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Lara Dauphinee mentioned in today's news. That's twice, in recent days. And before that: never.

Keepers of the Olympic flame treat it with great care, high security

By Jeff Lee
Vancouver Sun - Oct. 30, 2009

Read the full story HERE. The Lara Dauphinee excerpt is as follows:

... The flame's arrival in Victoria triggered equally heavy security, and from the moment the jet landed the four lanterns were separated from each other, just in case.

But there were some odd moments. At one point after Simon Whitfield and Catriona Le May Doan had started the relay, Premier Gordon Campbell's executive assistant Lara Dauphinee walked backstage by herself, gingerly carrying one of the flames. "I didn't know that I was going to be a keeper," she joked.

I have no idea why Jeff mentions Lara. I'll ask. - BC Mary

Jeff's answer:
I was backstage unlike other media. I saw her. Having been in Greece I knew the flame is normally closely guarded. It was color for the piece.

I asked some more. Jeff replied:
No, she wasn't on the plane back.

To answer the questions: Who is Lara Dauphinee? Google her name on the Vancouver Sun web-site ... there are more options there.


Vancouver Sun has a story on a high-profile lawyer's illness delaying a trial.......not directly related to the BC Rail trial...but what if this H1N1/flu season does hit any one of the participants
I saw this on the Sun's website this morning. Everyone's asking who Lara is. What was the other article where she's mentioned? Thanks.
Anon 8:35,

Type "Lara Dauphinee" into the search box at the top of the screen,

and it will take you to the items on this web-site which mention her.

The recent MSM mention was about Lara attending some Olympics function in Vancouver.
"The Respondents are charged with corruption, fraud and breach of trust resulting from alleged misconduct while civil servants. In pre-trial proceedings, they sought disclosure of certain documents and portions of documents. The Crown requested an in camera, ex parte hearing to determine whether the documents are protected by informant’s privilege." SCC

Questions to BC Mary: Are documents being withheld from being disclosed because the "informant" is still working for the BC Liberal Government?

If the SCC does finally make a determination, decision, will we suddenly see a flood of new documents that will dramatically change the scene?

Lara is not part of the trial, so let's just drop it.
"Court Info Old School"

Strange way to title it BC Mary. We all still use telephones, cell phones too and it seems that the courts delaying tactics in informing the public of exactly when the trials are to happen are being played out by them .... rather than the internet..... I guess we all have to play along.
Anon 9:04,

I wish I could answer your questions ... but how in the world would I know what's going on in the minds of learned persons in BC Supreme Court, much less in the Supreme Court of Canada?

Like you and most everyone else, I await developments. And whether those high court developments are right or wrong, them's what we've got to work with.

I am curious as to your statement that Lara Dauphinee is not part of the trial. There is much she could add to our understanding of the BCRail affair in general.

And in particular, it was she who nominated Bobby Virk for hiring ... and moves right along to her recent signature on an affadavit submitted to the Court ... yes, she has something to say about the trial arising from the BC Rail Case.

I'd be very interested to know what grounds you have for saying "Lara is not part of the trial" ... in what sense do you believe she has nothing to say?

I don't respond well to commands, so for that and about a dozen other reasons, I won't "just drop it".

Taxpayers are paying Lara Dauphinee a very fat paycheque for (supposedly) doing the province's business all these years. Haven't you ever wondered why such a veil of secrecy has been provided for her -- a PUBLIC servant?

Is it YES we can visit Ken Dobell's work in the premier's office but NO we must "just drop it" for Lara?

Come on. Be honest. Are you OK with that?
Anon 9:11,

I know ... but here's the thing:

Koot does these clever things for this web-site. And I'm grateful for that. He wrestled the info into place; but I hadn't provided a new title. He did that ... tongue-in-cheek, Koot-style.

I thought the same thing as you thought ... but so far I haven't come up with a better heading.

If you'll suggest a better heading, I'm pretty sure Koot will put it in place.

I mean: for one thing, Koot picked up and placed that amazing photo of the CN's chief executive officer -- a photo worth 10 million words. I appreciated that immensely. I did change the caption he had placed there because I knew exactly what I wanted to say about ol' H.H.

