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Gone fishin' ... back soon.


It was a small thing, really: Gordo ... keynote speaker at a meeting of his special friends, the Independent Power Producers, who are already buying up rights to foul our sacred rivers ...

Gordo announcing his newest "vision" ... that the remnants of BC's sacred forests should be cut up for firewood and burnt to create electricity.

I knew that BC citizens suffer legislated penalties if THEY use firewood to heat their homes in "inefficient" woodstoves. Gordo has a plan
to begin modifying their behaviour. It's being tested to see if BC's north-central citizens can learn to love buying natural gas or wood pellets as fuel. Gordo has a U.S. public relations firm from Seattle studying the people on Highway 16. Click HERE for that.

Already Frause has discovered that
- almost everybody on Hwy 16 from Vanderhoof to Prince Rupert is married,
- has some College [sic] education,
- and has an average income of $50,000. a year.

A partner of FRAUSE is PROI, a Public Relations firm specializing in creating good reputations.

Now, the other thing was the royal entourage touring BC ... no, no, no, not Charles & Camilla ... a whole other entourage was swanning through BC towns ... with a queen-bee heading the parade ... BC's Minister of State for the Olympics ... and Minister of [seriously] Act Now.

Queen Mary McNeil's entourage included ...

... vans, aircraft, attendants, costumes, hotels, restaurants, the press, the photographers, lacking only Marie Antoinette to preside over its cruel hypocrisy ...

I checked the news reports, and saw the descriptions of ecstatic citizens: "I am so proud to be aboriginal today!" said one ... "the experience of a lifetime, to see the torch" said another ... as spontaneous renditions of O Canada were sung. But privately, I am told by an eyewitness that many people turned their backs when Gordo showed up to wow the crowd and make an inane speech. The coterie of traveling journalists reported nothing of that.

Is it true that Prince Charles has mentioned Gordo as a shining example of all that's good, clean, and green? Green, like burning what's left of BC's sacred forests? And Gordo calling that GREEN ENERGY? Charles, the prince who will be king? Charles, our almost-head of state? Is Charles being duped, too? or is he knowingly a part of

The Olympics and the unemployment.

Limitless funds for party-time.

Dwindling support for citizens in need?

Because it's not just greed any more,

it's Nero* playing his lyre for his friends while Rome burned ...

*Nero, leaving Rome in charge of the freedman Helius, went to Greece to display his artistic abilities in the theatres of Greece. He won contests in the Olympic Games, - winning the chariot race although he fell of [off] his chariot (as obviously nobody dared to defeat him), collected works of art, and opened a canal, which was never finished.

... see also: The flame arrives, but ... By Gary Mason. The Globe and Mail - Nov. 10, 2009. Click HERE for that.

That's how it began to look to me ... my home province as a place of intolerable, heartbreaking contradictions. In beautiful British Columbia, it is becoming impossible to tell who is sane, who is insane, and who is merely a Gordo-politician cunning enough to seize the day, and make profit from any catastrophes which -- like wars -- are good market opportunities.

Abuse the citizens. Abuse the forests, the rivers, the oceans. Abuse the parliamentary democracy (including Charles) we live under. Use/abuse tax money to teach desperate citizens to let these issues pass by without complaint.

Hire more PR specialists to teach British Columbians that cutting their own firewood to heat their own homes (if they still have homes) is environmentally evil ...

Hire more people to convince BC communities ravaged by unemployment to watch, cheer, and sing O Canada while a flamin' multi-Billion-dollar torch is carried past them ...

here it comes ... there it goes ...

knowing full well that for them, the game is over, because the game is clearly rigged against the people. (Didn't you read Gary Mason?) So Gordo's Gang wins again.

That's what the Olympic Torch Run has done for me.


We do what we can. And we carry on, a little angrier, a little more focused, knowing that Gordo is 95% of the problem. We've had our ups and downs, as the Show Trial for Basi, Virk, Basi stumbles on. But we carried on: the citizens, the bloggers, the small presses, if not the big bankrupt "mainstream media".

We'll carry on now, too. But once in a while, we pause and weep. - BC Mary.


You're not the first person around here to go on a "fishing expedition"....bring us back some big ones, Mary, and have a good time; you deserve a break!!!
And how!
Whatcha fishin' for? Hope you're havin' fun. Did you see Chuck and 'Milla the other day? They were over by you before doing the Olympic thing over by me.

The Times Colonist almost made me cry: "Prince Charles applauded B.C. on its leadership in fighting climate change.../
B.C. has showed “remarkable leadership” by setting legally binding targets for greenhouse gases, Charles said.../"
(Gordo smiling all shiny like he is lately, taking all the credit ...and for what? the fraud.)

So C&M were gifted lovely aboriginal blankets and cedar wreaths that were placed on their heads. I bet they felt silly. Earlier they did the athletes village and the convention centre or whatever(I'm sure they skipped the homeless people and the DES in general). They were gifted again with the little weird creature mascots and mugs (and probably those red mittens), all proudly made in China. I wonder if they have a room in the castle for weird presents and if they ever regift?

