Sunday, November 15, 2009


Basi-Virk: When is too little, too much?

Next week, the trial of Dave Basi, Bobby Virk, and Aneal Basi takes another tiny step forward ... on November 24, 2009 says the Attorney- General's office; on November 23, say others. Sure. That's how it is, every step of the way.

A recent Angus Reid poll,

showed that 79% of the British Columbians interviewed want to see a special prosecutor brought in to oversee the investigation into the missing Cabinet emails required by the Defence in the Basi Virk trial. In other words, they want to see the trial get started.

If it's true that destroying evidence is a criminal offence (and it is), I think the RCMP should lay charges. But they won't do anything either.

Like, how much more of this crap can we take? Is this a lawful or a lawless society we're living in?

Someone I know has written to every B.C. NDP MLA asking them to please go after Gordon Campbell in Question Period, with respect with the missing emails and B.C. Rail.

He has had no response. Nothing!

You would think that the very first sitting of the house would be the most opportune time to take it to gordo, with 79% of the public behind the request. You'd think the Opposition Justice Critic would feel encouraged. Even emboldened.

But the NDP is in some kind of let’s-wait-and-see bizzaro world. Or, like Leonard Krog on July 14, 2009, like someone who wants to appear to be doing something, while not doing anything at all.

With only weeks left in this Legislative sitting I hope the NDP are saving the best for last. Or maybe others could push harder, with e.mails to their own MLA on the same (or similar) questions.

On Google, type in "B.C poll lost emails" - and it's the fourth item down.

The BC Liberal government is, in my view, the worst-ever in BC history. But the BC Opposition can say pretty much the same, except that Doing Nothing isn't quite as loathsome as destroying major public assets. - BC Mary.

With a big Thank You to W.


Mary, excellent article and very true. There is only one in opposition in our legislature - her name is Vicky Huntington. Come the next election, if CJ is still the NDP leader I intend to write Vicky's name on my ballot.

There is virtually no difference between the libs and ndp anymore.
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