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Today November 3, 2009 at 2:00 PM, in Vancouver Supreme Court, a significant Pre Trial Conference for Case #134750-1-D

The court listing is shown as HMTQ v. Limited Access. According to my notes, "Limited Access" means that the hearing remains open to the public, but reporting of it is forbidden. [See story dated March 11, 2009 pasted below.]

According to my notes, File #134750-1-D is the identifier for the case against Dave Basi, Jim Duncan, and Tony Young in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) matter. Today's listing gives Victoria as the place where these charges originated.

The charges are familiar:
- Breach of trust by a public officer
- Accepting bribe as a public official
- Offering to influence public official,
- etc.

This report from almost 8 months ago, explains a lot.

David Basi appeared in Victoria court today
By Andrew MacLeod
The Tyee - March 11, 2009

David Basi appeared in B.C. Supreme Court today in Victoria for what was marked on the court registry as the “continuation of a trial or a hearing.”

There is a publication ban on the preliminary hearing, making it illegal to report on any evidence presented in court.

Basi is charged with breach of trust by a public officer, accepting a bribe as a government official, accepting a bribe from a person dealing with government and offering to influence a government official.

The charges are connected to the removal of land from the Agricultural Land Reserve in Sooke in 2003. Developers Tony Young and Jim Duncan are alleged to have paid $50,000 to Basi for his help.

“We look forward to the trial of this matter,” said Basi's lawyer Michael Bolton after the hearing. “The preliminary hearing gave us an opportunity to see the evidence.”

Basi was the ministerial assistant to former B.C. Liberal finance minister Gary Collins.

Judge Ernie Quantz ruled the trial could proceed on all four counts. A first appearance was scheduled for April 1. It's the Tyee's understanding that former lobbyist Erik Bornmann will be called as a witness.

Andrew MacLeod is The Tyee’s Legislative Bureau Chief in Victoria.


An entirely separate corruption allegation, wanna bet MSM reporters or columnists won't cover it or say a word ?
The thing is, Anon 7:51, all the journalists as well as you, me, everybody, we're all bound by that order of "Limited Access" ...

but the really, really important thing is: that we, as citizens, are entitled to walk into that very courtroom at 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver, and listen to the Pre-Trial Conference ourselves ...

and I don't exactly know this, but I do believe that when you got home afterward, you could lean over the fence and tell your neighbour who you saw in court, what they said, and such,

I think you could even send a few words here to The Legislature Raids in a message clearly marked PERSONAL FOR MARY - NOT FOR PUBLICATION ...

but you cannot publish it.

So even if the journalists attend,

they cannot "cover it or say a word".

Plus, I understand, all this will change, once the Basi Virk Basi / BC Rail Trial is completed.

You'd think, wouldn't you? that journalists could explain this in public print.
What if an American attends and publishes something, either in print or online, from within the United States?

And by the way, I've never heard of a citizen named "Limited Access" before, though what with the way people name their kids these days....

Even the very title of the case is a way to hide it from the public, all suppposedly to protect somebody....but who - the defendants? the Crown? The government??

I read the explanation many months ago, when there was that weird pile-up of Basi Virk Basi/ BCRail Case (with Justice Bennett holding court in Victoria Court House) and the Basi Duncan Young ALR case (also being heard in Victoria Court House).

There was talk of ways and means of proecting the evidence from one trial spilling over and influencing the other trial.

At the time, I thought it made good sense.

You'll find some of the relevant discussion in the archives of this blog, if interested. Start by typing Basi Duncan Young into the Search Box at the top of this page.
Note completed court list Vancouver134750
Nov 3 next appearance
18-NOV-2009 10:00 AM REG


Many thanks ...

Yesterday I received a reply from the Attorney General's office, responding to a request I had made long ago for some improvement to the listings of Court schedules.

It was the robot answer, which didn't respond to the request for improvement. But it did have two interesting items of information:

1) date of the next Basi Virk hearing, [wrong?]

2) phone number for Court Registry which we should call for updated info. [wrong?]

Both those items are different from what you found, and what I have on file.


The next scheduled court date for Udhe Singh Basi, Bobby Singh Virk and Aneal Singh Basi is November 24, 2009 at 10:00 am for an application. However, you should contact the court registry staff at the Vancouver Law Courts at 604-660-2874 to confirm this information. If you have any further questions about this matter, please contact the Vancouver Law Courts.

Thank you for writing.

Ministry of Attorney General
Province of British Columbia

Hi Mary, I had to go back and find this in the comments, wayyyyyy down.

EM (Me) posted on the completed court list that was updated on Saturday, next appearance was not listed. Today I have gone there and the update with the last court date Oct.23 NOW has next appearance Nov. 24 and Nov.26
pg 10,11,12,13-29
Aneal Basi 24-NOV-2009 10:00 AM REG
Ltd access 26-NOV-2009 10:30 AM REG


October 27, 2009 11:25 AM
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