Monday, November 02, 2009


Enter BC Rail. Be amazed.

This morning, finding far too much about 3 torches in the big daily newspapers, and
absolutely nothing about the BC Rail Case, I went to my default position. I asked Google to show me what they have today on BC Rail.

If you have time, try it. Enter BC Rail; then click on BC Rail Co. again; then it gets interesting. First the number of results:

bc railway 3,210,000 results
bc rail scandal 126,000
bc rail jobs 511,000
bc rail tours 208,000
bc rail map 678,000
bc rail sale 1,960,000
bc rail schedule 2,910,000
bc rail passenger 320,000
bc rail properties 1,010,000

Click on bc rail properties. Go to the Board of Directors. Be amazed. Each one has a bio. For example:

John McLernon, appointed 2001, is Chairman of the BC Railway Company Board of Directors; he is also chairman of the BC Lottery Corp.

None of the other Directors have railroads in their background, either. More like ... well, see for yourself. Be amazed. - BC Mary


Rather than being amazed...I'm feeling sick. Disgusting.
My google must be different than your google....can you be more specific about the link Mary?
Is this what you meant or did you find something with yet more detail?

I'm surprised to see Len Marchand's name on there.....actually surprised to see he's still alive, after all these years....
Skookum1, try this:


I bet your link works best.

Yeah, I looked twice (and was amazed) to see Len Marchand's name listed.

Sure would like to read his autobiography (unabridged).
I just had to snoop around because of your article this morning...and of course...couldn't stay on the same page. Had to go snooping at another link....

why in hell would Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett) be owning land in Fort Nelson?! And how much of the other land that BCR is selling does he have an interest in?

Oh I detest Campbell.

I kinda knew you'd be amazed.
I just went tp you tube, and placed gordon campbell in the search box. multitudes of hits, Here is one:
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