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Sometimes you can stumble across the darndest things ...

and while searching for news of the Basi Virk courtroom scene today, I did stumble across this sentence. Click
here to see the full article:

... Significantly, it was also revealed yesterday that the Vancouver office of lobbyist Erik Bornman was raided. Bornman is listed in the government's official lobbyist registry as a "representative of an American railroad company" that had sought control of B.C. Rail.

Police sources had suggested that much of the trade of BC Marijuana is done via train, where off loading of product is done in remote areas only accessible by train and four wheel drive vehicles or helicopter ...


and this sentence, where a National Post columnist is trying (with a little help from his friends) to pick the worst government in Canada, is HERE:

"what about BC, with the rail scandal and lying about HST?"



Your comment has been rejected because of your effort to influence the verdict ... if this case ever goes to trial.

I hope you will leave a new comment, without pre-judging the outcome.
Erik Bornmann


In addition to photography, Erik Bornmann enjoys food, wine and independent film. He also has a keen interest in Canadian politics and international affairs. Whenever he can, Erik partakes in outdoor adventure and travels abroad.

Born in Vancouver, Erik has a Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) from the University of Victoria and a law degree from the University of British Columbia. He has worked in government, communications, government relations and, presently, law. In his own time, Erik has actively participated in federal, provincial and municipal politics, youth leadership development, and the provision of pro bono legal service to the public.

Erik resides in Toronto, Canada.
I encourage you to take a look at my pictures and drop me a line with your thoughts. What you like, don’t like, and what you think I should do differently — all criticism and or compliments are very much welcome. Please keep in mind that I’m still a beginner, so fire away accordingly.

Erik Bornmann

Well, "Erik Bornmann" ...

if you really are Erik Bornmann,

there's one whole heckuva lot you could tell us!

Beginning with: have you been called to the Bar in Ontario?

and don't you know how bad it is to be publicly pre-judging the verdict of a case that's still before the courts?
Sorry Mary, but "Erik" didn't leave you a memo, the information above is taken directly from his website.

Check it out, he's got some great photos, Black Tusk, Chekamus Lake and there's even one of the lights on the Legislative Building in Victoria and if you zoom in real close on one you can see Kinsella and the CNRail boss coming out of the side door of the Premier's Office.

Its amazing what these new digital cameras include, like the dates and time, focal length, F-stops and, if it was a time exposure, that's included too.

If you right click with your mouse to look at the "properties" for the Premier shot, the date for the photo is May 21, 2004.... Whoa big fella....... spiderman was there too
No problem, Anon 11:01,

I did recognize the intro. from the Erik Bornmann web-site ...

but we very much appreciate your tip on the photo showing two visitors leaving Gordo's office and the date the photo was taken. I hadn't even looked at all the photos. Thanks.

Erik Or Not: when do you think the Basi Virk Basi trial will get under way?
I went looking for trial dates for Basi, Virk, Basi and came up with this search engine, and its great.


Everything you ever wanted to know about a celebrity who just happens to be, in this case, Dave Basi.

Big deal, NVG:

Most of the references are to this blog ... and there's nothing about BVB trial dates.

Just thinkin' ... that Public Affairs Bureau seems to be transmogrifying into something like British Special Ops (SEO) during WWII, don't you think?
Nahhhh...that would take some real "intelligence" Mary...mind I s'pose every one is entitled to some fun. Especially when their job becomes so boring that it leaves them with time to play on the 'net. There really is no end to the mischief small minds can come up with.

OOPS! Make that young minds! Right?
NVG: have you looked up Lara in that site?

The Bornmann-bumpf above is nearly boilerplate of what he'd tried to insert on himself on Wikipedia (cheesy resume material).

But Mary, in the link on bud-on-trains did you note this?
Liberal tried to 'sway' police - May 16/07
RCMP told that charges against aides would embarrass party, defence tells corruption trial

The head of the B.C. Liberal party told police in 2005 he didn't want charges laid against senior aides to Liberal cabinet ministers because it would be embarrassing for the party, a defence lawyer alleged Tuesday.

The politically explosive defence allegation, which suggests the party weighed in on an active police investigation, is the latest bombshell to emerge at the pre-trial proceedings of three former government aides.

From the Nat'l Post article:
I'm open to suggestions, but I challenge anyone to come up with a nominee whose record matches the Ontario Liberals in areas of waste, competence, profligacy and extremism.

Interesting how corruption, wheedling, lying, and anti-democratic, anti-human rights are absent from that little list but oh well, this is the National Post we're dealing with here, and those things are perfectly fine with them so long as they're good for Big Business.

But on the waste department, surely the planned bankrupting of BC Hydro and the devastating economic and business impacts of the out-of-province ownership of BC Rail qualify. Cost overruns on the convention centre and other Olympic infrastructure, and accordant graft (oh, I forgot, graft is probably acceptable at the National Post), the huge salaries of the "shadow railway" connecting to Roberts Bank, the two salaries paid to the Premier's girlfriend and phone-handler, overbilling by consultants (be it Kinsella or that guy who farmed out BC's eHealth funds to some pal of his)?

Of course, probably no Ontarian reporter at the Post knows anything about this, because their beat is making sure that Ontario seems like it's the most important place in the country; nowhere else matters.

There IS no more corrupt and wasteful government in Canada than the one in BC; it's almost like a shell game this reporter is asking - he knows the answer, but wants to confuse the question.....
I laughed out loud when I read the snow job that Anonymous October 20, 2009 11:01 PM sold here about viewing a photo on Erik Bornman's gallery where the photographer caught Kinsella and the head cheese for CN Rail coming out of the Premier's office side door at the Legislature based on a date time stamp on the digital camera.

BC Mary killed the first commenter because of his??? "pre-judging the outcome." and yet she allows "evidence" of a "smoking gun" of a photograph, supposedly shot by the Crown's leading witness against Basi, Virk, and Basi.... or as the Courts now list them as Virk, Basi and Basi, to stand.

In BC Mary's own words:

"but we very much appreciate your tip on the photo showing two visitors leaving Gordo's office and the date the photo was taken. I hadn't even looked at all the photos. Thanks."

Anonymous 9:56,

Don't be so silly.

Plainly I said that I hadn't even seen the photos,

much less was I "allowing evidence ... of a smoking gun."

I still haven't seen the photos but I understand that none of them were taken in B.C.

Nice people you hang out with.
To the Anony-mouse who was LOLLING around (above),

I meant to ask you how things are coming along with revising the Erik Bornmann listing in Wikipedia. The same item that has you LOLLING was seriously challenged there, I understand.

Then today, I heard this:

And Erik Bornmann, posting as "Aristoless" (if he knew any Ancient Greek he wouldn't have chosen that name), deleted his entire article, or tried to, claiming all of it was libellious (everything was from MSM sources); in Wikipedia it's a no-no to threaten/impute legal action but I'm sure we're in for another ride here: see
and also see this

if you follow the little arrow at the top of the right column you'll find my further edits. I'm tempted to add the "spiderman" thing if I can find a cite for it; that should get his little rat's teeth gnashing (and one thing's for sure, BVB definitely would brand him a "rat", in the criminal-underworld sense, otherwise known as a squealer....)

My guess is that the trial of Basi, Virk, and Basi is just around the corner. If you ask nicely, I'll explain why I think so.
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