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On Nov. 17, 2003 RCMP learned ...

Noted in passing ...

Excerpt from a comment by G West on a Tyee article headlined Basi-Virk Case Tests Citizens' Patience. By Bill Tieleman. 12-03-2007.

¶ 35. In early November 2003, OmniTRAX was considering whether they would drop out of the bidding process, and wanted to meet personally with Minister Collins.

¶ 36. The RCMP became aware through intercepted communications that Bobby Singh Virk (hereinafter “Mr. Virk”) was also a Ministerial Assistant who was working with Mr. Basi on the sale of B.C.Rail.

¶ 37. Through intercepted communications, the RCMP learned that Mr. Virk had spoken to Minister Collins regarding the problems with unhappy bidders and unhappy Liberal Government MLAs, the effect this would have on the bidding process, and how the sale of B.C.Rail would be viewed both politically and publicly.

¶ 38. On November 17, 2003, the RCMP learned through a series of intercepted communications that Mr. Basi advised OmniTRAX that Minister Collins had authorized a consolation prize for OmniTRAX in exchange for them staying in the bidding process (hereinafter the “Consolation Prize”).

¶ 39. Critically, on November 17, 2003, the RCMP learned through an intercepted call between Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk, that Mr. Basi told Mr. Virk that Minister Collins had approved the Consolation Prize.

¶ 40. At that time, the RCMP were aware that Mr. Virk was dealing directly with both Mr. Basi and Minister Collins on the sale of B.C. Rail.

¶ 41. On November 25, 2003, the government announced that CN Rail was the winning bidder in respect of B.C. Rail.

Just to remind everyone, in fairness, this is a defence submission. It is what the lawyers for the 'accused' are submitting to the judge. Exactly as it was submitted.

No changes or deletions. No edits by journalists or editors. Just information the public has a right to know.


Through a third party who asked the question "Why would Basi go for $25,000 when he had the potential of earning a Million dollars in pension monies...... I then asked the question what kind of "security bubble were the Basi Boys working inside"

BC Mary then wrote this post and I dutifully went to Bill Tieleman's and followed one of his links and found the PERFECT security bubble where all participants were acting as though they were, are, above the law:

"Among the new allegations McCullough made:
# That Premier Gordon Campbell's Press Secretary Mike Morton was involved in directing paid phone callers to talk radio shows as far back as 2002.
# That Campbell knew of the media manipulations arrangements made with David Basi, the other provincial ministerial aide charged with breach of trust and fraud.
# That Campbell blew up at B.C. Liberal Party Executive Director Kelly Reichert because Morton had "fucked up" and sat at a fundraising dinner with officials from OmniTRAX, one of the bidders for B.C. Rail, before the contract was awarded.
# That key Crown witnesses against Basi and Virk -- provincial lobbyists Erik Bornmann and Brian Kieran -- were allowed by the RCMP and Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino to continue their lucrative lobbying business even after disclosing that they had "made serious bribes" to the two aides to obtain government information on the B.C. Rail deal.
# That the RCMP knew Bornmann had lied to the media when he issued a statement saying he had been cleared of any wrongdoing but did nothing about it, not informing the government of the truth.
# That there was "obviously some sort of deal" between Bornmann and the RCMP and Special Prosecutor to allow his lobbying to continue because he was acting as the key Crown witness.
# That Basi was told to "get the posse together" to set up negative phone calls on CKNW's Bill Good show to put difficult questions to New Democratic Party Leader Carole James when she appeared on the program in November 2003.
# That Basi had organized a paid heckler to appear outside a Victoria Safeway store where an environmental group was staging a protest against farmed salmon as television cameras rolled.
# That the B.C. Liberal Party and Basi were involved in what was supposed to look like a genuine protest outside an NDP convention about logging in Youbou.
# That Basi set up an "e-mail chain" about the 2002 privatization of one-third of B.C. Hydro, presumably to support the government's controversial actions.
# That Basi and Reichert worked to "find a way to get Paul Nettleton's expenses out," to presumably embarrass the former Liberal MLA who quit the caucus over the B.C. Hydro privatization and was critical of the B.C. Rail deal.
# That Basi had left a message on the answering machine of the Victoria Solidarity Coalition, a group opposed to the government, saying he was a "mill owner" whose operations had been shut down by the NDP.
# That "there was an intention to put this investigation on the backs of Basi and Virk and take it away from elected officials. Can there be any other reason why the RCMP did not interview the premier?"

"Premier Alleged to Know of Paid Media Scam

Phony hecklers, fake protesters paid by BC Libs, says Virk defence." - By Bill Tieleman
so whats the problem here?Let's get collins ass on the stand or are our,cherished police force, hiding something?
Yes the public has a right to know this timeline. And they have a right to know just why the statement was made to the effect that No government members were being investigated. As Robin has asked "is the fix in?" I allege it was in from the beginning and yes it is still in today.
Anonymous 9:53,

Maybe you should be asking RCMP Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass that question ...

his letter to Robin Mathews is on this site, if you scroll down.
Re: The Timeline....

It is important, once again, to reiteerate that it is more than just Mr. Tieleman who has raised this.

In fact, even the now apparently less interested Mr. Vaughn Palmer speculated about the implications of this some time ago.

In my opinion, this potential 'Quid Pro Quo' gets right to the heart of the entire matter.

I have commented upon this issue, with some a few relevant Hansard passages added, quite extensively in the past. The linked-to post is just one example for anyone that is interested.


I'm with Gary E as to the likelihood that '"is the fix in?" I allege it was in from the beginning and yes it is still in today.' and it just get more repairs as time goes by via delay on delay, replacement of judges if necessary and continuing witholding or loss/destruction of evidence.

As to your reply to an anon that"Maybe you should be asking RCMP Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass that question" - it appears futile to ask Gary Bass any questions. It would appear that the only thing that will get Mr. Bass' attention is if one shows up complete with evidence in hand to PROVE there has been a crime committed and who did it and how!

Well, o'course Boss Bass did say that he had received other complaints about criminal wrongdoing alleged to be attributable to Gordo or his Gang ...

possibly even "complete with evidence in hand"

and you can see where that went. Phttt.

Don't miss opening the nifty hyperlink I embedded into Robin's letter, though: "Mountie Watchdog Not Invited Back" ... which imo flattens the p.o.v. of Boss Bass.

Thanks again to Skookum1 who sent that to us.
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