I think we could do the same with the info. heading on contacting the Courts.

Your suggestion for a new title is ... ??
Its not that difficult to edit your own blog... and by the way BC Mary you don't have a web site here.

As of 2005 there was over 60 million blogs.

"# Easy to use. It’s easy to post text, photos, and videos from the web or your mobile phone.
# Flexible. Unlimited flexibility to personalize your blog with themes, gadgets, and more."
After I clicked on Publish this came up on my screen:

"Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval."

You, BC Mary, are a "blog owner" which is far different than being a web site owner where there are few restrictions on how your ideas can be presented to the public.
Oh for cryin' out loud, 11:11 ...

like as if I haven't read all that stuff,

not once, but too many times ...

and didn't you notice how long it took for me to learn how to create hyperlinks?

Don't be so damn superior. Some got it, some ain't. Guess which group I'm in.

And by the way, what's your suggestion for a new improved heading on the Court locations?
For cryin' out loud AGAIN ... yes, dodo, I do know that I have a blog ... and probably it's a "spot" instead of a "site" ... as in blogspot, but I kept being corrected on that, too,

which, as you might have already guessed,

gets tiresome, especially when readers know what's meant. Even you.

Ta ta.
Court Info

delete "old school"

Change "OR" to and
Yep, that'll do it. Delete "Old School".

But the OR is correct.

Whew. Thanks. And so the western world is preserved for democracy once again.

Thanks, 11:38. Now, would you care to take on the Apostrophe Problem? And the "Who, whom" thingy?
It seems the PABsters and their ilk are even trying to sanitize you, BC Mary.

Thank you for your courage and your fortitude in keeping this blog spot/site running, and keeping me abreast of hard-found truths and the questions that arise from those truths. It has been a monumental job, I am sure. You deserve the gratitude and undying love of all truth-seekers. If anyone knows of a cash award for citizen journalism, I will gladly fill out the forms nominating BC Mary.
Sharing such kindly thoughts is indeed good, SIG.

It's astonishing how much good a kind word can do.

Thanks, and thanks again.
What S.I.G. said.


To Smartypants at 11:13, one last word:

I just left a comment on a Vancouver Sun story about the goals of education.

Here's what happens, regularly. They want:

Your Name :(required)

Website: (optional)

Usually I don't bother, but today I decided to see if they would accept my ... well, you know ... address. I had barely typed in "http://bctrialof ..." when CanWest automatically filled in the rest of it ...

which ...

weren't you saying is NOT a web-site, merely a blogspot?

Well ... this proves my point ... that in plain commonsense everyday terms, there's no freakin' difference.
Thanks RossK,

One such kind word from you is worth a thousand pictures ...

or some such thing.
Dear BC Mary thank you for including how CanWest accepted your blogspot even though they're looking for a website, which is optional in brackets.

Blogspot is defined as:

"a blog publishing system" (which is not a web publishing system).

You really don't understand the difference, do you Mary..... and its really not important.
I couldn't agree more ... it's really not important. But you're the one who brought the subject up, or we wouldn't be talking in circles around it.

One thing you don't seem to understand at all, is that you are a guest on my blog and, as such, we (all of us - readers and contributors) expect a certain civility and respect.

And since I do most of the work on this blog, I get to decide if somebody is causing a problem, and the precise moment to give him/her the boot.

Surely there are a few blogs among the 60million you mentioned, which are more to your liking?
The stink of the PAB and/or Liberal partisanship and "artful dodger" is all over Anony-puss.....

What restrictions are there on blogspot? Is it content that's meant? Because to my knowledge Google (who own Blogspot/Blogger now) are not at all interested in suppressing freedom of speech of its blogowners; it would be a death-knell for them. Yes, there are more formatting options and visit-monitoring capabilities around "real websites", but let me assure you Anony-puss, this is a REAL blog, and one of the best of the 60,000,000 out there as far as the details of this trial go.

As for:
The Crown requested an in camera, ex parte hearing to determine whether the documents are protected by informant’s privilege

That word "privilege" speaks volumes, because it has particular legal meanings. It's not just somebody who "works for the BC government", it's somebody IN the government, and more specifically a cabinet minster. Or someone who, perhaps, was a cabinet minister.....

