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What Camilla said to Lara ...

Camilla Parker Bowles Windsor, when Lara Ann Dauphinee was introduced to her in Victoria, said: "I'm very direct, you know, especially after the first few drinks of the day ... so how's about telling me your secrets? I understand you're never far from the premier's side?"

Lara modestly confirms that this is true: she is the Executive Assistant to the premier as well as Deputy Chief of Staff in the premier's office.

"Oh, I say ..." says Camilla stepping back and giving Lara a more sweeping inspection. "I can see the merits of being on the government payroll, rather!, oh yes indeed. And, of course, we all know it means nothing ... those are honourary titles?"

Lara hastens to assure Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Waterfront Properties, that she works very hard in the service of the premier.

Camilla goes pale. "Oh, my God," she gasps, signalling for another drink and suddenly looking older than ever "... you have two regular types of um ... err, paid employment? Oh, I say ... I simply cawn't believe that you also ... oh dear, what's the point of it all. I know, I'll do one of my Bongo Drum presentations ..."

Camilla has more funny hats than Faye Leung ever imagined. She was born on the same day as Phyllis Diller (who is better looking than Camilla). And that's about all there is to say about the world reknowned spell-binder, Camilla, the suddenly-royal visitor sent to do the job of keeping our minds off the impending crises.

But she needn't have worried about not being on the government payroll herself ... I understand that the Government of Canada is paying the costs of this royal tour ... I just can't figure out why. - BC Mary.


Here's an interesting photo. At centre: the lady known as Nancy ...

I hope this isn't just fiction, but really is a fly-on-the-wall report from the audience or reception with the royals.....

"Squidgy" must have picked up on the circumstances of Lara's career-placement and must also have wondered "where's the Premier's wife anyway?"

Let's hope the international papparazzi who will be in town for the Olympics will take more than a conversational interest in who's always at the Premier's side.....
Good point Skookum1 but...

I`m sure the French olympic team wouldn`t be too upset!

And...Drum-roll please...(Camilla)

Back in 1986 during Expo86...I was on the Barbary coast dock in the burrard harbour,near the Bayshore and the convention center and, all of a sudden secret service agents,I thouth they were undercover cops at first,showed up out of no where and were all over the dock,heck,I even dumped my open beer....

In pulled a giant boat and guess who was on it...Prince Charley(I said hello to him) and.......
Allegedly,Camilla was on the boat,not Diane....Because the rumour was that even back then that those two were together.

So perhaps Camilla and Lara have a lot more in common then you know!

True story,I wasn`t alone,my boat was docked there.

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open
It perks up a dreary afternoon, trying to imagine what Lara & Camilla talk about when they meet.

Or is it all slit-eyes and stalking stiff-legged around one another sussing out the risks? In the nicest possible ways, of course.

Good story, GG. Too bad Cammie didn't show ... egads, that voice of hers, there's gotta be a reason for that.

An old barroom ballad springs to mind: "Cigareets & whiskey & wild, wild wimmen ..."

Btw, good luck with that BC Ferries issue with Christy Clark. I hope you get that apology.
Mary...I don`t want an apology,I want a public retraction of her statements.

And if Christie had documents to back up her statements either her or the cknw station manager would make them available to me...

The silence coming from my email and telephone from either Christie Clark or CKNW is "Deafening"

Thanks for the correction, GG. I should've taken time to go back to your place to confirm.

It must be difficult for Gordo's Deputy Premier to admit she was wrong, after enjoying years of having things her own way, unchallenged. I hope you have started a new trend.

Me, I'd like to see a retraction of about 6 major "crocks" promulgated by the Gordo Gang ... especially ones which so conveniently tipped the balance at election time.
GG I attended the BC Place event and Diana was with good old boy, Charlie.
CBC's Peter Manbridge has an Imposter Twitter..... could we please have an Imposter Lara Dauphinee..

It seems simple enough to set up, and PM has known about his since the Spring and has done nothing about it because he sees it as "good fun" on the part(s) of someone(s) and those that leave comments.

Yes she has got twitter.... "ldauphinee", nothing stopping someone from setting up LaraDauphinee
Anon 7:35,

You lookin' at me? Sure hope not.

I totally don't get it with Lara and all that secrecy ... then setting out Twitter-bait. If she's lonesome, for gosh sakes ... ?? Nah.

Pastor Mansbridge is a whole other story ... he obviously didn't set it up himself (as Lara seems to have done) ... he'd look like a bully if he tried to get it removed.

So are you going to set up a Camilla Imposter?
Anon 7.28 pm

Of course Dianne was with prince Charles at public events,including expo 86,what I`m saying is Dianne wasn`t on this private yacht.

