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Police probe hiring of BC civil servant

Man linked to privacy breach suspected of using false identity

By Rob Shaw and Lindsay Kines
Victoria Times Colonist - Dec. 3, 2009

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RCMP in Victoria are investigating the hiring of a B.C. civil servant.

The RCMP is investigating whether a B.C. government employee at the centre of a major privacy breach used false identification to get his job, court documents show.

The allegation is contained in a sworn statement that police used to get a search warrant for the Victoria home of Richard Ernest Wainwright in April. [April 2009, 7 months ago! - BC Mary] He has not been charged with any offence.

Warrant information alleges that Wainwright, 44, used forged or altered documents to obtain a B.C. identification card and driver's licence in the name of Richard Ernest Perran.

"I believe that Wainwright used this false information in order to gain employment with the B.C. government," Sgt. Andrew Cowan, [See Bill Tieleman's Railgate A-Z for Cowan details.] head of the federal commercial crime unit in Victoria, writes in the warrant information.

During the search, police seized equipment suspected of being used to produce fake identity documents, including a laminator, card printer, counterfeit currency detector, scanner and high-performance colour photo printer, according to search warrant documents obtained by the Times Colonist.

The documents show that police seized a stamp that read "B.C. Ministry of Human Resources," with a label on the side that said "mail room do not remove"; a stamp that read "certified true copy of original document"; and an application for a government credit card. There were also numerous computers and laptops, USB drives, a Taser, passport applications, criminal record check forms and about eight credit cards under various names.

The B.C. government said last month that the RCMP also found the personal data for 1,400 government income-assistance clients during the search.

Wainwright was hired by the B.C. government in 2007 and given access to sensitive personal information of clients, despite having a criminal record.

Wainwright had been convicted of theft, unauthorized use of credit-card data, possession and use of counterfeit money, and two counts of possession of stolen property, stemming from an October 2004 police investigation in Kamloops and Merritt, court records show. He received an 18-month conditional sentence in 2005.

The B.C. government is refusing to answer questions about whether employees undergo criminal records checks before they are hired. When he was fired in October, Wainwright was listed under the name Richard Perran in the government directory, working as an operations supervisor in the medical benefits branch of the Ministry of Children and Family Development. There is no criminal record for a Richard Perran, according to the search warrant.

The fact police are investigating how Perran obtained his job raises new questions about the government's attempts to downplay the story when it became public last month.

On Nov. 20, Citizens' Services Minister Ben Stewart told the Times Colonist that police had found the personal data of the 1,400 clients in the home of a government employee during the course of a "totally unrelated" investigation.

When he was asked if the police investigation was related to the employee's job, he said: "No, it wasn't related to that."

Asked if he was confident in saying the RCMP investigation was related to the employee's personal life, Stewart said: "Yes. That's right. It turned up in an investigation that they were doing unrelated to this issue [the privacy breach] and they turned the records over to the government basically and notified us of the problem."

Asked when that happened, Stewart paused then said: "You know, I first became aware of it just, probably, a couple of weeks ago, and staff were notified a few days before that."

What Stewart didn't say was that the RCMP had conducted the search nearly seven months earlier and had alerted government officials at the time. But it wasn't until late October that Stewart and other ministers learned of the breach, or that Wainwright was fired from his job.

The clients, whose personal information were found in Wainwright's home, were informed of the breach last month.

Stewart declined comment yesterday. Wainwright has not returned calls.

A tip o'the tuque to Kines and Shaw for an excellent better-late-than-never report on a disturbing breach in governance.

And an armful of roses to North Van's Grumps for his spectacular interpretation of the Google listings for this topic. - BC Mary.


"Anonymous said...

Robin would you say that the BC Government has changed the degree to which they do employees criminal record checks before they are hired now, compared to the days that led up to the raid on the BC Legislature offices of Finance and Transportation?

I suppose it may be said that those individuals who have been charged by the police in relation to the above paragraph only got their "feet" wet once they were exposed to all the power that surrounds the secrecy of running a government.

Stated but not proven in a court of law the ALR wheeling and dealings that raked in $50,000; $25,000 (each) for Omnitrax gaining insider deliberations between the government and "participants"; drugs charges that were stayed.

All of the above were brought about by the latter which precipitated Project Everywhichway.

In the Vancouver Sun this morning there is this:

"Police allege man in privacy breach used fake identification" a scrum with the MSM Press the Minister responsible, Ben Stewart, was asked "if the police investigation was related to the employee's job, he said "No, it wasn't related to that." Asked again if the investigation was related to his job: "Yes, that's right. It turned up in an investigation that they were doing unrelated to this issue (the privacy breach) and they turned the records over to the government basically and notified us of the problem."

