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You were asking about Recall?

Anybody can pay a non-refundable $50. fee and obtain an information package from the B.C. Chief Electoral Officer.

From The Republic of East Vancouver ...

... The best source of information was at the website of the Chief Electoral Officer at www. There I learned that any registered voter willing to put down a non-refundable $50 processing fee can obtain an application package from the Chief Electoral Officer. Apparently, the only essential criterion to meet the requirements of the Recall and Initiative Act is to submit a "fully completed and signed application form, and a typewritten statement of not more than 200 words of why, in the opinion of the applicant, the Member should be recalled."

If someone fills out the application form correctly, the Chief Electoral Officer must provide the proponent and Member "with a list of registered voters for the electoral district as of General Voting Day at the Member's last election, showing the addresses where those voters are currently registered" within seven days of receiving the application. The Chief Electoral Officer must also "issue, to the proponent, a cover sheet and signature sheet for the electoral district" at the same time.

After receiving all of the above from the Chief Electoral Officer, the proponent has 60 days to get his or her recall petition "signed by more than 40% of the voters who were, on the date of the last election of the Member, registered voters for the Member's electoral district. On the date a voter signs a recall petition, the individual must be a registered voter in British Columbia. The number of registered voters in the Member's electoral district as of General Voting Day at the last election is used to determine the number of signatures needed for the recall petition to be successful."

Most interesting of all, for the sake of fair play, is that there are written guidelines and severe restrictions upon both the government's and Members' communications, advertising, financing and spending accounts, and even how every recall opinion survey (no matter the source) must be reported. If recall canvassers collect the required 40% of voters' signatures, the Chief Electoral Officer must inform the Lieutenant Governor, and a by-election must be immediately called.

That's it. The Recall and Initiative Act was intentionally designed so that nothing can interfere with the democratic process in action.

- Excerpt from Republic of East Vancouver. Click HERE for the full column.

There is also a time-frame: a minimum of 18 months must elapse between the election and the Recall Petition. This means that Gordo could be recalled as of November 12, 2010 if enough voters in the Vancouver-Point Grey riding sign a Recall Petition. And yes, telling lies is reason enough for a petition demanding that an M.L.A. be recalled.

P.S. Something is blocking access to the source of this information. Please keep trying "Recall Watch" at The Republic of East Vancouver ... the technical problem is probably just a temporary blogger glitch. - BC Mary.


Off topic from the above, but very news worthy. I heard it on the Noon news today. I thought back to that cartoon, was it Jessica saying - Trim young lady is saying "Your lips moved."

Changes to Campbell inner circle
Sean Leslie | Email news tips to Sean

A key departure from the Premier's inner circle today.

The Premier's office has announced Jessica McDonald is leaving as Campbell's deputy minister.

She'll be replaced by Allan Seckel effective tomorrow.

McDonald became the first woman to head the BC public service when she was appointed to the post in 2005.

The Premier's office stresses she is leaving on her own and has not been dismissed.

remember back in Sept. 2008 The premier's deputy minister --Jessica McDonald-- was supposed to get a 100-thousand dollar raise, but she has opted not to accept it....for now.

Seckell Tomorrow? wow quick
Obviously Macdonald can't be bought.
Obviously, Sheckell can!
More lies to come...
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