Friday, December 11, 2009


Fort St John farmers buy grain elevator from BC Rail to avoid demolition

The story is HERE.


Hey BC Mary can we put in an application with the NDI for another $39,000 to upgrade "The Legislative Raids" clubhouse.

Gary E and Kootcoot have being complaining since the sale of BC Rail to CN Rail that we, your loyal disciples, haven't even got bar stools so we can sit around and shoot the breeze on court cases involving Dave Basi and others.

"Dawson Creek Golf and Country club, received $39,000 from the NDI for clubhouse renovations."

All we have to do is start a petition and the money should be in the mail, eh.
Anon 7:39
The problem with getting a NDI initiative grant for your suggestion is that BC Mary, and possibly yourself lives in the south of the province. Kootcoot lives in the Kootenays. Whereas I live in the north (but in the south Cariboo) so really none of us qualifies. Now if some of our friends living in the Peace, Bulkley Skeena or Cassiar area were to apply they may get the moneys to enable them to get to court.
But if Gordo ever saw this happen he would (1)Kill the grant and (2)Make sure that the courtroom was closed.
I'm quite sure that from what we already know, that this government has tried to close the court. Just look at the amount of censuring that is being done on FOI requests.
sorry, I commented on the topic above, instead of the Fort St. John farmer lack of rail access issue.
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