It seem like this could turn out to be EveryWhichWay II.

The fact that the government sat on the RCMP report to them for seven months, in other words prior to this last provincial election, makes we wonder just when the government became aware of David Basi, Bobby Virk and Aneal Basi.

December 3, 2009 7:05 AM"


Its been reported, somewhere, that Basi and Virk credentials for being aides to the BC Liberals had been called into question.

Do you have any info on that this BC Mary?

There was some question ... try using the Search Box (top left of this page) ... ask the right question and you'll get the answer,

because yes, I do recall something about that. Maybe it was related to their federal hopes.

Crown denies manipulation

VANCOUVER - The defence theory that a senior RCMP officer manipulated the police investigation that led to the raid on the B.C. legislature in 2003 because he was closely tied to an executive member of the B.C. Liberal party is inaccurate, a member of the special prosecution team said Monday.

By The Vancouver Sun May 8, 2007

".....The lawyer said Insp. Kevin Debruyckere did not manipulate the direction of the police investigation away from then finance minister Gary Collins -- the defence alleged Debruyckere did so because his brother-in-law, Kelly Reichert, was the executive director of the B.C. Liberal party.

Different investigators had different views about whether Mr. Collins was under investigation," Winteringham explained in court.

"Debruyckere held the view that Mr. Collins was under investigation," she said, adding that another police officer felt there was no evidence that Collins was aware of the conduct of his ministerial assistant, Dave Basi."

Great! I wonder if Collins was aware that Kelly Reichert, BC Liberal Executive, was busy paying $10,000 contracts via Dave Basi to his friends who were calling radio talk shows to bad mouth anyone who spoke out against the sale fo BC Rail?

Great! I wonder if Kelly Reichert was aware that Collins was telling Dave Basi how to lead "the posse" on the radio talk shows?

AND "another police officer felt there was no evidence" and who was this un-named officer, I certainly hope he's not the reason that the Special Prosecutor went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada for a decision about police and their informers.....
"Mr. Big", whether he's on Vancouver Island or on the mainland of British Columbia, calls his cousin on his Legislature phone ...... this could be happening today, forget about thinking its only going to happen once, ... they're learned their lesson, BS! Its probably happening now, and this time its another PAB guy, an aide to another Minister.

Can Gordon Campbell promise that his staff are not dealing in dirty tricks to get the HST or any other unwanted deals through.
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The last day of Question period
Hon. B. Stewart: Through to the members opposite, I want to be clear that the reality is that when I found out about this, all I could do was initiate an investigation that was to find out the facts that you're asking about. The reality is that we've agreed to share those facts once they're known, and I don't have that information for you.

The investigation is ongoing. But more importantly, we should be talking about the privacy concerns here of those individuals. The reality is that we are deeply concerned about that. That's why we're doing the investigation. I remind you that the RCMP believes there has been no compromise in that information, from the testing that they have done.

Mr. Speaker: The member has a supplemental.

S. Simpson: Those 1,400 people who have been put at risk — certainly, if they haven't been compromised, it's no thanks to this minister and his colleagues.

This story continues to grow. We understand and we've been informed that the spouse of the employee who was fired for this situation was exempt staff working in the Public Service Agency. It's our understanding that she has also been fired. Can the minister confirm that? Was she fired, and is there an investigation of her activities in the Public Service Agency, and will that be part of the review?


Why cant the Liberals just answer the questions? They must have known, news today,
ICBC camera led police to government files breach
Facial-recognition software found photos of same person, two names.....
This latest investigation story has legs of its own:

S. Simpson: Today newspapers are calling for this minister to resign. For now, we'd be happy if he'd just answer a few questions. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

The minister says that he's known for about a month about this security breach, and in the last few days he's learned that he was kept in the dark for seven months. The minister simply can't continue to hide behind this call for a review, to not answer some basic questions. It's not believable that he doesn't know by now which officials received these files back from the RCMP, and it's not believable that he hasn't asked the public affairs bureau why they didn't inform him sooner, since it appears that they knew. Will the minister answer those questions now?

Hansard Blues:
Here's a really good number — and one that I don't want to dwell on too long, because we did spend some time talking about it — the amount B.C. Ferries CEO David Hahn will make this year. Any guesses? One million dollars. "One million dollars," says Dr. Evil. Holy cow. That's twice as much as Kevin Mahoney, the CEO of B.C. Rail, will get for running — how many trains? — zero trains. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]


J. Horgan: No, 38 kilometres of track. This is metric, and my colleague from Surrey-Whalley is back in the 1970s. He needs to bring it forward. We're on the metric system now, hon. Member. [D
The Anon who left this:

December 4, 2009 12:25 PM

Should have included some Snips out of it because the article is truly revealing as how Richard Ernest Wainright was caught.

