Tuesday, October 13, 2009


WooHooo! Millions of pages of BC Rail evidence is now available ...

... after 17 of 20 BC Liberal MLA email backup tapes recovered

Defence still hopes to find more recoverable email backup tapes

By Bill Tieleman, 24 hours columnist

A defence lawyer in the B.C. Rail corruption case said Tuesday that with news 17 of 20 backup tapes of emails from B.C. Liberal MLAs have been recovered from possible deletion, there are now “millions” of pages of evidence for the long-delayed trial. {Snip} ...

In court lawyer Frank Falzon, representing the B.C. Legislature’s Speaker, Bill Barisoff, as well as the Clerk and Conflict of Interest Commissioner, said 17 back up tapes of emails from 15 current and former B.C. Liberal MLAs have been restored “at considerable expense”. {Snip} ...

The court hearing, just the second in front of Justice MacKenzie since she took over from longtime case judge Elizabeth Bennett, saw a total of 15 lawyers in attendance.

Among the lawyers in court were John Esson, representing former BC Deputy Premier Christy Clark - now a CKNW talk show host; Clark Roberts, representing former BC Finance Minister Gary Collins - now a Vancouver corporate executive, was online by telephone from Victoria; Ed Montague, representing the BC Liberal MLA caucus; plus almost full teams from the Special Prosecutor and defence.

One interesting observer in the gallery, in full robes, was George Macintosh - the veteran lawyer at Farris & Co. who has previously represented key Crown witness Erik Bornmann - the former Pilothouse lobbyist retained by BC Rail bidder OmniTRAX who allegedly received confidential government documents about the privatization from David Basi and Bob Virk in exchange for benefits.

The hearing resumes Wednesday.

Many thanks, Bill. We can almost feel the tension building. - BC Mary.


“at considerable expense”

If the BC Liberals had held onto the evidence, by keeping them secure, then there would be absolutely no expense.... therefore why are BC taxpayers footing the bill when the BC Liberals should be.
One of George Macintosh's specialties is "Criminal & Extradition". Does this mean that if someone is found guilty in this trial they might be extradited based upon not when they were found guilty as charged, but when the criminal act was committed ten or fifteen years later at the rate of millions upon millions of email disclosures.
millions, like in plural?

million upon millions?

Just how many documents are we talking about here? Will the new Madame Justice have to rule on every one of them, with 15 lawyers in attendence?
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