, kinda like an upgrade from what they really are!
Hi Mary,

About the NDP’s election effort….

I’m very disappointed and angry that the NDP did not seem to go for broke during the election campaign…. I wanted blood on the floor!

Having said that, how would we ever know if the NDP had a good, bad or ugly campaign, we could never have determined how they were doing if you receive your news via TV news. All stations provided election news with bais, besides one or two occasions where there was a bad news stories reported about the liberals…speeding tickets and kinsella comes to mind…. Every other night it was the same thing a five-minute story about Campbell and always the story put Campbell in a good light. In contrast James only received about thirty seconds of news time and mostly in a negative light. The editors of these TV stations would never let the voting public see a good campaign being waged by the NDP.The editing was scheming and predictable, the reporters were unprincipled.

Remember during the election how Campbell looked haggard, stressed to the max, kind of grey looking, even kind of sleazy looking with his hair all greasy, well, we may now know why he looked to be in such distress.

Wasn’t this at a time when Campbell didn’t know whether or not he would win or loose the election and if he lost ALL would be made public…… including to the courts?

Wasn’t this at the very same time that the (no doubt) damming e-mails were ordered destroyed?

My feeling is that Gordon Campbell must have had the very same relief rush over him on election night as when O J Simpson heard his verdict for murder read out in court.

Holy shit we won………but we already destroyed the e-mail evidence!!!!!

Im going to go with Ian's suggestion , sign up with Reform BC. We need a total, wholesale restructuring change here in BC. Forget the Gordon Campbell Liberals along with Carol James NDP. These suggestions of resurrecting and rebuilding the Libs or NDP is a"complete' waste of time and resources, their mired knee deep in their own crap, with absolutely no way to free themselves. Both have terrible leaders, both have internal policy turmoils , one with big money the other with petty politics driven by present and former union personal. Im not anti union, contrary,I simply know that people who were or are active in the day to day running of union affairs and those particularly in government unions make piss poor politicians.
Oh, for heaven sake, HP ... you want Refo-o-orm? just look up the antecedents of the Gordo Gang.

Please. I may have to shoot myself, if my blog has enabled such thoughts to enter your head.

While the Liberals had left all the tools behind for the NDP to dismantle them, instead Carole James rolled out her "lets raise mimimun wage" agenda and god onlyh knows what else, becuase i lose interest the second i see her yap open.

What a joke.

Leah, they left 1.2B but in 2 terms they didnt have the presence of mind to upgrade the IT of BC Health, which opened the door for out sourcing. And many other infrastructure improvements that just didnt get done, or were done poorly, ie FastCats.

And Leah, I think the word stupid was used to refer to anyone. Please explain.

IMO, the reason Campbell is in is becuase the alternative is unthinkable.
" ... the alternative is unthinkable ..."

Now, Anon 5:18, how can that be?

It's irrational to be talking about an old, seasoned political party like the New Democrats as "unthinkable" ...

how do good people get themselves backed into a corner like this, where they literally cut themselves off from the alternatives?

Who convinces them that it's a choice of Gordo's way or Gordo's way? Does this sound right to you?

I've been thinking a lot about this lately and it seems to me that this puffed-up knee-jerk reaction of agreed hatred is like racism ... an unhealthy reaction devoid of reason, and very bad for a humane society.

And no, I'm not promoting the New Democrats. I'm mad as heck at the BC Opposition right now. They're not doing enough to challenge Gordo's headlong rush to disaster. Even so, in my view, they are the ONLY "thinkable" option. Anything else is playing Gordo's game of treachery at all levels.

Let's talk more about this because it's obviously not going to go away unless we take a good look at it.
Hello Mary, read your blog all the time. Just love your research on BC rail. Keep up the great work!
It just boggles the mind how something as corrupt as the "sale" of our beloved railroad can take so long to get answers to. And, of course the lies from Campbell`s gang are continous. I voted for him in 2001 believing he was reasonably honest. Boy, was I in for a nasty surprise! Hated his party every since. I have my fingers(and toes) crossed just hoping this mess will finally get to trial. Hopefully, some truth will finally come out.
Anyway, like I said, just love your blog.
regards, Swannee
Well gosh, Swannee -- what a welcome message.

