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Gordon Campbell implicated in alleged fraudulent deal with Haisla First Nation trial, which resumes Monday, Oct. 26, 2009

By Merv Ritchie

Terrace Daily Online - Oct. 24, 2009

The tale of Kitamaat and the Village Council gets stranger every passing week.

A number of weeks ago we were informed that a Clerk to the Chief Councillor was let go under the alleged suspicion of removing papers from the Kitamaat Village Office and passing them on to former Chief Councillor Steve Wilson. Photocopying of other documents and deeds were also alleged.

This past week two very different reliable sources closely connected to the affairs of Kitamaat have also reported an RCMP investigation of the Kitamaat Village Offices. We have called RCMP officials and Kitamaat Village Council officials and not a single person would return our calls to speak to the allegations.

It is reported the RCMP showed up and were allowed to walk around the offices of the Kitamaat Village Council. They left having discovered enough cause, 'apparently', to apply to a Judge for a search warrant. The RCMP, we are told, returned and removed some computer or recording equipment. It is alleged some telephone lines were being recorded or tapped.

One inquiry to the Kitamaat Village offices resulted in confirmation the Clerk, Ms Martin, was let go however no explanation was given.

The details remain to be confirmed and we have left messages on various RCMP and Village Council answering services including the Chief Councillors home and office.

The defamation trial involving Steve Wilson, the Kitamaat Village Council and the Haisla Nation resumes on Monday October 26th.

BC Premier Gordon Campbell was implicated in the trial when Wilson acknowledged writing him a letter claiming he fulfilled his part of their conspiratorial arrangement to keep the Haisla from interfering with the electricity purchase agreement between Alcan and BC Hydro during the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) hearings.

Wilson also admitted the signature of the highest Haisla Hereditary Chief supporting Alcan in the BCUC application was a fake and the stamp used to fake his authorization was improperly used.

If the RCMP have now raided the Kitamaat Village Council offices; a BC legislative assembly, and if this has anything to do with Steve Wilson and the alleged fraudulent deal he had made with BC Premier Gordon Campbell, the entire Haisla First Nations Trial, which resumes Monday, may be a small precursor to the BC Rail sale to CN Rail 'Fraud trial', which resulted after the BC Provincial Legislature was raided.

Are the political leaders of BC really involved in corrupt, fraudulent activity? We will continue to dig and report on what turns up. We have been informed the RCMP wish to keep this quiet as their investigation is ongoing. The Haisla community consists of only approximately 750 people. Quiet is unlikely.

Visit Terrace Daily Online HERE ... this is a gold-mine of information. Here are two snippets:

... January 2009, a letter is discovered that Wilson wrote to BC Premier Campbell in the fall of 2007, demanding Campbell fulfill his end of the bargain he made to keep the Haisla from interfering with the BCUC/Alcan electricity purchase agreement. It is exposed in the Provincial Legislature.

September 30, 2009, the trial of the facts begins. On October 9, the trial adjourns. The defence will begin presenting their evidence on October 26; two years to the day after the KVC launched the lawsuit.


REPORTING · 5th October 2009
Merv Ritchie

Steve Wilson takes witness stand and remains on stand Tuesday.
This is the crux of the trial, which continues in Terrace today. The allegations made against the Kitamaat Village Council (KVC) are that they, through past Chief Councillor Steve Wilson participated in a fraud with Gordon Campbell to ensure the Province approve and facilitate the Independent Power Projects (IPP) on the Haisla traditional Territories at Crab and Europa water courses.

See historical article with copy of letter Wilson wrote to Gordon Campbell talking about a deal HERE,

and BC Liberals delay BC Utilities Commission Inquiry to stack the deck for Independent Power Producers is HERE.

And "Did Haisla secret decision win Alcan favour?" HERE.

See also Vancouver Sun report HERE.

Steve Wilson and the KVC are suing for defamation. The only defence those being sued have is that the statements and writings are true or that they were not defamatory. If they were true then this would have serious consequences for the Province and the BCUC decisions. This is what makes this trial so important for the Province of British Columbia and the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada authorized Kitamaat Band Council. It is why the lead lawyer for Steve Wilson and the KVC is taking so much time with Morris Amos ...