And Lara Dauphinee's not "part of the trial".....yet. As Mary notes her name has already come up; who knows in what other contexts it may come up, as she's the bag-carrier and note-taker for His Gordship, whatever else she may be....

It's perhaps more interesting to contemplate what other trials she may yet be "part of", and in what ways....the fun has only just begun IMHO.....

One can only be a fly on the wall for so long....and fly-swatters notwithstanding, even flies on the wall can get called to the witness stand....
The pedantic clown who hides behind the anonymous alias could consider one other definition:

nitpick: to criticize by focusing on inconsequential details.

Usage Example: when you cannot argue a proposition with logic and fact, try nitpicking.
Thanks, Skookum1.

And thanks some more.
A couple of quotes about truth...

'Beauty is truth, truth beauty, —that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.' John Keats

'All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.' Arthur Schopenhauer

I thank you, BC Mary, for your voluntarily given (as far as I know) gift of truth seeking on behalf all British Columbians. Without you I would be as blissfully unaware as our Gordon Campbell "Liberal" government, mainstream media, police system, and justice system apparently wish us all to be. (That seems like such a ridiculous 'conspiracy theory' kind of thing to say, but, having read your blog for years, I can't help but say it).

Although I hate to ask more of you than you already give, I would love to hear you explain what motivates you on this chosen, far from simple, path. (Not that you haven't commented on this subject here and there over the years, but yours seems like such unusual human behavior - given the environment we find ourselves in - that an explanation might be helpful - especially, perhaps, to new readers).

By the way, do you know if Robin Matthews received the letter to follow referred to in the email from Gary Bass? I've been waiting to hear what he wrote.
To Anonymous 7:18,

I feel amply repaid for my efforts, when I read what you say here. Your kind thoughts are important to me because I do get weary and discouraged sometimes.

You ask what motivates BC Mary. And it's clear to me that many British Columbians could give the same answer: it's our landscape, our British Columbia. And our shared fear that enormous damage is being done. Our belief that we (all of us) can fix it.

The precise motivation came with a copy of The Globe and Mail lying on the breakfast table, 29 December 2003. It told me that my home province was under attack: not only from Organized Crime but apparently also from forces within the Legislature; and possibly from both ... possibly combined.

I don't know how anybody could see that story and those photos without seeing the crisis emerging.

I tracked that story day by day, newspaper by newspaper, from that moment on ... until it became apparent that the Cone of Silence was coming down on it. Further evidence that something didn't smell right.

A group of us commenting on The Tyee decided that we'd never know what happened to BC Rail (the crux of the matter) if we didn't find out for ourselves and publish it ourselves.

Three of us set up blogs.

1) User Name: Coyote, who had much to say, but was silenced by the sudden tragic death of his daughter ...

2) User name: Kootcoot, who set up "House of Infamy", still commenting about once a month,

3) User Name: BC Mary, who set up "The Legislature Raids" which I hope will one day provide the Archive for those who belatedly get around to writing the book(s)on Basi Virk Basi and/or BC Rail or "Whatever Happened to Gordon Campbell?"

TLR has chalked up about 1,200 postings in its 3-1/2 year history. In its progress, it's been easy to see that there are many British Columbians who feel as I do: that we must try to restore our home province to good health.

About 15 minutes ago, I was just asking some of the wonderful cyber-friends I've made, via this blog ... asking them if they thought that small independent online news services like TERRACE ONLINE DAILY could be the wave of the future.

First of all, in one short week, this hard-working Terrace news service has told us important BC news we didn't know before, such as:

- that Gordo is implicated in allegedly bribing a Haisla chief in a BC Hydro affair (trial ongoing, and reported daily),
- that the Kemano smelter may shut down, leaving Alcan as merely another IPP, so good-bye to the town of Kitimat,
- that EuroCan may cease operating soon,
- that EuroCan's woodchips will be sent to the riding of the BC Minister of Forests,

and they publish the vote count from the most recent election: Gordo's BC Liberals are at the bottom of the heap in three local ridings.