Sometimes I get very weary of this work, with no end in sight ... but you'd be amazed if you knew how much fresh energy can come with a message of support like yours. Thanks a million.

I think British Columbia is in a very bad way ... and I've thought so, ever since Dec. 28, 2003.

Big media has worked against the people of B.C., just as Gordo has cared nothing for the people of B.C. It has been a cruel, heartbreaking process to observe.

But you know what? There are lots and lots of people like you and me, who love this province deeply and profoundly ... in ways that Gordo and his Gang obviously can't understand ...

so in the end, I guess it's up to us to keep peeling back the stinky layers until Gordo's Gang is exposed for what it is.

Thanks so much for helping. Keep in touch, eh?
BC Mary I have followed your blog pretty well from the beginning,I admire you for your dedication to the cause. As for me, stating Im going to support the Reform, in no way reflects back on your blog.
Presently from different interests we have a drive to cause a recall for some of the BC Liberals and a move to set in motion a initiative for a referendum on the HST. Let me remind you these two proposals were originally set out by the Reforms, but were adapted by the NDP,who promised they would be implemented if they were elected. The problem being, the NDP did get elected and implemented their version of these two proposals, but they are virtually useless in the present form.The STV referendum (which I voted against)should have passed at 59% 4 years ago,in normal parts of the world 50+1% is the passing grade, not 60% as we have here,but these spineless NDPers fearful, that these initiatives and recalls could be used against them, mandated them in their NDP image, useless.
BC Mary. Not unthinkable? Ok. Then the people simply didnt rejected Carol James but EMBRACED Gordon Campbell.

Whatever. I disagree. I think the reason I didnt vote and many others didnt was becuase I didnt like Campbell NOR anyone JAMES NOR anyone in the NDP.

Yes I like some of what the NDP say and some of what the Liberals say, but more often than not, I do not like what either say.

SO I stay home until someone, anyone, with LEADERSHIP and passion AND common sense steps up to the plate....

... still waiting.
Wonder what it will take to bring Corky out of retirement?
Leah,how do you propose to get "him" renominated , under Carols rules his riding must now be filled by a female NDPer.
This discriminatory policy is a another reason why Im going to support the BC Reform. I supported the NDP for many years, no more ever, Federal or Provincial.

Poor Corky, amonst that bunch of vagabonds, he was functioning as round peg in a square hole.
Henri Paul I agree with you 100%. Discriminating anyone is shameful, not matter how its rolled out.
HP...the riding can now be filled by either gender. That affirmative action idiocy ended with the 2009 election, it had a 2 year window to succeed - or not. Thankfully it didn't.

That was probably my greatest "pick" against Carole, no one should be selected, or elected based on gender. It's simple really, if they want to enter the bloody arena of politics be aware of what you're getting into, and fight for it. On your own. No special appointments necessary.

If you win the seat, and you're in the opposing camp - take off the gloves, and box bare knuckled. Manners are for the dinner table, and church...the legislature should be a no holds barred arena for truth.

IF I thought for one moment that Corky would come out of retirement, I would actually for the first time, endeavor to become a member of a party long enough to vote for the leader, then support that choice to the bitter end. At present he is the only NDP'er I'd remotely support as leader.
Leah,thank you for bringing me up to speed on the NDP Gender nomination policy. Although, I doubt very much, if the stigma from this goofy policy will be allowed to be abandoned from her any time, soon.
In the last election my sister voted Liberal. I asked her why on earth would you want to vote Liberal? They are so corrupt on every level, lie to the public and govern only to favour the Corporation?
'well the NDP have such crazy ideas' was her reply.

She is a regular reader of the Vancouver Sun BTW, and I blame her ignorance on this fact. She is at heart a lefty, yet was manipulated by regular probaganda rolled out by the PAB rats.

Reminds me of Tommy Douglas' Mouseland speech. Happens again and again.

Island Cynic,

This is a wonderful description of what makes people vote for the rats.

