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The first time I heard those words was on board the little BC Ferry which carried cars and passengers between Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island and Pender Island (where I lived). It was the captain on the tanoy.

The Queen of Cumberland was bringing us home ... zooming toward the Otter Bay dock at a terrific rate. We knew that something was amiss as foot passengers were standing on the open deck with nothing but a rope between them and a chilly dunking in the sea. The rest of us in cars ready to disembark watched goggle-eyed.

Brace, brace, brace said the voice again, as the ship hit the pilings, bounced back, and left people staggering about, laughing with relief. Nobody was hurt, because we did: brace, brace, brace. The captain warned us; we were OK.

Well, today it's Friday afternoon ... October 9 ... and we have learned over time that shocking news is released on Friday afternoons, especially when there's some other really bad news in the offing. But British Columbia's bankrupt CanWest daily newspapers are calm. Fat chance of them warning us. Their online front pages today feature:

Vancouver Sun - BC Ferry delays due to small fire in back-up generator on board the Spirit of Vancouver Island.

The Province - Sexual abuse of a hockey star. But Michael Smyth has a good column about the way the government is making the Ministry of Health scandal sound trivial.

Victoria Times Colonist - Small homes a big deal in Langford (which, if you ask me, is a promotion for the Bear Mountain thingy).

So, apparently, there's "Nuthin' to worry about in B.C., folks ... just keep movin' right along, thank you ..."

Except ... it seems that Vancouver Sun is available for purchase now. Not by the single copy (who'd be so foolish?) but the publisher's chair and all that goes with it. Wow. I'd like to see Michael Smyth, Robin Mathews, Bill Tieleman, Mark Hume, Laila Yuile, Glen Clark, and Jim Pattison buy Vancouver Sun and begin publishing The Real News. You know what I mean: the stuff that actually motivates our world and keeps it spinning on its axis. Maybe the Dalai Lama would come back as a temp. Others would help. Then maybe we could relax and begin to say "Thank God it's Friday!" again.

Instead of the way we are now, in the 9th year of the BC Liars/CanWest Regime. Now, we're smart enough to think: "Brace! Brace! Brace!" and start looking around, trying to figure out what big shock is coming next.

Could it be Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 10:00 AM when the new judge on the Basi Virk Basi Case is expected to crack the whip in BC Supreme Court to get this trial moving with documents released by BC Rail? ... or commit the fatal blunder which sends everybody in government home smiling?

To everyone: the blessings of Thanksgiving. Sometimes you can't help feeling like the foot-passengers on a little ferry rushing headlong into a crash ... but we'll be OK if we just remember to Brace ... and keep asking the questions. - BC Mary.


Could it be Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 10:00 AM when the new judge on the Basi Virk Basi Case is expected to crack the whip in BC Supreme Court to get this trial moving with documents released by BC Rail? ... or commit the fatal blunder which sends everybody in government home smiling?
These last dozen words tell the story and were ther plan all-the-long
Anon 3:43,

It scares me, just the thought of seeing the Basi Virk Basi trial tossed.

It's not (I say again) that I care much about what the 3 accused men allegedly did; nobody thinks that they are the ones who decided to "sell" BC Rail, or that they gave the orders as to how to "sell" it. Basi, Virk, and Basi weren't in charge of that.

And the closer the evidence gets to the desks of those who arranged this double-cross of British Columbia's towns and villages, the more desperate the CEO and minions must feel.

Wouldn't they be saying nightly prayers, wishing it would all just go away?

We can't let them off that easily.

So maybe we should all be thinking of a contingency plan: what's our next step, if we're confronted with a "Get-out-of-jail-free" Pass for the key players in the unfortunate "sale" of BC Rail?
Sorry Mary, but it is before midnight and they did sneak something out...on a friday... on the long weekend...

BC Hydrdo is suing Peter Kiewit and Sons for non payment of services provided to the tune of $400,000.00


Lordy, Lordy ... does this mean that Peter Kewit & Sons has run out of money?

But if BC Hydro still has the backbone to fight back, well hey, maybe that's not such a bad story, after all.

I'm going over to your place now, to see the whole story. Thanks.
I went. I looked. And yikes, what a story!

I urge readers to click onto the URL provided by Laila (above) ... meantime, here's a snippet:

Peter Kiewit and Sons are also one half of the joint venture contract team charged with building the Port Mann Bridge project. Originally that project was deemed to be a P3 venture, but after the contractors financing tanked, the province decided to keep them anyway and do the bridge as a public project.

I don’t know about you, but something stinks here. The contractor on the Sea to Sky is now being sued in Supreme Court by some public utilities. That same contractor, who allegedly didn’t pay a pretty damn big bill, is being paid by the BC government to build the Port Mann project….after the fact that their financing fell through. Hmmm ...

Excerpt from: I'm Laila Yuile and this is how I see it.
Australian MacQuarie ran out of money too, that's why the BC Liberals are doing their own financing and not going PPP. Macqaurie is a partner to Kiewit and Son in all of the deals that Liberals have signed up with.

Different consortium names for different projects, but they're all in bed with one another.

TransToll the company that will collecting the tolls on the Port Mann is owned 100% by Macquarie!
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