Sure didn't see any of this in the big CanWest daily newspapers in Vancouver or Victoria. I'm just shaking my head wondering why the Sun, Province, or Times Colonist news editors couldn't have used their telephones to call Terrace for a few updates on Gordo's latest public affairs ...

instead of disturbing Mr & Mrs Battershill
and the Loon Lake retirement community.


Here's another interesting "sales" plan from Gordo's workshop for giving away prime public assets:

Jumbo Ski Municipality (with no residents)

Jumbo Ski Resort carves new legal tracks

The theory is that, in addition to doing the CN a favour, the BC Liberal insiders wanted to get their hands on BC Rail's land banks. They drooled for years over the development potential of huge acreage between West Van and Squamish. Politically unconnected developers were put off by the need to deal with a regional district or the provincial government.

Now a template is revealed. Have the BC Liberals create a municipality with no residents, managed by your own appointed councilors. Eliminates all those difficult zoning limits.

Ask people to imagine if this is the template for development of ex BCR lands. I don't think you even need to draw the line.



CanWest actually report something of import to the Province?! Not bloody likely mate!

Congrats to this Terrace paper for not being silenced - you're doing your readers and the citizens of Terrace a service by providing the truths they need to know. We can only wish that other newspapers in the Province would follow suit.

My gosh Mary, will there ever be an end to Campbell's dictatorship? I'll be bopping over to read this paper frequently!
REPORTING · 5th March 2008
Merv Ritchie
In the just completed 2009 May election the BC Liberals said that they would tell BCUC/BC Hydro what to do when it came to buying power from independent producers. The BC Liberals said they will dismantle the Burrard Thermal Plant which is costing absolutely zero in costs and go with the more expensive prospect of buying power from IPP.... you know, like the fellow who used to be the President of ICBC while his employees were running a chop shop on company property... you know, like the former AG of BC when the raid on the BC Legislature took place.

Here's what the Minister of Energy said, recorded by Hansard on the subject of BCUC:

Hon. R. Neufeld: I think the members should actually start being a little careful here with accusations that they're making about this government and the B.C. Utilities Commission.

We have worked with the first nations across the province. We've worked with Chief Wilson closely. Chief Wilson has an opinion. He's quite welcome to that opinion, but at no time did this government — like the previous government, the NDP — subvert any decision from the B.C. Utilities Commission on any decision that the B.C. Utilities Commission has made at all. We will not do that.

We have said we won't do that. We'll empower the BCUC. We continue to empower the BCUC, and they will make their decisions on merit and what's based in the Utilities Commission Act for the best result for all British Columbians, regardless of who they are.
Part II from Hansard

Hon. R. Neufeld: The $100 million to recognize first nations across the province of British Columbia, to help them with capacity-building — we have done that. We've worked with many first nations. I know my ministry has personally worked with an awful lot of first nations across the province of British Columbia.

You know what? We're darn proud of it. That was one thing that that government never did, but we will not subvert any decision made or influence any decision made by the BCUC in regards to anything in favour of anyone.

...... its time to have a look at some of the other decisions that the BCUC have made that were not looked upon by the BC Liberals favourably... has there been new commisioners appointed since the May election.....

From the Supreme Court of BC Terrace Registry April 23 2008

Item 33 page 10 of 12

"I have more than lived up to my promise and I expect the Province to live up to what it has promised me."Snip
[7] The Commission considered the appellant’s request as a reconsideration of its
decision, made prior to the appellant’s involvement, that consultation was not relevant and, thus,
not within the scope of its proceeding and oral hearing (the Scoping Order). It was held not to be relevant then because the only First Nations groups involved at that point were the Haisla
First Nation and the Haisla Hereditary Chiefs, who did not press the issue of consultation.

Source: BCUC Page 123 of 338 Item 7
"Are the political leaders of BC really involved in corrupt, fraudulent activity?"

Does the Pope go poo poo in the woods? Does a bear go to church?

Interesting sidelight on the wonderful Gord (Lord) Campbell this morning - he broke the hearts of a youth choir in Newfoundland by "inviting" them to perform at the Opening ceremony for 2010. Now after two years of preparation the kids and their musical director are told that "they misunderstood" our glorious P.O.S. and all he said is that "it would be nice, if they could sing at the games."

