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Basi laundered drug cash through Liberal Party, informant contends

By Mark Hume
The Globe and Mail - Dec. 15, 2009

Vancouver — A secret informant told police in 2003 that Dave Basi – one of the central figures in a political corruption trial – was laundering drug money through the Liberal Party, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has heard.

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The informant's allegation was raised and immediately rejected as “totally false” by Mr. Basi's lawyer, Michael Bolton, during a defence application seeking disclosure of more than 400 RCMP files.

Lawyers defending Mr. Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi, who are charged with trading in confidential government information surrounding the 2003 sale of BC Rail, are asking to see the RCMP's secret informant files, which are known as “source debriefing notes.”

Mr. Bolton, who represents Dave Basi, and Kevin McCullough, the lawyer for Mr. Virk, told court the debriefing notes will show police relied on false information when getting authorizations to wiretap their clients.

Mr. Bolton said the RCMP obtained four wiretap authorizations in Victoria in 2003 while conducting a drug investigation of Jasmohan Singh Bains, who in 2008 was sentenced to nine years for conspiracy to traffic cocaine.

“Mr. Basi was a target in two [of those four wiretaps] ... [but] none of the authorizations ever related to any part of the BC Rail investigation,” Mr. Bolton said.

Mr. Bolton said the BC Rail investigation flowed from the drug case – but police made the connection based on falsehoods.

“[An informant] said that Mr. Basi was cleaning some of Mr. Bains' drug money. Informant A ... said Mr. Basi was cleaning some of that drug money through the Liberal party ... [and] we believe that is totally false,” Mr. Bolton said.

He said the false statements from informants sent police in pursuit of Mr. Basi, which led to wiretaps, and, in December, 2003, an unprecedented raid of the legislature, where Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk worked as ministerial assistants. (The two men were also key political operatives of both the federal and provincial Liberals in B.C.)

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Twice during the day, the public gallery was cleared so lawyers could discuss the issue in camera. During one of those closed sessions, defence lawyers were also asked to leave so the judge could hear details about a secret informant.

Judge MacKenzie said she would give a ruling Friday.

Click HERE for the unabridged column by Mark Hume.


But wgich Liberal Party. the Federal or Provincial?
Were those the same wire taps sought by the RCMP from Justice Dohm while he was vacationing in Palm Springs?
[An informant] said that Mr. Basi was cleaning some of Mr. Bains' drug money. Informant A ... said Mr. Basi was cleaning some of that drug money through the Liberal party ... [and] we believe that is totally false,” Mr. Bolton said."

Let's see here. Mr. Bains WAS, subsequently convicted of being a major drug dealer/gangster and according to documents that have managed to escape the grasp of Lord Gord and the RCMP, IIRC, there were 40-50 calls from the drug kingpin to Dave Basi while he (Dave) was supposed to be engaged in the people's work.

Maybe Mr. Bains and Dave were planning family picnics, if so release the recordings and all the conspiracy theorists can apologize for thinking bad thoughts!

It would be totally ironic if ALL the evidence (the famous dollies full of boxes coming down the stairs of the Ledge) were declared inadmissible because of how the warrant was obtained. AND if that were the case I would suspect that the FIX was in from BEFORE the beginning.

I have two theories - They went to BC Chief Justice Dohm for authorization, even though he was on holiday, because of the fact this warrant involved the normally sacrosanct legislature itself, and thus would be above pay grade for a regular judge to decide. (and of course the police love to take a trip to a warm climate in winter to serve papers, do interviews, etc., unless it is to Maui to interview the Lord and the Ferret.

Or scenario Two - the evil version.

They went to Dohm (on advice of Reichart/DeBuckyere) to purposedly taint the evidence down the road and ultimately protect all those who needed protection (Hi Gord, Gary, Judith, Patrick, etc.) and BVB will be taken care of for taking the fall!

Of course if the evidence has to be jettisoned then even BVB may be impossible to convict of anything. Then they only need be compensated for the hardship of the trial (with their legal bills so far paid by us, that hardship is already greatly eased) and hell, there are seats on the board of Pirate Power companies and such - or maybe Liberal Gordon Campbell could put in a word for them with his REAL friends in Ottawa Stevie and the Canadian Taliban!
Responding to Anon 7:35:

No doubt you have done your own research on this. If not, here's something you might like to look at:

"That is certainly a concern of ours," he said. "We have an internal rule that our staff don't work on federal campaigns."

Krueger said he does not believe Basi was on B.C. taxpayers' time when worked on federal Liberal matters, but "the fact is Mr. Basi is no longer working with our organization.

