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A film for these unsettling times

I've been wondering if other people have recently had a feeling that something is hugely wrong, we don't know what, but we're almost holding our breath, silently waiting for the big explosion. Or the big BC Rail Trial. Something that will unlock the terrible secret which we feel is threatening everything we know and love. We can't have all gone insane, can we? all at once? Many of us have seen cattle and horses behaving strangely, just before a thunderstorm. Well, it's like that ... and so we wait ... and worry.

Michael Moore's new film might fit into this. He's feeling that something is terribly wrong. He's talking to people who are silent, worried, waiting. He thinks that Capitalism is the problem, where everything has a price. I don't know, do you?

But I've been thinking a lot about how it seems like there are two kinds of theory clashing over BC these days, and that BC Rail was the first casualty of that conflict.

One theory says that we should keep, preserve, and control essential things like a regional railway because it's the lifeline which carries supplies to our northern residents and brings their forestry, mining, and agricultural products south to markets. Our people need those basic guarantees.

Then there's another theory saying the marketplace should decide when it's all right to sell such essential things and that the profit motive will inspire its private owners to run the railway faster, cheaper.

I couldn't help but wonder, like Michael Moore keeps wondering: is it actually Capitalism which is breaking down? You have only to do the math. to see that if buying and selling is the lifeblood of our economy and every transaction has to create a profit, that is to say, a winner and a loser ... then it obviously wasn't intended to go on forever. With only one side winning, I mean.

There are YouTube previews of what Moore is saying, if you care to google around a bit. But these are two of the 49,600,000 entries about Capitalism - a Love Story, a Michael Moore film which will be shown for the first time tomorrow evening in Toronto. - BC Mary

Capitalism: A Love Story
By Michael Moore

Sunday September 13 09:00PM VISA SCREENING ROOM (ELGIN)
Tuesday September 15 03:45PM SCOTIABANK THEATRE 1

Michael Moore has a gift for maintaining two things that people easily lose in times of crisis: perspective and a sense of humour ... [and] an established knack for finding a fresh angle on familiar headlines. Even in an age of excess, he has the ability to surprise. But for all the harsh realities that he uncovers, his films have a way of empowering audiences. By drawing communities together in theatres, he reminds us that there is strength in our numbers

Michael Moore was born in Flint, Michigan. At eighteen years of age, he successfully ran for the local school board, and went on to edit The Flint Voice. His immensely successful debut feature documentary, Roger & Me (89), won the People's Choice Award at the Festival. He has written bestselling books and developed such television series as TV Nation and The Awful Truth. His films include the feature Canadian Bacon (95) and the documentaries The Big One (97), Bowling for Columbine (02), Fahrenheit 9/11 (04), which won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, Sicko (07), Captain Mike Across America (a.k.a. Slacker Uprising, 07) and Capitalism: A Love Story (09).


Filmmaker Michael Moore says it's time to put "stake in the heart" of capitalism

Sean Kilpatrick
THE CANADIAN PRESS - Sept. 12, 2009

TORONTO - Michael Moore says at one point he considered calling his new film "Manifesto."

Documentary film maker Michael Moore arrives to the red carpet at Roy Thomson Hall Friday. It would have been a fitting title, given that his scathing attack on capitalism calls for nothing less than putting, in Moore's words, a "stake through the heart of the beast."

"Capitalism: A Love Story" examines the economic meltdown and subsequent bailout of Wall Street and calls on the audience to reject capitalism in favour of an economic system based on the ideals of democracy.

Moore, who is promoting the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival, says he's not against people making money from hard work and ideas.

Making money from money, however, is what rankles the filmmaker.

Moore says "Capitalism: A Love Story" is a culmination of all his work and adds he's been sounding the alarm since his first film, "Roger and Me," about the disastrous consequences for working people when excessive greed runs rampant under a capitalist system.


CN Rail's love story of BC Rail is now up for Sale, but not for a Billion Dollars Canadian.
Anonymous 4:12,

That's an amazing display ... how did you ever find it?

Many thanks for cheering me up with all those model trains which say that BCRail is remembered.
Some argue the Liberals see privatization as a remedy for the provincial budget woes, caused by the sluggish BC economy and the big tax cut just after the last election. The Liberals promised a balanced budget by 2004-5, and must find money everywhere they can. Finance Minister Gary Collins insists the books will be balanced regardless of what happens with BC Rail. - Why Are We Selling Our Railway?
Need to get up to speed on the BC Rail privatization issues? Climb aboard, and read on

By Chris Tenove, 14 Nov 2003,

Collins is gone as FM, Collin is in as FM; Collins promised a balanced budget even though it was due to the NDP, but they were somewhat hampered by a sluggish world-wide economy themselves, but blamed at the polls by voters; Collin is now facing a Deficit budget and far facing the tough task of finding the money anywhere, even if it means taking the Knife too Far. Again

Collins=Gary Collins
Colin=Colin Hansen

This is nice too, Facts on BC Rail includes Subdivisions eg. Squamish = From North Vancouver to Lillooet 0.0 - 157.6

Fort Nelson = Fort St. John to Fort Nelson

Takla= Fort St. James to Minaret


all of this is at:

Check out the right hand column on "Docs", specifically the fellow who calls himself:

at type into the search box: bc rail zzzmarcus and still keeping an eye looking to the left, many other topics come up, including the one on why BC Rail was sold to CN Rail.

For instance, as a provincially owned company, BC Rail was not subject to Federal laws, but with the Federal government's rewriting of the Railway Act it was able to sell off OUR Canadian National Railway to a private company CN Rail (CN no longer stands for Canadian just means CN is CN).

With the Federal legislation changed the door is held wide open for CN Rail, with the help of the BC Liberals, to sell off BC Rail with these benefits as mentioned in Canadian Transportation Agency (English or French languages) "Guide to Railway Operation Compensation". Docstoc doesn't allow copy/paste, but at Downtown Ottawa headquarters for the CTA the same document is available:

"These regulations may include the control or prohibition of such activities, for example the construction, alteration or maintenance of buildings or structures; the construction, alteration or operation of a mine; the construction, alteration or maintenance of drainage systems; the storage of specified materials; the clearing of sight lines or the removal of weeds; and the prevention of unauthorized access to railway lands. Section 25 of the RSA allows railway companies to access land adjoining their railway under certain circumstances. These circumstances include where no other access to railway land is reasonably available to allow the railway to carry out its railway works or remove obstructions; when a railway must deal with a fire on those lands; when brush clearing is required for sight lines; or when a snow fence must be erected or maintained." -


or just do a search at docstoc for BC Rail
"even if it means taking the Knife too Far", as in going after even more serious revanchist cuts against programs created by the left and/or perceived to be bleeding-heart in nature.

Why not just cut the PAB? There's $30 million in savings right there.. Suspend the salaries of the Board of BC Rail, there's another few dozen million. Reduce Lara Dauphinee's expense accounts, etc

Oh, and stopping with giving away companies for less than they're worth, and/or actually paying companies to take over services and/or assets, ending that would be a great way to "take the Knife too Far".
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