Sunday, December 27, 2009


For Year 2010, best wishes


To British Columbia

for a


Spirits of the past and present,
keep evil sorts at bay;
harmony and joy prevail,
at the turning of the day.

We absolutely must hear this BC Rail trial explained under oath. Picture it. Imagine it. Hope for it. Make it real, make it happen.

That's my New Year wish for us all.


Haven't you got your seaonal greetings mixed up here as we head 2010?

It used to be that we were encouraged to send a letter to Santa Claus with our WISHES for what we were about to receive under our Christmas tree .... if we were good.

Here we are about to enter a new year and you are still wishing for a present from someone else without taking the bull by the horns and doing something yourself..... not saying you haven't thus far..but we are talking about something that YOU are going to do for the future.

Don't you mean that your NEW YEAR RESOLUTION will be to be even more forceful in finding the truth behind the political interference in how Gordon Campbell (without a libel suit being launched against a citizen journalist) when not a colleague amongst the BC Liberals save one from northern bc, swore an OATH to become an MLA didn't stand up and say NO!!!!!!
dang this borrowed laptop keyboard makes my writing seem so .... backcountry

any thoughts on how to use a laptop bc mary when my mainstay has always been a desktop

How did you guess ... I hate laptops ... dinky bitsy little error-mongers.

I use a Big Mac. That's your answer, 8:53, go back to your desktop model.

Hi Mary,

Best wishes to you and your family for the holidays and the New Year.

Thank you for all you do Mary.

Are you aware of this?

OTTAWA — The outgoing RCMP watchdog says there should be a major review of a little-known police power to break the law when trying to catch lawbreakers, which he describes as an authorization to "burn the barn" with immunity.
Paul Kennedy, the commissioner for public complaints against the RCMP, said that it would have been one of his top priorities during his tenure, but that he lacked the legislative power to get relevant information from the Mounties to conduct a probe.
"If I had an ability to do a general review, that is the first one I would put on the table to look at," said Kennedy, whose four-year stint ends on Dec. 31. "It's an unusual power, so you want to make sure it is being used appropriately."

Read it on Global News: Watchdog seeks review of RCMP power to break law
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