I can't be the only one to have noticed that Mr. Craphead Campbell NEVER does anything wrong, or accepts responsibility for ANY mistakes, EVER! Well I take that back, after all he did admit to drinking and driving in Hawaii (while bemoaning the fact that he got caught THE VERY FIRST TIME HE HAD EVER DONE THAT in his over one half century of existence)!

What's wrong the the people of our province that they vote for this pitiful excuse for a human?
Ahhhh re: The Activities of the BC Utility Commission....Weren't those hearings on those specific powerlines actually 'halted' by the government of Mr. Gordon Campbell last week?

Why yes, I believe they were.


Thanks, Gazetteer ... and that's an important round-up of implications. All those IPPs and all those "hopes" ...

Here's something else that's new. When did you ever see the name Lara Dauphinee right out in the open like this as a Guest of Interest at a Vancouver social gathering (or anywhere else)? This is from Francis Bula on City Life & Politics:

The winds o'change, they are a-blowing, maybe ...
So, this is how Campbells reconciliation work. Piece off a few in the right places to get what you want.
re Jumbo and related plans to allow corporate landowners to vote in municipal elections.

They always have. This is particularly true in the RMOW, where in the 1980s up to half (or more?) of the municipal voters list were non-residents property owners; many of these voted both in the RMOW and in Vancouver or wherever the hell they were from, i.e. if you own property you get two votes, albeit not in the same municipality.

Renters, on the other hand, were discouraged from voting and not encouraged to take part in municipal politics or planning at all; even those who had been resident there since the '70s and '60s were considered "transient populations" with no proper interest in the doings of the cabal who were actively marginalizing them - and eventually driving up year-round rents to match peak-season levels (it used to be possible to rent a full chalet in Whistler for the "off season" and "shoulder season" - up to 8 months of the year, for $50-$250/month. Now $1500/mo/person is the norm, even when sharing a room in an apartment with 5-6 other bedrooms/couples.)

The RMOW also has this thing called the WRA, Whistler Resort Association, which is its own voting body including "the mountain" and its own levy/taxes to fund marketing etc, and is involved in the management of the village.

The village streets, by the way, are designated private property even though they're public space and a public body owns them; so behaviour and access can be controlled, and also private security can have police-like powers (even though the RCMP also patrol them). Sometime in the '80s a sign appeared in Whistler Square that said "no frisbee playing" and we knew that was the end of the old care-free days (around the same time the systematic burning of squat residences ended, as all the squats had been burned out at last).

More and more public space in Canada is "privately-owned", even when it's a crown corporation or government-backed fund that's established it; this is true here in Halifax re the Harbourwalk.

It all rather reminds me of Fairhaven, in the movie Popeye, where your every move is controlled/taxed ("there's a tax on smiling"). Except in that version of course it's government that's being parodied, not corporatism.

A municipality without residents in BC is not all that new, and for decades there were company towns which functioned as municipalities but weren't, i.e. the company ran the town - Ocean Falls, Bralorne, Anyox, Hendrix Lake, Bridge River etc.... Fraser Mills even have a seat on the GVRD board, with the mayor being the CEO or local bossman of Crown Zellerbach.....(and a whole 100 residents, in a small townsite adjacent to the mill; most workers lived in Maillardville).
noting the name again of Pieter Kiewit and Sons "of Vancouver", I decided to look them up in Wiki-you-know-where, thinking maybe this was a Peter Kiewit I went to school with (in Mission, if anybody wants to know). But it's not the same Peter Kiewit, obviously:

Not just contracting out things that used to be done by Hydro's construction wing...but contracting out to a US company. "oh, it's a Canadian company because it has an office in Vancouver" like the sop we're offered up about Texas-controlled CN just because it has a Montreal office.....

So what's the total roster of Kiewit Corp's government contracts and what's the total dollar value?

And like any other player in this muddy game, can someone look up on the campaign donations scoreboard and see the scope of their investment in BC's political machinery....

U think they're involved in Toba Montrose, too...

And note also

which would involve a (very expensive, for Alsakans to build) bridge to Wrangell; there's a similar plan to somehow get to Ketchikan from Stewart/Hyder or thereabouts, also involving a bridge to Revillagigedo Island.