I'm a born-and-raised British Columbian and I've heard this stuff my entire life: socialism, bad ... unions, bad ... by the same people who benefit from - for example - medical insurance, the 8-hour day, and all that Leftie stuff we take for granted.

Free press, oh sure. Free to those who can afford to buy the company.

I also, like you I.C., have a rel who was a lifelong Socred devotee. It's not entirely a mystery -- there was a public service thingy called 'Civil Defence' which required weekly instruction to good-hearted citizens willing to volunteer to protect us from Soviet invasion (jeez ... I mean!) ... and according to this rel, who accidently blurted it out many years later ... this is where they were taught the Social Credit creed ... and to keep it secret. Can you imagine the uproar, if the Lefties had undertaken such a clandestine indoctrination at public expense?

The Public Affairs Bureau of today is similar but not quite the same ... and, in my mind, it's sickening no matter who undertakes it to gain power over people.

It's so easy to teach people to fear and to hate, it seems. Press that button: NDP ... bad! Lefties = unions ... bad! Build a ferry in BC ... bad! and on it goes, like a bell tolling for the dead.

The funny thing is, too, I think Jesus must've been a Leftie. Don't you?
LOL Mary!! Jesus indeed, was a leftie...so far left in fact that he was a Communist! The only REAL communist to have lived the style as intended.

Shhhhhhh...don't tell the righties... .
Which Jesus are you guys referring to? The Jesus I know, was a Cardiologist in Penticton,I believe he was a Liberal.You guys are going Piss off a lot of Jesus's by saying their all Lefties and Commies.

You have proven my point.

If throwing the money-lenders out of the temples ...

and caring for the sick, the afflicted, the poor

is something to be admired

(and I believe that it is),

and it's something Jesus did,

isn't that a good thing?

(I believe that it is.)

So if Lefties care more about those things, too ... like improving social conditions (health care, employment, housing, schools, etc), isn't that also a good thing?

(I believe that it is.)

So who taught you to keep saying it's a bad thing?

If Jesus did it = good
If Lefties do it = bad.
How come?

Why can't you be pleased that there are people who believe in seeking the greatest good for the greatest number of citizens (not for the few friends of the premier).

BC Mary said,So if Lefties care more about those things, too ... like improving social conditions (health care, employment, housing, schools, etc), isn't that also a good thing
What about W.A.C.Bennent and his Social Credit Government which incidentally was center of the road,(like the reform) he did all the above and much more, plus the ferries, BC Hydro, and most important,the BC Railway, to which your blog is dedicated to. You force me to comment on the Jesus topic.What has Jesus to do with a railways? Jesus never knew squat about a railway, he was after all, a shoe salesman, similar to AL Bundy(married with children)his "soul" line of shoes were sandals , made exclusively for walking on water, of which I heard he could perform. Now,if you believe that,then, I have a railway to sell you.

Good one!

Yes, we have W.A.C. to thank for BC Rail, BC Hydro, BC Ferries ... and the Other Fellas to thank for BC Medical, the A.L.R., and I.C.B.C., which goes to show that co-operating with each other and caring for the public interest is the best way to get to heaven.

[Big smile]
Sorry but, BC medicare and BC hospital insurance were brought by W.A.C. Bennett, Social Credit in around 1965-66.
Dave Barret, NDP brought in ICBC and ALR around 1972.

Sucks BC Mary, for sure I thought you knew that about medicare.I would have placed a tidy bet on you knowing.
Actually, HP, I was thinking of Tommy Douglas when I wrote Medicare ...

but you get the point, don't you??

Examine the direction of their efforts and ask: were they trying to feather their own nests? the nests of big corporate friends? or were they thinking of the greatest benefit for the greatest number of citizens?

OK BC Mary,I hear you,night,night.
And Bennett was actually interested in the public health, and that was backed up by the Social Credit Ladies' Auxiliary, who worked hard on seniors benefits etc. Bennett's voting strength lay with providing popular social services and also embracing nationalization as a means to advance the province's society and the civic health of its communities (especially BC Rail communities). True, Bennett did do these things for electoral purposes, but that was the nature of the Socred beast....

The nature of the BC Liberal beast is another thing entirely....
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