Tuesday, October 20, 2009


No BCSC listing today for Basi Virk pre-trial hearing ... but Robin Mathews said Yes, more today; Mark Hume says "Arguments continue this week"

Bill Tieleman also said "Yes", hearings would be starting again as of yesterday, October 19 and run for 5 days, with more on Friday, October 23.

So I don't know what to make of today's "No listing" turn of events. I know how it makes me feel about the "No listing" turn of events ... but that doesn't help us figure out whether or not to pull on our cowboy boots and hit the trail to 800 Smithe Street, does it.


So ... there was no Basi in BC Supreme Court today ... but, remember this?

Basi faces trial in ALR case

Times Colonist - March 12, 2009

Former government aide David Basi will make a first appearance in B.C.
Supreme Court in Victoria April 1, charged with breach of trust in
connection with the removal of Sooke farmland from the Agricultural
Land Reserve.

Judge Ernie Quantz committed Basi to trial after a preliminary hearing
wrapped up yesterday.

Defence lawyer Michael Bolton said it's not known when a trial date
will be set as Basi, a former assistant to then-finance minister Gary
Collins, is already in pre-trial proceedings in Vancouver on charges
of breach of trust for allegedly leaking confidential information
about the B.C. Rail sale process to representatives of OmniTrax, a
U.S.-based rail company.

All the charges were laid after a police raid on the legislature more
than five years ago.

The Victoria case alleges Basi provided assistance to Tony Young and
Jim Duncan of Sunriver Estates, also known as Shamrock Hills
Development Corp. Basi is alleged to have been paid $50,000 to help
grease the wheels for the 700-home development.


I think it would be very wise to pull on the boots and be at 800 Smithe Street for the entire damn day if need be! It almost appears that the courts are now starting to play games with times/timing to keep the public at a minimum - or away all together. Wouldn't that make their crooked little paths so much straighter in their eyes?

I've checked all the other locations "just in case"...nothing re: BVB there either. I know...paranoid...but I've learned not to trust anyone in law and politics in BC. Looking back I can't believe I ever trusted them as much as I did...or maybe they actually deserved it then?
The 0545 list was upgraded at 11:45 and BB&V is in the court. Maybe the staff like so many other staffs in BC are running a bit short on person power.
Sorry I have been unavoidably absent from court this week - will try to find out what's up & let Mary know.
Mary, as at 10am just before I shut down to get some zzz's...I checked the court listings again. There was nothing there about BVB then, so I checked again tonight when I got up (for the hell of it). Yup, there was another day in court for them today.

Just to be sure I checked the completed court lists for yesterday (the 19th), those lists show there was to be another go-round today.

It looks as if we're going to have to be at the court whether or not there is a listing! I thought the games were 'sposed to start in February - but it looks like they've already begun.
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