Friday, September 11, 2009


About that Public Affairs Bureau ...

Thanks to North Van's Grumps for this 50-page reminder of how the revitalized P.A.B. was re-designed to serve specific objectives:

And this recent Times Colonist column explains how the P.A.B.'s mandate is to make Gordo look good (like, as if we didn't know!). Click HERE.


Page 14 of this document spells out who it ultimately responsible for the PAB....

Answer. "The Premier is utlimately responsible for the Public Affairs Bureau, as he explained in his budget estimates debate. The Bureau will have two divisions: a Communications Division and a Support Services and Operations Division. The former will report to the Chief of Staff through the Executive Director of Communications, Andy Orr. The latter will report to both the Deputy Minister to the Executive council and the Chief of Staff, through the Assisant Deputy Minister, Claudia Wilimovsky."

Q: Who is the Chief of Staff
A: Martyn Brown


MDM Key Contact List

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Jennifer Erickson Executive Director of Operations
Ever since Gordo became DickTator, the governing criminal orgainization increasingly looks east to Alberta for inspiration and ideological direction.

When the former evironmental minister of Alberta, Ralph Klein, who as environmental minister buried all scientific reports dealing with the fact that Alberta contributed almost 1/4 of the CO_2 emissions in Canada and blaming global warming on "dinosaur farts," became premier he not only gutted the Energy Efficiency Branch, and environmental and energy departments, but also:

"To control the flow of information, Klein centralized the government's public affairs departments under the umbrella of the Public Affairs Bureau. He He also reduced the power of community education and health boards and loaded them with handpicked Progressive Conservatives. Anybody who challenged him was threatened with job loss or a cut in funding. "

from Stupid to the Last Drop by William Marsden

Poor Lara, when Gordo moans in his sleep, she can't tell if he is dreaming of her, Stevie "not Wonder" Harper or Ralphie Klein, new member of that Orwellian special interest group the Fraser Institute. Luckily for Ralph he can move away from the mess he and his colleagues have made and are continuing to make of Alberta.
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