"Certainly he should not have been involving himself in federal membership drives if he was on our payroll."

Campbell said he was unaware Basi and Virk were active federally.

So BC Mary, from your personal recollection & collection on this blog is there a trace of Basi, while being paid by Taxpayers, working for the Federal Liberals?
Annonymous 2:10pm, BC Mary provided you a link, read it.
Too bad more people don't go to the Pre-Trial. You get to see two sides.

Yes, two sides.

By way of explanation, the two sides are Lawyers (Judges, Defense and Crown) and the Press (MSM and the public)

The Crown Lawyers NEVER talk to the public, unless they happen to nearby while the MSM are getting the quote of the day, whereas the Defense is always playing up to the Press AND are quite willing to talk to the public one on one, seeing as how lately there's been just as many public people as there are MSM people.

Posed question to Kevin McCullough:

"That in an intercepted call on Oct. 22, 2003, Basi and Reichert first talk about Bob Virk and then Basi asks: "Is there a question about a cheque for the Camosun guys? Reichert says Dave has the first one.""

Who's Dave?
"The Camosun guys" are likely people from the Camosun College Young Liberals Club. Find out who was active amongst the Young Liberals at Camosun College around this time. If any of them are named "David". that, likely, is who"Dave" is.
Great idea, but its been close to seven years now since the raid and the "College guys" have probably long flown the coop...... unless they were hired by the BC Liberals as Assistants like Dave Basi and Aneal Basi and Bobby Virk were, initially.

Hired by the BC Liberals? We're getting closer to the real Trial... I wonder if they've moved on to other, more lucrative jobs....like IPP participants.
Stacking the Deck? One Man's Opinion

By Ben Meisner
Wednesday, April 25, 2007 03:45 AM


I was in agreement with what Ben Meisner wrote,

up until the final line.

Then, imo, he pi**ed on his own story, spoiling it, by shrugging and implying "Oh well, everybody does these bad things ... so don't worry, be happy."

Sure, he didn't exactly say that ... but that's what it means.

Either we expect and uphold a standard, or we go down in flames with the hoodlums.

I'm BC Mary and that's one person's opinion. OK, Ben?
In regard to the "Who's Dave?" query:

There are two "Daves" that come to mind - David McLean (CN)....

and David Anderson.

Anderson is interesting - in regard to the Young Liberals and in regard to "the Camosun guys"...likely the Camosun College Young Liberals.

An excerpt from a Bill Tieleman piece:

"Those same Young Liberals are very connected to one of the most powerful senior Liberals in B.C.: federal Environment Minister David Anderson. Most of the federal Liberal operatives whose offices and homes were searched or visited by police have worked for Anderson, including Marissen, Erik Bornman, and Jamie Elmhirst, one of Bornman's colleagues at Pilothouse Public Affairs Group.

(Elmhirst is reported to be leaving Pilothouse, which was searched December 28, to take a government position running the western desk for new federal Fisheries Minister Geoff Regan. In response to a query, Bornman left a voice-mail message at the Straight saying that Elmhirst still works for Pilothouse.)

"When you start adding up a list of who David Anderson has had in his office and his constituency office, it is this crowd to a point that you can say David Anderson is the godfather to the Young Liberals, and Mark Marissen and Christy Clark," said Warnke, who was B.C. Liberal MLA for Richmond-Steveston from 1991 to 1996. "And they're both very close to Paul Martin."
Lynx... do you really think Dave Anderson or Dave McLean would need to have the first cheque, monies that they contributed via donations to the BC Liberal Party to then have Kelly Reichert pass it on to the Camosun Guys?

I can't just see Anderson and McLean making phone calls to Meisner radio talk show.... simply because their voices are more recognizable that the College guys.

Basi mentions Jag, Sheila (the white girl) andr Jerry which probably means that Jag and Jerry are non-white and were probably part of the Camosun college BC Young Liberals. oH to have a copy of the graduating class photos from that college.
Anon. 12:03

I didn't say anything about either Anderson or McLean making phone calls. That kind of work is always delegated.

But that wiretap may be interpreted another way -

The words in that wiretap are:

"Is there a question about a cheque for the Camosun guys? Reichert says Dave has the first one.""

Re: "Dave has the first one."

That could also mean that a "Dave" is in possession of the first one - that the first cheque is ready to be passed along as payment....that "Dave" has the first one ready.

I think it's more important to find out who was using the BC Young Liberals at UVic and Camosun as cover for their dirty work?
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