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Dave Basi lawyer demands special prosecutor appear. Remember this?

While searching for clues about today in BC Supreme Court (was Basi there? Or Duncan? Or Young?), I found this interesting report. And since Bill Tieleman tells me he couldn't be in court today, and Robin is still away repairing his family's summer cottage, I wonder if we'll ever hear about today's events. Because CanWest doesn't seem to be sending reporters anywhere that doesn't have a torch in the middle of it.

File #134750-1-D was definitely on the Court listings this morning, so I'll keep searching. It's fun, in a way, to find old news items like this one, posted below. Interesting, isn't it, how -- instead of fading away -- these old, original factors seem much more significant now? - BC Mary.


Basi lawyer demands special prosecutor appear

BY Neal Hall

The head of the B.C. Liberal party advised Premier Gordon Campbell in June 2005 that the RCMP were recommending charges against a senior government aide related to a spinoff investigation into a so-called political "dirty tricks" campaign.

RCMP interviewed Kelly Reichert, executive director of the party, on June 24, 2005. Reichert told police he didn't want charges laid related to the party's media monitoring contracts because it would be embarrassing for the party and the Liberal government.

Ultimately, the RCMP did not recommend charges related to the contracts when police submitted a report to Crown counsel on July 4, 2005, defence lawyer Kevin McCullough alleged today at a corruption trial.

"We know in the July 4 report to Crown, charges aren't recommended," he told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett.

"Well, what happened?" he asked.

The defence has repeatedly asserted there was political interference in the police investigation that led to the raid on the legislature in 2003 and ultimately to charges against three former government aides accused of fraud, breach of trust and money laundering.

Those charges are related to the investigation of alleged leaked documents concerning the bidding process for the controversial privatization sale of BC Rail in 2003.

McCullough pointed out the police interview with Reichert in June 2005 was related to the spinoff police investigation into the media monitoring contracts the party had with Dave Basi, then-ministerial assistant to the finance minister.

The proceedings have heard Basi was paid to coordinate media monitoring and a "dirty tricks" campaign, where he rallied Liberal supporters to call radio talk shows when the premier and other Liberal politicians were on to lob them "softball" questions.

One call allegedly involved Basi disguising his voice and using a phony name to ask the premier an "easy" question about the the sale of BC Rail.

The proceedings also heard allegations Basi paid someone $100 to try to heckle a fish farm protest outside a supermarket.

Basi and Bob Virk are accused of accepting bribes from a lobbyist in exchange for confidential documents related to the bidding process for BC Rail.

At the time, Basi was ministerial assistant to then-finance minister Gary Collins and Virk was ministerial assistant to the transportation minister.

Basi's cousin, Aneal Basi, is accused of money laundering for allegedly accepting cheques from lobbyist Erik Bornmann and transferring funds to Dave Basi.

Defence lawyer Michael Bolton, representing Dave Basi, said in court today that Bornmann claimed he bribed government officials but cut an immunity deal with police and the Crown.

He reiterated today that details of the deal have not been disclosed, so counsel can't properly prepare their defence of the three accused.

Bolton asked the court to order Bill Berardino, the special prosecutor assigned to the case, to appear in court for cross-examination.

He added the defence also wants to cross-examine Bornmann, his lawyer George Macintosh and Andi MacKay, a member of the special prosecution team.

The cross-examination of a special prosecutor would be highly unusual if allowed by the judge ...


see LA Times Top of the Times, today re:Warren Buffett's purchase
of Burlington Rail. Perhaps this will be a surprise for the new owners of BC Rail, perhaps not
since their hq is in Texas. This certainly wipes out the need for the SFPR or does it?
This means more containers will go to LA than here.

Trains out of Delta are getting longer and longer, containers are piled 2 high. What are the rules for length of these trains? How many engines per train? Someday I will be kid again and go and do a count and wave to the engineer in the last caboose. Did this as a kid in Nelson.

For a comment on OC see delta-optimist.com Sept 24 edition P A05
article on Fraser Institute ALR and
and her comments.
Wonder what that judge meant yesterday? Another purchase of the judiciary? Have a fun day. Cheers.
" Reichert told police he didn't want charges laid related to the party's media monitoring contracts because it would be embarrassing for the party and the Liberal government.

So can someone explain to me if it is true, and if not why not, if I join the BC liaR Party and pay my dues, can I then do whatever I choose, no matter its technical legality and get a free pass as far as prosecution or charges are concerned. After all, I too, just like the liaR government and party, I would find criminal charges embarrassing. Silly me, I always thought the way to avoid criminal charges was to avoid criminal activities - when all I needed to do apparently was become a Liberal liaR.

"Bolton asked the court to order Bill Berardino, the special prosecutor assigned to the case, to appear in court for cross-examination"

Good luck with that Mr. Bolton - apparently Wild Bill's contract as our representative in these proceedings doesn't require his attendence in BC Supreme Court - at least not very often!
Neither Bolton's office or the RCMP have any interest in any material received from WA State in regard to activities of Gordo or Kinsella. Wonder why? Or who cares?

In regard to media monitoring someone should ask Charlie Smith at the Straight what he knows because he has the best knowledge of what is going on.

She, referred to in Delta Optimist, is MLA Vicki Huntington, a former RCMP intelligence officer.
Had an extra-busy morning, part of which was taken up searching the Delta Optimist story ... many thanks, Anon 6:19, for all those nuggets of info.

Anon 3:13,

Didn't know that, about Vicki Huntingdon's RCMP career. Fascinating.

As to why the RCMP don't look into certain aspects of the Basi Virk Case ... all I have are guesses and we've really had enough of those ... I guess.

And was very depressed about the latest assault upon what's left of BC Hydro.
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