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Basi Virk: Mixed confirmation for today's date (Dec. 14) in court

BC Supreme Court listings confirm that there will be a pre-trial hearing in Vancouver on Monday, Dec. 14, 2009 for Bobby Virk, Aneal Basi and "Limited Access" beginning at 10:00 AM.

I recommend Bill Tieleman's recent column which gives 2:00 PM as the time when the public is allowed to enter the courtroom, and provides an explanation of the day's scheduled topics. Quote:

Long-awaited testimony about why the identity of a police informer in the BC Rail corruption case must remain secret will happen on Monday December 14 in BC Supreme Court - but the public, media and even defence lawyers will be barred from the hearing.

Only Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino and his legal team and Justice Anne MacKenzie will be in the courtroom, thanks to a decision Berardino won in the Supreme Court of Canada last month that overturned two lower BC court decisions.


time to take the cameras to surround the court house and take random photographs of the area before and after 10:00 and someone "guarding" the ramps going down to the underground parking lot......... police informer
Friend at 7:31: I trust that you are joking.

Perhaps REJECT was the correct button for me to push, when this comment came in. Because I don't think this kind of talk is the least bit funny ... or helpful either. You appear to be advocating a kind of mischief which could backfire badly.

I'm pretty sure we all wish sincerely for the BC Rail Trial to proceed. I have posted information about the law, about BC Rail, about this trial, and even about Victoria Court House. All of it connected in some way to BC Rail.

But recently the incoming comments have been going off the rails a bit. And I just want to say that, this past weekend, I've had a personal reminder of how precious a civil society is ... and to say that I won't be giving space to people who don't respect that.

Our house had a break-in at around 4:00 AM recently ... with the family asleep upstairs.

We're OK and my computer, papers, etc. are OK, because we slept right through it.

But doors, locks, two wallets, 2 Macintosh laptop computers, two wallets with credit cards, passports, etc., were stolen. Also a little boy's backpack with his homework in it.

For those who love to hate all cops all the time, look away, because I'm now also going to tell you that the cops were great.

They also said that this pre-Christmas morning was super-busy for them ... think about that, for a minute if you will: almost everything taken from our house would make lovely "gifts" for underneath somebody else's Christmas tree ...

So, at our house, we had a lttle taste of a lawless society and we didn't like it.

So here's my bulletin:

This is nothing new for this blog, but I'll repeat it anyway: please continue to share your news, views, discoveries, even questions about BC Rail and the BVB trial. But thoughtless, disparaging, discouraging, unfunny, bullying, unhelpful, off-topic remarks will be deleted on arrival.

Very special thanks to my wonderful commentors who carried the ball toward a civil society the past few days.

Thank God that you are all ok!How terrifying that must have been to wake up only to find that your home, your space, had been violated in such a bad manner.I am extremely glad that everyone is fine.
Jeez, even J's backpack.
Sorry to hear about the break in. Do you think it is anyway related to Bill Tieleman's break in????
Accepting bribe as a
government official

Accepting bribe from
person dealing with gov't

Offering to influence
government official

Breach of trust by public

Fraud over $5000

Fraud over $5000

Highlighted in bold... doesn't this refer to Pilothouse public affairs.... how does Bornmann get off without being charged....

And why is the old time that is mentioned today starts at 10:00 And how is the public to know that there is a further starting time at 2:00....
"The pre-trial hearing resumes Monday December 14 at 2 p.m. - the open to the defence, public and media part that is - with arguments on issues related to the secret witness situation." Bill Tieleman

Where does he get his info from?

No court room is mentioned!
Thanks, 12:07.

No, I don't see any connection to Bill Tieleman's break-in ... it was too random ...

wouldn't have happened if a neighbour hadn't just happened to put something out for garbage pick-up ...

something which acted as a booster to get over the walled garden at the back of our house.
Well, gee, 12:45 ... why don't you ask Bill where he gets his information from?

And as far back as I can remember, the court listings don't provide the Court room number.
The secret informer was "present", but from what I saw of him/her the only trace was the video equipment that was left standing in the courtroom.

