Monday, November 16, 2009


Basi Virk ... and the judges

Permission to post this letter was kindly given by Prof. Mathews, who has followed and studied the Basi Virk trial from its beginning.

XXX Salsbury Drive,
Vancouver, B.C., V5L XXX,
November 16, 2009

Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie,
Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm,
Ms. Johanne Blenkin, Law Court Librarian,
The Law Courts, 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Madam Justice MacKenzie, Ms. Blenkin, and Associate Chief Justice Dohm:

With this letter I formally request the full, professional curriculum vitae of Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie, presently presiding at the BC Rail Scandal hearings involving criminal charges against Dave Basi, Bobby Virk, and Aneal Basi.

You are doubtless aware that “the case” is the most important public corruption trial in British Columbia history. You may be aware, as well, that in court hearing session after court hearing session material acquired for the defence of the accused points to the possible involvement of others than the accused in matters that might lead to allegations of breach of trust, fraud, and other such charges.

The displacement of Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett seemed to me to be unnecessary. Nonetheless, at the accession of Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie I am sure Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm fully intended to post her full, professional curriculum vitae on the Supreme Court website and to make it available in other ways. His failure to do so, I am sure, was an oversight that “the Court” will want to correct since it is always clear a major concern of “the Court” is to keep British Columbians as fully informed as possible.

I write to all three addressed above to facilitate prompt production of the full, professional curriculum vitae I seek. If it is convenient, you may inform me to pick it up from the librarian at the Law Courts Library on the third floor.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Robin Mathews


"...since it is always clear a major concern of “the Court” is to keep British Columbians as fully informed as possible."

Everybody, ever Professor Matthews is a comedian!
Hey there,

I am wondering if Robin is going to share Mr. Bass's response with the rest of us. We are eagerly anticipating wether or not charges are to be laid...
Anon 11:03,

Yes, Robin will send the Bass letter and his response, as soon as that's ready.

I'm looking forward to it, too.

May I have a private e.mail address, so I can sort a few things out?

The NOT FOR PUBLICATION route is OK ... thanks.
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