Thursday, October 29, 2009


Basi-Virk witness is back in business

Read about it at Bill Tieleman's place. Just click HERE.


Noted in passing ... 

BC Rail trial worrisome - Oct. 28, 2009

The Basi-Virk trial continues to make the BC Liberal government look corrupt and secretive.

Over 30,000 pages of recovered documents, documents intentionally deleted to hide complicity in the sale of a Crown corporation at a discount price.

The defence notes, and the public should note this with them, that there are still three data disks worth of emails and government correspondence that could not be recovered, preventing full disclosure from occurring. It’s a concern.

How can we trust a government that actively deleted reports and information it was legally required to archive, and then attempts to prevent judicial access to those same messages in a criminal trial, just to protect themselves.

It’s time for accountability.

Instead of complaining about the cost and the labour involved in retrieving the files that were intentionally destroyed, illegally, the BC Liberals should be happy to show some accountability and transparency in government. I seem to recall it was something they ran on in 2001.

Or was this another empty Liberal promise designed to quell the masses and mislead the public?

Trevor Ritchie


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