The song, "If I had a Rocket Launcher" keeps running thru my head. I wonder how many LINOs and how many ReformoCons I could KO if I lined 'em up in a row and let 'em have it. Unfortunately Lunn is so short I'd miss him entirely and he'd end up running the country by default. Better we go with recall and an election. My aim is lousy and they would all run and hide anyway, the cowards.

Anyway, thanks for listening to the rant. Gordo and the Cons are just insufferable with this Olympic thing, it just makes me sick. I wish I could leave town.

Geo,in NV
Geo in NV,

Ya made my day. Blessings.
Beautiful Mary- well said and beautiful. I know exactly what you mean.

Sometimes, you do have to pause and weep, and reflect. It is not easy to continue finding and dissecting and analyzing and writing and posting. Sometimes it gets to be all too much and you need to step back and get some perspective and start fresh.

It is in those new beginnnings, that truth has the best chance at finding it's way to the surface through all the murk.

We are all in this, together.
You expressed so well, Mary, what many of us are feeling.

I'm glad to hear many people turned their backs on Gordo. May that practice only continue to grow and flourish.

And very much agree, Laila - "We are all in this, together."

That's the torch, burning brightly, we carry, one to the other.
China spent 43 Billion dollars on their Olympics, Rio is expected to start at 15 Billion...barring any unforeseen issues. Yet BC came in at "just" 7 Billion? I don't think so.

Once all the magical bookkeeping has been sorted out (the 2.9 million expenditure by government for tickets being counted as revenue?! for instance)...I'd be willing to bet we're around 12 - 14 least. I hope that those who are out watching the flame in awe, remain that way for the next decades while they and their grandchildren attempt to pay for it whilst earning minimum wage or slightly over.

One thing we can count on is that Campbell has been hyper-busy behind the scenes whilst the flame has taken the people into it's history. It will be interesting to find out what we've lost during this 3 month run up to the games. You can be sure MSM won't be saying a word, neither will his cult members (aka Liberal MLA's).
Instead of a general strike if we could just start a movement to get everyone to turn their backs whenever a liberal speaks publicly (Like they have done by their actions to all British Columbians)I'm sure we could get worldwide media attention.
"I'm glad to hear many people turned their backs on Gordo. May that practice only continue to grow and flourish."

I hope all these folks turning their backs on Gord remember to remove their wallet from their back pocket, first! As much as I detest the sight of that excuse for a man, the thought of him and Lara behind me is even scarier!
You now know that the VPD have purchased that sound blaster thingy to keep those 'on the other side' at the Olympics in line. Seems the fascists are getting scared.

Another Olympic first! A once in a lifetime experience awaits us all!
The police representative also said they would be using the sound cannon in 2011 and 2012 ....(read etc. etc.) because of the increased number of tourists expected as the result of the Olympics. He said it would be irresponsible if they didn't have some kind of "crowd control" in place.

He's not talking about "controlling" the sacred tourists of course.....
When someone from VANOC was at Whistler stating it was fully booked, a woman in the background said there are 1500 rentals still available. Tonight GLOBAL did a story from Whistler interviewing persons with rentals available and a man who made a major investment
building small units for workers and on a few have been taken.

For real excitement see Oct 24 Page
A05and comments of Independent MLA Vicki Huntington and OC.

No other media has touched this story. Cheers.
Anonymous at 7:54 Nov. 12 -

I tried to find the Vicki Huntington statements (or whatever) to which you referred, but with no success. I could find the Oct. 24 issue of the delta-optimist online, but online they don't number the pages and without knowing the title of the article, letter, column - I couldn't find anything that seemed to be the right thing. Even googling Vicki on their site didn't really lead to anything yielding "real excitement."

As usual I can't figure out what you mean by OC either - I can't get Orange County out of the way in my mind!
So if you see this please leave a bit more info here or over at the
House of Infamy
I have tried to find the Oct 24th story also with no luck, but I did find this statement by Vicki Huntington re the Fraser institute new report on the ALR Quote from article "According to the report, The BC Agricultural Land Reserve, the ALR has failed to sustain family farms as intended. Instead, it has helped make the Vancouver housing market one of the most expensive in North America.

"The Agricultural Land Reserve is a social engineering experiment gone awry. It has not shielded British Columbia from global agricultural trends, but it has deprived property owners the free use of their land, diminished the housing choices of families, and created barriers to upward mobility," said Diane Katz, the report's author.

Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington also didn't think much of the report's recommendations.

"I think they've gone a little far this time and their spots are beginning to show. Better they had examined the effect of money laundering on the cost of housing. Organized crime in B.C. is pouring money into real estate and price doesn't matter. Why didn't they look at that?" she asked.

"The development community and the ALC (Agricultural Land Commission) have been whittling away at the ALR for a long time - quite successfully and with the complete support of the government," said the independent MLA. "We don't need the Fraser Institute helping them destroy the best land use decision ever made in this province."

Could this be what they speak of?
note money laundering comment

ps I am going to try once again to register for a account so I am not annonymous lol
So the orders have gone out: not only is BC Ferries going to be thrown away (privatized) but also

the Agricultural Land Commission MUST be scrapped.

This is not news, this is propaganda.
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