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Gordo's government is making it easier to launder money in B.C.

Crime begins to surface when ... "lottery winnings are not taxable":

This is from
The Straight Goods - August 2009

... the new amount you can gamble weekly online at BCLC (BC Lottery Corporation) is not 10.000.00$ per week........

It's 9.999.00$ per week, one dollar short of 10K per week limit.......So what's the big deal you say, what's the difference? The difference is this........

There are laws on the books in BC that any gambling transaction of 10.000.00$ or more must be reported to the RCMP. Just standard protocol........So with the BCLC new weekly gaming limit that is 1 dollar shy of 10K it circumvents that law........NO REPORTING NECESSARY......WOW

So here`s the deal, here`s how drug cartels launder money, well there are many ways but here is a real popular one.......

The Cartels, gangs, who-ever who wants to "Launder money" ... this is what they do.......They put money in, say 9.999.00$ in the BCLC account.........spend a few bucks and cash out, multiPle credit cards going to different bank accounts..........And since lottery winnings are not taxable there is no problem with the tax man..........

So not only is this an assault upon problem gamblers and retailors, it's also opens the door for money laundering.......

BC Rail....Plutonic....Patrick Kinsella....Da mob.....Remember the raid on the legislature, remember the early spin that came out? remember it was first reported that the raid on the legislature was to do with organized crime......Here is one more step in that direction........Dirty money in, clean laundered money out!

Chicago,Chicago, you ain`t got nothing on BC.....

The Straight Goods
Cheers-Ears-Wide Open

Reprinted here by kind permission of Powell River Persuader.
BC Mary comment: Why am I not surprised to read that two Crown Corporations -- the BC Lottery Corporation and the Ontario Lottery Corporation -- are collaborating on the procurement process to replace their Gaming Management Systems. These systems monitor their slot machines and "are essential in tracking and recording all gaming activity ..." yeah, right, "economies of scale" ... blah blah blah ...

Click HERE to read more about this in Public Eye Online for Nov 12, 2009.


It took someone from Alberta to write the book on how the BC Liberals could manipulate our recreational resources, eg.

Page 58

5.2.3 British Columbia Assets and Lands

British Columbia Assets and Lands (BCAL) administers the disposition of public land to commercial recreation organizations. according to the Commercial Recreation Policy, through Land Acr tenures. BCAL reviews applications for tenure and refers them to other tenure holders in the area. in order to address potential issues arising from overlapping tenures. BCAL is also responsible for approving tenure applications. BCAL, a crown corporation. has replaced the
branch of the BC Government known as Crown Lands. As a crown corporation, BCAL is
responsible for generating revenue through commercial tenure applications and approvals.

5.3 Legislative Tools

The tools to manage recreation access identified and described in this section can be implemented
through enacting the following pieces of legislation:
The Forest Practices Code of British Columbia
The Wildlife Act and Hunting Regulations
The Land Act Act;
The Motor Vehicle (All Terrain) Act.
Maureen Bader in the Vancouver Sun this morning is talking about the need to sell off BC Ferries to a private company....oh yee God, another BC Rail fiasco being sold to another CNRail outfit.... maybe even CPRail they once had a Marine division... now this one could be labeled CONSOLATION PRIZE TAKE TWO.
Well, Anon 7:48, we pretty much knew this was coming, didn't we? B&*%^@#s.

What amazes me is the bald-faced stupidity of this call for privatization by Maureen Bader ...

who sees public ownership as being the problem -- and yet the Million-Dollar CEO problem arose only when BC Ferries was partially privatized ... !

What to do?

For people who would like to say something publicly about this -- and who realize that letters to the Editor rarely win the competition for space on the editorial pages of print newspapers ...

you are virtually guaranteed publication on the COMMENTS segments following some of the daily news reports.

CanWest daily news make it easy to leave a comment. I read them and, for what it's worth, I think the best comments are those which actually provide information, a factual opinion, and/or encouragement to do the right thing ... and

the worst are those which simply call U-no-hoo a "scumbag" and "Hitler" etc.

If you're angry, say WHY you are angry, and say what corrective measures you want to see.

While I'm at it, I also think we should leave a few encouraging words for those who write columns we approve and agree with.

Given the state of affairs in B.C., citizens have a lot to do, these days.

Unthinking puppets like Maureen Bader need to hear from us. Talk about the 50+ years since W.A.C. Bennett organized BC Ferries ... ha! I bet that'll surprise her!

Here's a good example of the "Have Your Say" or "Sound Off" sections encouraged by CanWest. This one dates back to July 2009 but the topic is the same: BC Ferries' current CEO and his outlandish pay packet.
Me again (and yes, I do love BC Ferries ... got dozens of anecdotes proving why ... don't get me started!).

Here's my favourite comment from the thread (above):

The Honourable WAC Bennett created the BC Ferry system for BRITISH COLUMBIANS to be run by the PEOPLE as part of the transportation routes in BC. Another betrayal by Campbell, as with BC Rail Betrayal to spin off the PEOPLE'S ASSETS into the hands of wheelers and dealers to play their games behind secretive closed doors. He has dismantled every PUBLIC ASSET established by the the wise and far sighted Premier WAC BENNETT. What a dastardly DISGRACE all of this is.
At least one of WAC sons gets to have a bridge named after himself by Gordo.
I realize that gun toting long barrel rifles is not your forte BC Mary but for those followers of your blog who would like to know how their MPs voted:

Now if only there was a similar scheme to follow along on how our MLAs voted on issues....

How did your MP use his FREE vote to start the process on repealing the $2 billion start up funds gun registry and freeing up $10 million valuable yearly dollars so that the AG can use his portion to find a way to pay his Crown prosecutors enough monies to actually seek out a solution to the BC Rail trial.......
Next step = slot machines made by Diebold!!!

Governing is so much fun!
Actually, Anonymice 10:40 & 1:05 ...

I think my MP who shall remain nameless probably voted Diebold because somebody told him that was the party line.
Here's a dandy from the blog of the Powell River Persuader:

... in my opinion the SS Campbell is taking on water,the rats are fleeing,some smart competent people are leaving,

the Head of Finance..GONE...

Head of the public service..GONE...

Head of BC Hydro..GONE...

Head of Translink..GONE..

Now remember, all of these people were appointed by Campbell...Who will be the next rat to leave the SS Campbell?

Rumour has it they can`t give away Liberal memberships away to the Public, party donations are nil from people, Liberal MLA`s are reported to be in almost hiding in their own ridings, apparently you're more likely to see a spotted owl then a BC Liberal MLA in public!
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