The secret service cleared the dock,I have no confirmed source that she was there,but the tension between Charles and Dianne was going on for many many years before their break up.

The rumours of Charles and Camilla were in full bloom,even in 1986

A marriage of convenience,who knows,but....There was no way to get close to that floating mansion to see who was inside,Charles got out,with security,he was quite cordial,he asked " Hows fishin " in his brit speak.


Guest Editorial from Montreal:

"Here's how we like to think about these harebrained theories: People who believe in conspiracies just don't realize how difficult it is to organize anything."

Obviously this editorial writer wasn't around when the BC Liberals came to power in BC to sell off BC Rail. Conspiracies? Dime a dozen in BC.
Good one, 7:20!

And did you make a Freudian slip ... or did you actually, really mean to say that "the BC Liberals came to power in BC to sell off BC Rail" ... ?

If so, I'd say that's a theory I'd like to hear more about, as it does pass the first test: logic.

According to sworn testimony at the Schreiber-Mulroney hearings, our former prime minister Joe Clark became obsolete with the heavily-sponsored Austrian promotion of Lyin' Brian. Who would ever have guessed that?

I'm reading Not a Conspiracy Theory by a British Columbian, Donald Gutstein ...

seems to me that good citizens these days need a Ph.D. in psychology if they hope to pick their way through the lies we want to hear and find the truth we need to hear.
I heard a announcement re Gordon C meeting with the Prince and Lady Camilla that Gordons wife Nancy would be there also, I did a whattttt? I thought they were seperated/divorced.

After reading this I thought I could I have been mistaken, then realized I did not know what his wifes name was, so sure enough I did a check and found

"A light rain was falling and the grounds were muddy, but that didn't dampen the reception for the royal couple, who were welcomed to the westernmost province by Premier Gordon Campbell and his wife Nancy."

Yes, Nancy was there all smiles when Charles and Camilla were in Victoria to meet the Lieutenant-Governor at the legislature.

Seems King Gordo likes to roll out Nancerella and First Nations for the really glitzy events.

Then he puts them both back safely in their pumpkin shells until he needs them again.

Here's the photo:
That's a great photo, Lynx.

Oh, wouldn't you love to know what Nancerella was thinking?

Any photos of her, in recent times, seem to show her always standing off-side like this, or alone.
Nancerella was exhumed to humbly walk a few steps behind Lord Gord as he laid a wreath at Victory Square on November 11, as well.

Nancy probably figures she has the best of it compared to Lara - at least she doesn't have to spend much time with the puke!
I wonder what it feels like to be Lara Dauphinee? ... Nancy Campbell? ...any BC Liberal MLA or Cabinet Member?

I would think that there would have to be an ample amount of self-loathing for the way they have ransacked this province and the charades they continue to maintain for the MSM.

Gordon Campbell trampled all over Gordon Wilson's and Judeline Tyabi's extra-marital affair in his rise to power. I find Campbell's behaviours more revolting. At least the Wilsons came clean about their relationship.
Funny You should speak of the Wilsons, checking the Prov Court judgements daily I found this one that just came out, Mark Marissen is listed.

Judeline Tyabji Wilson, Tugboat Enterprises Ltd.,
Mark Allan Marissen, Elaine O’Connor, Canwest Publishing Inc.
Publications Canwest Inc., and Steve Janke
Date: 20091009
On appeal from: British Columbia Supreme Court, June 25, 2009
(Lougheed Estate v. Wilson, 2009 BCSC 849, Vancouver Reg. S081334

Gosh, talk about "Trials and Tribulations" ... that's another sad story, isn't it.

EM ... you're so skilled at searching these records, can you tell us if there's a public record of the divorces granted in BC?
SIG...I don't think any of his followers give a damn about anything or anyone but him, and themselves. They have pretty much proven that as none have crossed the floor to join another party - or sit as an independent. It's pretty safe to say they are exactly the same as their leader, I think.

It's going to take generations to get the slime cleaned out of the Leg... .
"They have pretty much proven that as none have crossed the floor to join another party - or sit as an independent."

With the exception of Paul Nettleton, the exception that proves the rule, perhaps? Of course it would appear that just the attempt to be true to himself and his constituents cost Mr. Nettleton the right to live in and practice law in British Columbia -
Sad but true Kootcoot...but!...the way I see it, at the end of the day Paul gets to sleep soundly knowing he was right all along. His integrity couldn't be bought, which no doubt rankles some.

Those that were willing to sell their souls to their master, will in time regret what they've done - and history will blacken not only their names, but the names of their descendants as well. Not that they'd give a damn about them either...or we wouldn't be waiting to find the TRUTH of the damage this government has inflicted thus far.
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