Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Basi Virk defence spars with judge

Bill Tieleman reports on ...

Defence lawyers and BC Supreme Court Justice Anne MacKenzie sparred Tuesday over an application to have corruption charges against three former BC Liberal government aides thrown out due to delay of the trial.

And the defence also sought additional information connected to the secret witness whose identity will be protected thanks to a Supreme Court of Canada decision last week.

Adding to a busy but confusing day was the appearance of David Basi in person at another hearing in BC Supreme Court on separate fraud charges regarding allegations of influence peddling in a decision by the Agricultural Land Commission to remove land for a development near Sooke on Vancouver Island.

For Bill's full column, click HERE.

Note that Bill also reports: "Trial delay is different from abuse of process," Bolton explained. "That's a discrete motion to do with the deal the Crown made with witness Erik Bornmann."


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