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Basi Virk: premier's papers relevant

Some 6,000 documents ruled relevant in Basi-Virk. Premier's, aides' and ministers' paper included

The Province - Nov 27, 2009

A court-appointed lawyer has determined that there are more than 6,000 documents of Premier Gordon Campbell's, his cabinet ministers' and his aides' that are relevant to the defence arguments in the Basi-Virk corruption case.

Lou Webster ... told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Anne MacKenzie that he had reviewed 16,000 of 24,000 cabinet documents that he was asked to examine.

{Snip} ...

In July, the then-trial judge, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett, identified 19 people as "targets" in the search for cabinet documents, including Campbell, his ministers and aides.

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The next court appearance on the so-called third-party records applications is Jan. 19, but
the case is back in court Dec. 11 to discuss defence challenges to search warrants and wiretaps.

Read Keith Fraser's full Nov. 27 report HERE.


Funny how you and I are the same path, its absolutely uncanny.....

"Pacific Public Affairs", owned by none other than Erik Bornmann where he wrote the cheques destined for Dave Basi and Bobby Virk, were funneled through to Aneal Basi.

Bobby Virk being Dave's Brother-in-law; Aneal Basi being Dave's cousin.... minor details.

The uncanny part is .... there is a company in Victoria called "GPC Pacific Public Affairs" and the contact person is Andy Orr....."Director of Communications" for Premier Gordon Campbell during the take-down by the police in the raid on the legislature.

GPS meaning Government Policy Consultants
I can't believe this ...

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Could this mean ... somebody cares?!
So it would seem Webster has picked up what George Copley couldn't handle.
... and then this!

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It's a game or something. The images are beautiful. Sheesh.
Mary, train buffs are legion, they're everywhere - it's a big business, model trains, train memorabilia etc. Check out Trains.....
there is a company in Victoria called "GPC Pacific Public Affairs"

Gee, now, I wonder - are they registered lobbyists?

Be interesting to see their client list and a few of their reports.
"...there are more than 6,000 documents of Premier Gordon Campbell's, his cabinet ministers' and his aides' that are relevant to the defence arguments in the Basi-Virk corruption case."

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...."

Now if we could only find the documents related to the ROR power deals, the bank deals, the Olympic whatever deals, etc. we might begin to have smoking guns that tell us exactly how this "most transparent, most accountable government is really run.
I wish we had a Charles Dickens or Sinclair Lewis to write about the BC liaRs and Harper's Canadian Taliban!
Andy Orr lobbyist activities are from 2007 to 2008, That's All Folks
Anon 6:07: that's all? You're only giving us dates of his "service"? Who were his clients, and on what issues?
I could give you his clients but I seem to have a problem creating a link to Andy Orr from within the Lobbyist Registry.

Seeing as how you're an old hand around here Skookum1 could you tell me how to gain access to the British Columbian Gazetteer published by the Queens' Printer, for free.

Over at Tieleman's he's mentioned that those who ARE appointed as Special Prosecutors have to be mentioned in the publication.

All this time I thought that the official public legal record of government notices was in Press Releases, however the bottom line that I've highlighted in BOLD at the bottom of this quote says otherwise..... and I'm curious as to why the public has to PAY money to see what the legal record is of the government instead of their late Friday afternoon releases......

Role of Special Prosecutors

Special prosecutors are appointed where there is a significant potential for a perceived or real improper influence in prosecutorial decision making in a given case. The paramount consideration is the need to maintain public confidence in the administration of criminal justice.

The independent role of the special prosecutor in British Columbia’s justice system is defined by the Crown Counsel Act and is intended to strengthen the independence and impartiality of the exercise of prosecutorial discretion. Historically, special prosecutors have been appointed in cases involving cabinet ministers, senior public or ministry officials, senior police officers or persons in close proximity to these individuals.

Special prosecutors are appointed from a list of senior and experienced lawyers in private practice. This list has been jointly approved by the president of the Law Society, the deputy attorney general and the assistant deputy attorney general. This approval process ensures a consistent high standard is applied to those cases which are referred to a special prosecutor. Only the head of B.C.’s Prosecution Service – the assistant deputy attorney general of the Criminal Justice Branch of the Ministry of Attorney General – has authority to appoint a special prosecutor and define the special prosecutor’s mandate.

Once appointed, special prosecutors are independent of B.C.’s prosecution service. Special prosecutors must adhere to the policies of the Criminal Justice Branch including the branch’s charge assessment guidelines. Where there is a decision to prosecute, the special prosecutor would ordinarily conduct the prosecution and any subsequent appeals. If the Attorney General, the deputy attorney general or the assistant deputy attorney general wishes to intervene in the decisions of the special prosecutor, they would have to do so in writing and publish their directions in the B.C. Gazette, the official public legal record of government notices.

Bottom line question is....Special Prosecutor... FACT CHECKER says that Bill T has the facts on his blog, and he doesn't so where is a John Doe civilian journalist supposed to find this out in an OPEN and TRANSPARENT government, eh.
Well, first off, you're confusing the Provincial Gazetteer with the British Columbia Gazette. The Gazetteer, which is available for free (they mail it to you upon request as a CSV file) is the summary index of all geographical names/locations with their coordinates, Land District/land titles, locational information, classification (mountain, lake, IR, Town/Village/City etc, POs etc) and sometimes historical information on some entries; it's also available online in piecemeal form from the British Columbia Geographical Names Inforamtion System.

But that's not what you're looking for, which is the British Columbia Gazette. The most recent three months are available for free from the BC government website:
(which is linked on

Previous material is pay-for from the Queen's Printer: BUT it's pretty much always been like this since colonial days; it's an awful lot of paper/printing to give out for free. The difference now is that the Queen's Printer is contracted out, as you can see by the content/style of that page; not sure to who; here's their man page - note the Public Access doubt it's an American company LOL.....also note that it doesn't go back farther than January 2003 (which would be around the time the QP was privatized/contracted out); any older materials should be in the Provincial Archives, maybe, or in the law library described in the article on the Victoria Courthouse. or as noted on the Public Access section of the QP page.

Hope that helps.
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