I, too, was able to send Terrace Online News information they hadn't seen, such as

- Gordo's government defies BC Utilities Commission ruling and orders BC Hydro to buy power from Independent Power Producers.

So I am wondering if yes, if people can find out the facts of the matter, they'll support and vote for the right things to happen (I mean, can you imagine people voting to cripple BC Hydro??) ...

and I'm wondering if we could try something totally new ... such as an affiliation of small, independent news services not only publishing their news, but sharing it through the network we could build.

What do you think? It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I'm wondering why it wouldn't be a far better answer than even the thought of buying out one of the dying/dead CanWest daily newspapers, to get some true-talk to the people of B.C.

To answer your question: Robin is away again at their summer cottage which seems to require endless repair. But before he went, he promised to "find a way" to send me a copy of the anticipated Gary Bass response. So far, that hasn't happened.

Thanks again for your lovely message this morning. I'd rather have that, than paid employment, any day.
Great exchange -

Thanks Mary and Anon-Above.

And so, to flip Edmund Burke....

"Great things happen when good folks do something"


I'm curious Mary - that 1,200 figure you cite is posts. But what's your hit-count per day, and what proportion of that might you guesstimate to be the so-called general public (aka "interested public" perhaps)...I know lots are Public Affairs Bureau, RCMP, Crown Counsel, BVB's lawyers etc.....

In a way it's too bad you don't run google ads like on Tieleman's could probably be paying your heat bill, or at least your ISP tab, with the proceeds....
Mary, I've said it before, I'll say it again. Thanks for all that you do, and the immense amount of time you devote to giving us truth that would otherwise remain hidden, or ignored.

We can only hope that online papers along with blogs like yours will choose to become a network of truth for BC. We can all be assured of one thing - "they" will do everything in their power to stop or derail the plan. Sounds conspiratorial I know, but as far as I'm concerned, this whole BVB exercise has been a conspiracy from the beginning.

In the end it wouldn't surprise me to find Federal interference also plays a large part in it...from Tellier on down (and up).

Thank you for not giving up in frustration, as many of us likely would have by now. I'm sure there are days, or moments, when you've asked yourself what the hell you were thinking when you started this blog? But the friends and family I've directed here over the past year, are totally dumbstruck at the truth they find here, never heard in any other source of mainstream media. For that our entire family thanks you! Bless you.

That's just totally wonderful ... huge thanks to you and your family.

Anecdote alert: I once asked my daughter (a classical musician) how bad it is, when the audience makes a mistake and begins to applaud between symphonic movements. I'll never forget her reply:

Mom, we love to hear applause no matter when it happens.

It's true. These signs and signals of approval are reassuring because they're strengthening. They are, like you just said, a blessing.

Thanks immensely.
Out of curiosity I did the Vancouver Sun search for "Lara Dauphinee" and got the expected stuff, most of which "we" have all seen before; then I noticed the "10 year archive" link to which by the FP at the start is some branch of Nat'l Post management, huh? Well, it turns out only to go back to 2004 - there's that year again... and isn't a ten year archive, but of the two pages of results there's some interesting stuff:

All stuff you have to pay for, of course, what with this world being what it is now, and CanWest being what they are; not just information control but making you pay for it....

"newspapers of record" should be proud to be just that; I can't imagine Amor de Cosmos or John Robson, mercenary media bandits-cum-politicians that they were, charging for access to their archives; in fact most were donated to the province, either provincially-archived fonds or in city archives and university libraries only.

The destruction of print archives and their own digital versions of news coverage before 1993 (or so?) when Asper ordered them all destroyed; to do historical research now in BC it's on microfiche and interlibrary loan; you can't even buy it from's only if someone has hard/digital copy and that's limited to institutions. Not the web. It's a pet gripe of mine when wanting to find sources; and most modern retellings of recent decades in BC are heavily "washed" or just too "careful" to be of any real historical value.

It does gall me that, unlike other real newspapers like the New York Times and many others - the NYT's reaches back well over a hundred years - here the same "stature" of paper/media congolomerate only sees fit to allow access to five years of it. And make you pay for it.

