Monday, November 23, 2009


Robin Mathews to Gary Bass ...


By Robin Mathews

To Deputy Commissioner - Pacific Region &
Commanding Officer, E Division, Gary Bass:

Quote from a lengthy letter:

... The BC Hydro story – in its own right – requires, I believe, the fullest and most careful public review, and, possibly, charges of criminal breach of trust. But my direct concern here is with the BC Rail portion of the Gordon Campbell cabinet Political Ponzi Scheme. In that portion of Campbell government “politics” Campbell and his associates, I allege, have moved into areas, into actions, into policies which reasonable men and women may believe are violations of the trust placed in them and – probably – violations of a criminal nature. Only full and complete RCMP criminal investigation can make the matter clear.

That is my first point. The political actions of Campbell and his associates may well have passed into criminal actions – as a way of forcing the outcomes that the group has sought ...

Robin's unabridged letter will be posted here on Friday, November 27. Or it can be accessed immediately on the web-site of Vive le Canada, Nov. 23, 2009.


EM here, I made it down Mary, checking the docket this morn. I thought I must have put in Vict. NOPE, to my surprize 134750 @9 am and 23299 @ 10 it does not say which room, it says reg. Anyone seeing this, I have not been to court house before, rules signing in? Any advice, I gotta get going sooner so I can catch the 9 am case. Cant wait to talk to Aunt Mary later, lol.
Ihave read the entirety of the Robbin Matthews letter, and I say that it is really worth the read. I recommend that all pour themselves hot beverages, settle in at their computers and click the ViveLeCanada link to Professor Matthews' letter.

Also, if you are in downtown Vancouver, please go to the trial as EM has done. My warmenst gratitude on behalf of the citizens of BC for your attendance, EM. Thanks!

EM just go to where security is on the main floor. The docket is posted on the left as you are facing the guard [at the desk]. You may have to scroll down the list by judge as I believe they post them that way instead of by case number now.
The court room will be listed there. The elevators are confusing. They may not go to the floor you want. You have to get off at the fourth floor I beleive then walk around the corner to the next set. That is if your courtroom is above the 4th floor'
I'm not expecting any action from Gary Bass, nothing really on-point, maybe a diversionary set of new charges somewhere; but taking on Accenture he's unlikely to do....theoretically, you'd think, inaction by provincial Crowns and RCMP staff should lead to recourse to federal-level Crowns, but as long as the Tories are in power this is unlikely to go anywhere if anyone did; maybe even less so if the Liberals come to power - there may be a distance between the BC Liberals and their federal counterpart but shaking up the corporate power structure of the country is not any more in the Liberal gamebook than it is in the Tories' . . . .

I still think the United States Securities & Exchange Commission or some body like it is the place to take the Accenture, Fortress/Millennium and BCRail/CN arrangements. Canadian law may be a dud on these issues; American law may yet prove to be the recourse to reining in the apparently corrupt dealings which have led to their pronounced role in the BC economy; same goes for the IPPs and Kiewit et al.

We need a higher power; if that higher power happens to be in another country, that's just the way the cookie crumbles; given that our own cookie apparently crumbled a long time ago....
I think Skookum, sadly, is on to something here:

"I still think the United States Securities & Exchange Commission or some body like it is the place to take the Accenture, Fortress/Millennium and BCRail/CN arrangements."

When one thinks of how corrupt the US is, yet realizes that there may be better recourse to injustice there it makes one ashamed of Canada.

The idea of our government giving business to Accenture at all is shameful. Here we have the company, under a new name, that aided and abetted Enron in stealing millions and millions (if not billions) of dollars worth of power from BC Hydro, still uncompensated as far as I know - and Lord Gord and his lackeys fall over themselves to give them business that could have provided jobs for British Columbians, looking after BC's business.

Of course maybe it is a reward to Accenture for doing its part in the master plan of bankrupting and killing off BC Hydro so it can join the rest of WAC's killed off legacies (BC Ferries, BC Gas, BC Rail).
Thanks, Koot.

I have a nutshell handy ... and I'd like to say that, in a nutshell, the problem boils down to how important it is in a democratic society, to have a responsible free press.

A intelligent, unbiased media something like the U.K.'s The Guardian, or The Independent, which set out to inform the public -- not to manipulate them, or dumb them down.

If we knew even half the skulduggery that's going on in BC right now, we'd be rioting in the streets.

But BC wasn't even allowed to know that there was a very narrow escape from a major oil spill off Mayne Island recently ... BC news media didn't report the ship which went aground. Luckily it happened on a rising tide which lifted the freighter off ... but the U.S. Coast Guard went on high alert,

and we just happened to catch a bit of that conversation.

I'll never be ashamed of Canada (as people are wont to say in bad times) but I'm sure as heck angry at Canadian leadership their treachery: for knowingly participating in cover-ups and bad deals which are dragging our social systems down.

If proud Canadians must sit like dummies with bags over our heads waiting for a foreign country to come and rescue us ... it's as much part of the problem as any other part of the problem. This, we gotta do ourselves.

Thanks again, Koot.
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