Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Basi Virk BLOCKBUSTER today!

In BC Supreme Court, Vancouver, today November 24, 2009:

First, there's Case #134750-1-D
HMTQ vs. Limited Access
(which I think means Duncan, Young, Basi, on the A.L.R. issues at Sooke, B.C.)
Pre-Trial Conference beginning at 9:00 AM

001 - breach of trust by public officer
002 - accepting bribe as government official
003 - accepting bribe from person dealing with government
004 - offering to influence government official

Readers should go to the Supreme Court listing (left margin) to see the 4 pages of listing details, a pdf file. This is the outline:

2) Case #23299 as listed:
HMTQ vs. Aneal Basi, Limited Access, Bobby Virk

APP - Beginning at 10:00 AM

17 counts, ending with Charter Application to be heard after the resolution of outstanding disclosure issues.


EM, This is from Gary E., via another posting. Thanks, Gary ...

EM just go to where security is on the main floor. The docket is posted on the left as you are facing the guard [at the desk]. You may have to scroll down the list by judge as I believe they post them that way instead of by case number now.
The court room will be listed there. The elevators are confusing. They may not go to the floor you want. You have to get off at the fourth floor I beleive then walk around the corner to the next set. That is if your courtroom is above the 4th floor'
Word out of the courtroom is that Bererdino is delaying the section 11b application until 2010.

Once again, Special Prosecutor Bill Bererdino is adding more years to this trial.
"Once again, Special Prosecutor Bill Bererdino is adding more years to this trial."

So is oh so Special Bill just trying to stretch out his own personal gravy train, or doing the bidding of his real client - Lord Gord? He certainly isn't representing the interests of the citizens of British Columbia, though we do get to pay his exhorbitant legal fees!
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