Nobody else, e.g. archives, museums, libraries etc that have copies, can put them on line (as US and UK institutions do...UW and UCal are amazing in that respect); or maybe they can, there's some public domain aspect to older publications, so long as quoted properly; but maybe they just don't have the money.

(continued next post ...)

GeoMatics BC, the once-upon-a-time Mapping Branch, used to have extensive free online map services; now they've been reorganized and are also pay for. And even though the VPL and the National Archives have recognized that their collections are public domain (after 50 years anything is, in Canada, it's 100 in the US), the BC Archives still tries to bluff site visitors that they have copyright over their entire collection; in fact they don't, and they don't put it exactly like that; they can sell reproductions, but as many are family or private collections - and all over 50 years old, especially government-commissioned/government-owned ones, are by law in public domain.

Sorry for the digression, but it points up a problem with relying on free enterprise to ensure good cultural institutions; destroying their own archives, the content of which was central to and a part of the politics of the era(s) in question, was a waste of cultural and historical resource of their very own making.

I went looking for the Special BC Edition of the Globe and Mail published during the newspaper strike during the Solidarity Crisis; it's not on-line it's available at university and certain institutional libraries, digitally, and has "all" the G&M's newspapers on print, almost as old as those of the NYT.

But nothing on the Special BC Edition. Zip. Nada. No place to ask on the site, either, not that I could see.

Those that remember it know it was a marvel of free political comment in BC during the period, with all the reporters unleashed from their erstwhile employer's political agenda. I'd like to find some copies; they may be in Special Collections at UBC or the VPL or Vancouver City Archives. I'd hope so....some of it was amazing copy, I remember, and way different than modern retellings of what went on that summer.

Interesting how history can be engineered huh? Simply by deleting it, same idea as the emails....and it goes back to the Begbie case, which was thrown out for lack of evidence that had ceased to exist, some say by Begbie's hand; similarly Douglas' destruction of the Snyder Treaties, reached by the Americans and Europeans at Lytton with the allied Nlaka'pamux and which ended the Fraser Canyon War (brief though nasty it was...).

Destruction of the paper trail; it's an old tradition in BC, I realized a while ago, part of how things are done.

And the newspapers are part of the paper trail, which is why this long digression: if you can only prepare for the future by knowing the past, how can you do that when records of the past, and which had a big influence on events and politics of the times in question are being actively destroyed. By their creators.
Interesting list, Skookum1. Here's part of it, available, it seems, at only $4.95 per article:

Extraordinary mission accomplished; John Furlong and crew deliver the Olympic flame to Canada and, while the start of the torch relay didn't go exactly as choreographed, officials say the whole country will be 'swept up' by the event
...after Simon Whitfield and Catriona Le May Doan had started the relay, Premier Gordon Campbell's executive assistant Lara Dauphinee walked backstage by herself, gingerly carrying one of the flames. "I didn't know that I was going to be a keeper... (1233 words)
Byline: Jeff Lee, Source: Vancouver Sun, Page: A15, Edition: Final
$4.95 - Vancouver Sun - Sat Oct 31 2009

Column: Big and bigger stinks
...the premier's office: deputy minister Jessica McDonald, chief of staff Martyn Brown and deputy chief of staff Lara Dauphinee. The judge herself will review the e-mails before deciding whether to release them to the defence, presuming they... (790 words)
Byline: Vaughn Palmer, Source: Vancouver Sun, Page: 6, Edition: Final
$4.95 - Prince George Citizen - Wed Jul 22 2009

Cabinet e-mails ordered destroyed in May, court told
...raised in court this week were sworn by the premier's chief of staff, Martyn Brown, and deputy chief of staff, Lara Dauphinee. The defence says government policy requires a 10-year retention period for administrative and operational records... (813 words)
Byline: Neal Hall and Jonathan Fowlie, Source: Vancouver Sun, Page: A1 / FRONT, Edition: Final
$4.95 - Vancouver Sun - Fri Jul 17 2009

Court hears government emails in BC Rail corruption case may have been destroyed
...was one of 15 from government officials, including Campbell's chief of staff Martyn Brown and Brown's deputy Lara Dauphinee, who tried to explain what happened to the emails. Hayes' affidavit appeared to contradict Copley's previous... (712 words)
$4.95 - The Canadian Press - Thu Jul 16 2009

There's more, and Skookum1 gave the link above.
Interestingly, given some of the comments above, I was just cleaning up the accumulated post-it notes littering my desk, and came upon one that said Nefarious Nitpickers. The two words came to me for no reason at all a few weeks ago while my mind was wandering, so I wrote them down - not something I often do. Weird.