One thing the 1903 boundary settlement and trade/infrastructure policy in the region do was make it as inconvenient as possible for either country to develop the region; just as had been Britain's attempt from 1839 onwards in its lease of much of the Panhandle, so as to keep/drive the Yanks out (didn't work, obviously.....the Russians managed to forget the British/HBC lease when it came times to ink the contract of sale with the US, and neither London nor Canada noticed, though BC did protest to no avail).

I'm not against interconnecting with Alaska, I just note that all this is being done kind of out of sight of the pub lic (like so, so, so much else) and who's gonna get the infrastructure gravy-spending for such big projects is something to find out/take note of.....

Be interesting also to look into Kiewit's international activties, and its ownership/control/policies...for all we know ultimately it's owned by Dick Cheney......or one of his hunting buddies....
There's been talk on this blog concerning the fact of exactly where CN Rail has its headquarters.. some say its Texas, others say Montreal.......

Gordon Campbell says that all of the construction that is going on in the province is keeping construction workers busy... then there is the little, minor, detail of the companies involved. Sea to Sky Highway Project; Port Mann Super Bridge, Kicking Horse highway improvement and other projects. How much money is leaving the province via the companies to their shareholders:

"Peter Kiewit Sons' Inc. is one of the largest construction and mining companies in the United States."


1000 Kiewit Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68131

Then there is the Yoho Bridge, constructed by Peter Kiewit Sons

Pitt River Bridge too.

CN Rail is rolling merrily along on BC Rail tracks and raking in monies that should be going to the BC Treasury.
Why does one company get so many major bids? Oh - yeah - competitiveness. Like the kind Wal-Mart does to small towns; so big they can undercut everybody and take t he lions share of contracts, is that how it's working?

What really amazes me is the paltry amounts such beneficiaries of the BC Liberal Party donate to the party coffers. Surely there's more to it than mere tens of thousands of dollars??
"Surely there's more to it than mere tens of thousands of dollars??"

Well, you might find it interesting how many former cabinet ministers, backbenchers and other former government insiders have seats on the boards of Plutonic and other "green," (the color of US dollars) energy corporations.

There could also have been other "donations" that aren't strictly "political" and deposited in offshore locations like the Cayman Islands and thus not subject to listing as political donations. These sort of donations might be called bribes in some jurisdictions or "quid pro quo" and not actually discussed, recorded or acknowledged to even exist.

There certainly appears to be a class of super-citizen in B.C. which is subject to few or no laws that must be obeyed by the rest of us! Why do I think anybody, with an Italian surname, or a work party from a biker gang could build a deck for our CEO Premier and the investigative (choke) journalists of Canned Waste wouldn't even consider it news-worthy, much less a possible legal issue?

Now I need some quiet time to mourn the impending demise of the Nazianational Urinal - that casualty of the "free market." If Conrad's once flagship progaganda sheet can't bleed money to distort the news forever, how long will its glossy cousin, MacLean's, manage to survive as a pretend news magazine? As long as there are other things for parakeets to crap on or for training puppies, neither will be missed!
Dear Koot,

I'm pretty sure you won't mind if I translate your gentle subtleties for folks who don't know and love you yet,

that "Nazianational Urinal - that casualty of the "free market" thingy,

is the National Post, published out of Toronto, for the specific purpose of training us all to be more like Conrad Black, Izzy Asper, and Steve Harper.

They didn't do such a bad job of it either, eh?

So now it's "job done". Time to re-tool and move on.

And Koot is grieving. Good one, Koot.
Oh. And maybe I should've mentioned that the National Post is/was a CanWest paper?

Yeah ... so let's think about that. Could it mean that British Columbia will see a notice one day soon (probably when the BC Rail Trial gets under way)

telling us


Vancouver Sun,
The Province,
Victoria Times Colonist,

will cease to exist almost immediately?

I know, I know, I've told you 1,000 times how bad they are ... biased, deceitful, uncaring, and all.

But I've also said many times that having NO news media is worse.

We need to think about that, too. What should we do?

1) Could we seize and improve the BC dailies?

2) Can we invent something new and better?

It sure would be nice if some unemployed journalists would be interested in finding the answers to this, too.

It should be a huge national embarrassment that the West Coast is left floundering without an honest free press to support any hopes for a democratic society.
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