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Jaffer to be disciplined by the BC Law Society

Liberal Sen. Mobina Jaffer to undergo conduct review by BC Law Society

By: Tamsyn Burgmann
THE CANADIAN PRESS - Sept. 15, 2009

VANCOUVER, B.C. - Liberal Sen. Mobina Jaffer is being disciplined by the B.C. Law Society over allegations she bilked a religious order she represented as a lawyer. The society announced Tuesday that Jaffer will undergo a conduct review following a lengthy investigation into claims of overbilling by a Roman Catholic missionary order.

"This will be in the nature of a fairly serious and detailed cross-examination," said Stuart Cameron, the society's director of discipline.

"Where there is concern there won't be any hesitation, I'm sure, by the conduct reviewers in setting out what that concern is."

Jaffer's son, lawyer Azool Jaffer-Jeraj, will also face the review committee, which will be composed of two to four members who will start their work sometime this fall.

The Jaffers were fired by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate after the order was billed $5.1 million for work between 2000 and 2004 while they were defending the order against dozens of claims of abuse in residential schools.

The society began investigating accusations that the lawyers engaged in excessive and inaccurate billing - including charging for more hours than in a day - and that they failed to fairly and fully inform a client about their retainer.

A lawsuit launched by the order was settled out of court in late 2007, at which point the society's investigation began. Cameron said the investigation wasn't related to the quality of the lawyers' work, but to the allegations they misrepresented how they calculated their fees.

He said further details explaining what created grounds for the conduct review were confidential. Calls to the Jaffers were not immediately returned.

If the review finds misconduct, the pair could face further discipline, Cameron said. Action could include a formal hearing to determine punishment ranging from a reprimand or monetary fine to suspension or, in the most severe case, disbarment.
"The aim of the conduct review subcommittee members would be to bring home to the (lawyers) the professional conduct or ethical concerns, whatever they may be, and to bring home to them the need for some remediation," Cameron said. {Snip} ...
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Missionaries sue Liberal Senator
Catholic order says lawyers overbilled
Read more of the Jaffer story HERE.

The law firm of Dohm, Jaffer, Jaffer-Teraj
is located at 1437 Kingsway in Vancouver, B.C.


Oh..My! :))))
"Dohm, Jaffer and Teraj" - ?? Yikes....

Any chance the Law Society may be conducting a billing review of the two sides in the Basi-Virk-Basi case?

And re the OMI aka the Oblates, here's a historical aside re the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in Mission:

Anon 8:34,

Yes, that was my thought too.

That's a delightful side-trip into part of BC history ...

reminding us that nothing is quite as it seems, ever.

Lawyers investigating lawyers, kind of like the fox guarding the the chicken coop isn't.
I suppose Mobina Jaffers position as a Liberal Senator stays secure no matter what the out come may be.
Good question, H-P.

Me, I was wondering more about the Associate Chief Justice the Honourable Thomas Dohm ... wondering how connected he still is to his old law partners at

Dohm, Jaffer, Jaffer-Jeraj

This speech Senator Jaffer made in the Senate in 2008 is informative. Scroll down, down ...

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Seems very warm and friendly after all these years, don't you think?
Ex senator Ross Fitzpatrick,(His business partner Gordon) Tom Dohm, Chrétien.

Some of the who's, who she mentioned that day, yes all very warm, fuzzy.

Tom Dohm, is he the father, of Patrick Dohm?
Uh ... sneeze, cough ...

It isn't ACJ Patrick Dohm, it's his brother Thomas Dohm whose name is on the door of the law firm

Dohm, Jaffer, Jaffer Jeraj

Here's a bit from the Benchers' Bulletin of the Law Society of B.C., dated 10 December 1990:

Thomas Anthony Dohm, Q.C. was honoured by Treasurer Robert H. Guile, Q.C. and the other Benchers on November 2 for his 50 years of service in the legal profession. Mr. Justice Patrick Dohm shared in the tribute to his brother's career.

Thomas Dohm, who was called to the B.C. Bar on November 2, 1940, worked as a prosecutor before becoming a Vancouver City Police magistrate in 1954 and a Supreme Court judge in 1966. He re-entered practice in 1972 and served as a Bencher from 1973 to 1975.

Brother. Sorry folks ... what can I say, I'm coming down (down, down) with a rotten cold ... which, I realize is no excuse, but pehaps it does explain.

Tom & Patrick - brothers.

As for Rahim Jaffer, also in a spot of trouble today, I absolutely don't know.
Henri Paul said: Lawyers investigating lawyers, kind of like the fox guarding the the chicken coop isn't.

All the professionals that matter govern themselves, that's how they keep the application of law equal... for some of us...just sayin...
BCMary ,that cold is something else. I was told yesterday that it has a four day run,which means, I only half way.
I seen the news regarding Rahim Jaffer, serious charges.
All the Liberal Lawyers and Judges,Senators,politicians their all joined at the hip aren't they.
Is this person related?


Former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer, who ran anti-drugs ads against the NDP in the last federal election, is facing charges for drunk driving and cocaine possession.
I don't know, Leah ... and as a guess, I don't think so.

I'm too fogged-up with a bad cold to research this tonight ...

does anybody else know?
"Former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer, who ran anti-drugs ads against the NDP in the last federal election, is facing charges for drunk driving and cocaine possession.

Just like the family values ReThugs who hire whores to put them in diapers in their spare time, or employ gay prostitute/meth dealers, or disappear to Argentina to spend time with the "Love of their Life" while the wife and kids stay home in one of the Carolinas

Pierre Trudeau could do anything with anyone, as far as I was concerned, because he felt that the government had no business in his bedroom OR mine. It's the HYPOCRISY stupid! Gordo's family values (and the Ozzie and Harriet family campaign bus) are pretty hypocritical too, but of course the Canned Waste drones just eat it up and ignore Lara and the new kid!
followup to kootcoot's last comment:

What this country needs is more effective paparazzi....
If you don't have a media source willing to print the truth - it doesn't matter how effective the paparazzi are. There are no honest and/or courageous mainstream media sources to be found in this province for certain!
Leah, EM, Anonymous ...

obviously I am a sick person (cough, snuffle, sneeze ... !) because I had you all mixed up,

on a different thread,

sorry. Back to bed.
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