Thanks for your thoughtful and informative response, Mary. Sorry to hear that one of the initial bloggers was silenced by personal tragedy. I think your idea of an affiliation makes sense, but I have absolutely no idea how such things happen or work.

It seems so crazy that, while communication is more instantly possible than ever, attention is so scattered among possible things to pay attention to that it has become difficult to inform or to be informed.
I'm glad to have your positive response to the idea of a Citizens Network News Service.

Koot tells me he likes the idea too, and has already initiated a beginning by listing all the small, known independent BC News services on his blog (House of Infamy).
” The road to truth is long, and lined with annoying bastards…” ~ Alexander Jablokov

“A lie would have no purpose, unless the truth were felt as dangerous” ~ Alfred Adler

While in a meeting recently,someone commented that you know you are on the trail of something good when the trolls and the haters arrive, and spend far too much time advising you of your stupidity and lack of knowledge.

And when they start demanding that you "drop it",or " back off" ? Well, methinks the PAB needs some new tactical officers...haha.

Congratulations!! Keep at it.
Regarding the $4.95 newspaper stories. Is paying for them truly the only way to read them online?

I just read Skookum1's comments about loss of history via destruction. Crazy and concerning.
You kinda can't blame the Asspersons for destroying their archives - anyone with any sense at all would be embarrassed to look back at the drivel they publish!

It is tragic that they probably destroyed the evidence from when the Vancouver Sun was a real newspaper though, the archives from before it was tainted by their ownership!
Well, to Leah, actually some of these articles are still accessible from the newspapers' websites, which makes being asked to pay for them utterly asinine. Also note that that $4.95 doesn't include reproduction rights, i.e. copyright license, it only gives you access to the article; very steep for access to a copyrighted source. At some point recent articles get turned into pay-for articles; these seem too recent to be in that category yet, at least most of them...

To Anonymous 6:09:
Systematic destruction of historical records is a very old theme, from the First Qin Emperor's destruction of all records of the Hsia and Zhang dynasties to the destruction of the Library of Alexandria and Theodosius' destruction of pagan temples and libraries in the wake of the Conversion, and of course in the days of the Inquisition et al.

Others, destroyed by war or caprice or other events, include the destruction of the Great Library of Nineveh. And at one point, after Iceland came under Denmark's control, the King of Denmark ordered that all libraries in Iceland be collected and shipped to Denmark; and they sank somewhere in the North Sea (still out there somewhere, and the vellum should have survived time under water...I think...but it's a damned big ocean to find them in...); it's estimated that 95% of all written materials in Iceland then known to exist vanished accordingly....

Accidental destruction of archives by fire has happened in BC on many occasions, also, mostly smalltown records but I believe during the Great Fire in New Westminster in 1898 quite a bit of government material was destroyed; the same is probably true of Gastown....
We humans, collectively, appear to be nuts.
Anon 8:38,

What group, collectively, are you looking at, when you say that?
But, to answer your question, I was looking at the people who have deliberately destroyed history.
Great idea BC Mary:

" and I'm wondering if we could try something totally new ... such as an affiliation of small, independent news services not only publishing their news, but sharing it through the network we could build".

It makes a lot of sense, a co-op type of news clearing house publication?

Keep up the good work it is appreciated, deal with the criticism, and don't turn your back on the sycophants, LOL.
Many thanks, Anon 10:52.

Koot already has a good idea of bloggers simply listing all the independent online news services ... that will get us started.

A more organized service needs organization and if I had extra time, I'd tackle that aspect myself.
But I don't, so I can't.