MSM was represented by Mark Hume (Globe and Mail), Ian Mulgrew (Vancouver Sun) and Kieth Fraser (Vancouver Province) in the afternoon and by 3:30 one defense lawyer was asking for a break, to use the washrooms, and at that point Ian said aloud to the "crowd" outside the court room.... "this is so boring, its worse than painting a house"....... and he left. But then, it was expected of Ian. Of the three MSM present he was the only one using his pen to hold up his hand, the notebook had long disappeared into his coat pocket.

Which left two MSM reporters and two BC Mary reporters to record history in the making.

Mark and Kieth, on the other hand, were busy earning their pay by talking to the "crowd" outside the courtroom and hunting down the lawyers for a "gold brick" comment.

I asked a few questions of Mark Hume, such as "Did you know that in the wiretap evidence there was another "Dave" mentioned, and it wasn't Dave Basi because he was doing the listening to Riechert comment on who had been paid the first cheque already." and "Do you know where the "O'Connor" case comes from on the basis of what is deemed to be evidence, whether its Relevant or not Relevant?.... to which I posed the same question to Kieth Fraser.

The last question I asked of both Robin and Mark was on the subject of the Special Prosecutor for the Basi/Virk/Basi being the same person for Basi/ALR in Victoria to which the reply came a resounding YES... but neither one could remember so I asked one further question, regarding the "BC Gazetteer" which is required to publish who the Special Prosecutors are to which the Tim Russel replied that YES Bill Berardino is the Special Prosecutor in both cases... and if the I can't find it online then it should be in the library.

Tomorrow is another day off for me, but on at the Courtroom at 10:00, however as the day proceedings came to a close, K. G. McCullough, Counsel for the Defense rose to ask a question of Justice MacKenzie, to which she replied that he should pass it on to Janet Winteringham, Special Prosecutor Team player, so that the start in the morning may be delayed while a minor thing is deliberated. I was going to say "hashed out" but some words have double meanings, if not triple meanings.
Tuques off to N.V.G., what a great report direct from the Basi Virk Courtroom!

So thanks to you, we now know that Berardino is THE Special Pros. for both of Basi's trials and tribulations.

You scared me, though, when you made reference to the "Secret Informer" ... for gosh sakes, everybody, DO BE CAREFUL. No hints, no references, no speculation as to who the witness may be. Serious.

Thanks, too, for the confirmation that it's BACK IN COURT TOMORROW MORNING AT 10:00 AM.

Nice to know you'll be there. I had a good chuckle to see that the score was:

MSM reporters - 2

BC Mary reporters - 2.

Bill Tieleman wasn't able to attend, due to illness.

Too bad Ian Mulgrew didn't hang in. I wonder if he was responsible for that one-paragraph report in Vancouver Sun, though.
Maybe someone can explain the ALR case to me. Why would Bornman have testified on January 08, and why would Mccullough be there,when Bolton is Basi's Lawyer? I know this because the day I was at Court in Vancouver there was ALR case, I guess nothing much was published because of a ban? But out side the court room, Mr Mccullough mentioned Bornman testifying in January, I asked this year? He said no back in January 2008. This has had Me confused since then.

Back here @ Bills place

The allegations against Basi, Young and Duncan arose in April 2006, when Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino filed three counts of fraud and one of breach of trust against the men for offences that allegedly occurred between Jan. 1, 2002, and Sept. 1, 2003.

The Crown alleges in an indictment that Basi received $50,000 in connection to an application to remove property owned by Shambrook Hills Development Corp., a company also known as Sun River Estates Ltd., from the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Basi's lawyer Michael Bolton dismissed the charges against his client at the time they were laid.

"He has no connection with the Agricultural Land Commission and no ability to influence its decisions. Only an idiot would think he could influence those decisions. And he's never pretended he could influence those decisions," Bolton said in April, 2006.

"So we reject categorically the position of the Crown on these charges, just as we do with the other charges."
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