But it is a hopeful idea, isn't it? To me, it answers all those vexing questions about political parties, sycophants, and mindness squabbling over "Me good, You bad" themes.

It's a clean, wholesome answer, not dependent upon hurting one another.
" and I'm wondering if we could try something totally new ... such as an affiliation of small, independent news services not only publishing their news, but sharing it through the network we could build"

People should be aware of which is just sitting there waiting to be exploited by "citizen journalists"; it's a wide-open field and one of the benefits is, like Wikipedia, it's designed to show up in the first batch of google searches (providing things are titled/categorized cleverly....).

Also outside of the control of any CRTC or in-Canada court bans....theoretically (to be safe, re court bans, you'd have to post from an outside-of-Canada server or ask another editor to do so...)
...and he up there ^^^ is just the one who can show you how it's done.
Thanks, Skookum1. I just looked into that Wikinews thing and

as Yer Average Un-Geek,

I found it baffling. Very USA in its point of view, and if I had been looking for BC Rail stuff, I would need guidance.

My working motto is: if BC Mary can do it, anybody can do it. And BC Mary No-can-do the Wikinews thing.

What I imagine is a single clickable CITIZEN NEWSROOM set up in BC which collects the news of vital BC issues ...

such as

when Gordo is being discussed as allegedly fixing a deal to work against BC Hydro interests in Kitimat,

whether EuroCan is shutting down,

whether the Kemano Project will be shutting down its aluminum smelter and becoming simply another Independent Power Producer,


I don't see people going to Wikinews (or going anywhere) to search for topics like this, which they probably haven't heard about in the first place.

It'd need to be something right here, right now, accessible by one click.

Am I missing something here?
You won't find BC Rail stuff because nobody's covered it yet. Only Americans have really been using WikiNews...what I'm suggesting is that we begin to.

Using Wikicode is NOT that hard at all, and we're already familiar with citations/online sources.....
Here's what news copy there currently is on WikiNews regarding BC:

As you can see here:
I bitched about lack of real coverage a long time ago (January 2007) and of course have done nothing about it myself (I'm busy fixing up regular Wikipedia articles on events that should also be being reported in WikiNews).

If someone out there in Blogland is looking for some useful way to consolidate "alternative BC news", please starting using WikiNews; I can advise to some degree (via http://en.wikipedia/org/wiki/User_talk:Skookum1 and haters please note your posts, if any, will just be deleted as "WP:Uncivil".
... which isn't too far from what I was saying, Skook: "if I had been looking for BC Rail stuff, I would need guidance."

The other half of the story, and what I didn't say, is that with so much information at our disposal -- much of it rhetorical garbage -- I tend to jump clear of those new ventures. It's not laziness. I can tell you quite seriously that there's the element of self-preservation involved. And tolerance (as in "How much more can I take?!"), but also eyesight. And a calm mind.

Show me a roadblock and I'm doing a 180 out, unless I'm absolutely certain that there's pay dirt ahead.

But I'd sure like to know how you might see a fresh, clear, dedicated, independent BC
What about Sean Holman? Have you considered talking to him about this?
...and Kevin Potvin.
"Also outside of the control of any CRTC or in-Canada court bans....theoretically (to be safe, re court bans, you'd have to post from an outside-of-Canada server or ask another editor to do so...)"

If I'm not mistaken the Google Blogger servers are conveniently located in Mountain View, San Mateo County, California! Thus likely not subject to Canadian law (but subject to the (un)Patriot Act)! Perhaps we could use some server space at Mohawk Nation.
Sent you some info about Warren Bufett's latest purchase, a warning about the internet 'cause of the numerous languages on it, & some info pertinent to the trial.
Looks like you never received it which confirms my thinking there is some censorship goin on. Cheers.
Not Mary's censorship, but "blockage" perhaps by unknown parties....there's numerous posts of mine that have never reached Mary (unless I simultaneously sent them by emal).....
Sometimes I have to reject a comment. I never enjoy having to do that. So ...

Time for my regular reminder that this blog is focused on BC Rail.
Yep, BC Rail, BC Rail, and anything connected to the BC Rail Case which is now in pre-trial hearings.
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