"New computer technology designed to protect B.C. driver's licences from fraud and identity theft red-flagged a civil servant last February and led to the discovery of a serious government privacy breach, court documents show.

By simply renewing his driver's licence, the bureaucrat set in motion a series of events that would eventually cost him his job, trigger a police investigation and ensnare the provincial government in controversy, the documents show.

The technology was unveiled by Solicitor General John van Dongen when he rolled out B.C.'s new high-tech driver's licences earlier this year. Among the trumpeted security features was facial-recognition software, which looks at an image and analyzes the size and location of cheekbones, the distance between eyes and other facial characteristics that do not change.

ICBC said the technology, which it began using in November 2008, allows the corporation to compare a cardholder's new photograph to the one already on file, as well as millions of other images in its database." Snip

"Millions"? How many driver licenses are there in BC?
I wonder when the "facial-recognition software" is going to be supplied to all police officers in BC so that after they ask you for your driver's license they can run it through their computers.... or upload the photo to ICBC... for a verification of the person as being real..... OH I know why the BC Liberals haven't done that yet.... 2010 Winter Olympics... terrorists and British Columbians protesting the Olympics will be asked for their driver's license. Right!

New B.C. driver's licences include facial recognition

pdated: Fri Feb. 06 2009 12:56:51

High-tech driver's licences will soon make their debut in British Columbia to help prevent identity theft and fraud.

Can you imagine, within two months of the new facial recognition software being put in place, they get a strike and it sent shivers through the government because it struck to the heart of a GREAT example. Bet you the PAB told the politicians to sit on the info because it was all happening as the province marched towards a provincial election.......
I think Wainwright was hired to be found out. As their fall guy!
I don not trust BC authorities at all.
How many times do we have to hear from those who 'protect' us, that, there's nothing to be concerned with. "All those effected (the stolen files) have been notified".
Really, how would a victim of identity thieft know or not know, that their personal info had been compromised? I'll bet, Fox news knows more about the on goings in BC, then we do!
Look on the bright side, now the government/police/icbc/solicitor general has 1400 documented test subjects to really see if the facial technology software really works.
Good one, NVG!

This whole case gives me a whole 'nuther idea on this situation. The irony is that this Mr. Wainwright used fake ID as Mr. Perran to hide his criminal record in order to gain employment with this so-called government.

I would consider going the opposite route. If I were to apply to work for say the PAB, perhaps I would fake a criminal record, thinking it likely this government would feel more comfortable hiring proven criminals - they would fit in better. It has been my experience that criminal organizations don't feel that comfortable staffing themselves with "straight arrows."
Well if Citizens' Services Minister Ben Stewart was "unavailable for comment" the question of the day is ................ when will he be?

I lost track of something related to Victoria Police Department briefing room where someone high up was going to be facing .... trouble.

Is this what the Vpd briefing room topic was about?

"They were Canadian citizens on a bus going to a legitimate public protest. Some opposed Olympic spending. Others thought issues like health care were being ignored.
And the state was spying on them."
Because Graham is now Chief Constable in VicPD, I assumed it was his police department spending the $220,000. on "flame" security and presumably supplying the spy to drive the bus.

Only a presumption, though.

What I've never figured out is how the protesters hired a bus while on the ferry. Again: presuming they phoned to make their arrangements to be met at Swartz Bay with a bus -- then it does seem as if this comes within the Victoria Police Department's territory.

No doubt those dangerous "Raging Grannies" were on board.
How about this.... how many Victoria police officers are licensed to drive a bus with a maximum capacity of 25, including the driver, which means a Class 4 license, or if over 25 raging grannies requiries a Class 2 license?

Was the police officer in violation of the Motor Vehicle Act, also, if the officer wasn't carrying the proper driver's license would the City of Victoria be on the hook IF there was a motor vehicle accident?

After checking ICBC website, larger buses requires drivers to have Air Brake endorsements.

"To get an on-highway air brake endorsement in B.C. you must complete a course, pass a knowledge test and pass a pre-inspection test."

To operate the bus the officer HAS to have a Commercial Driver’s licence......
Bingo again, N.V.G.,

I was thinking exactly that ... but didn't Do the Due Diligence.

Was wondering how a cop could jump off his horse, motorbike, whatever and just start driving a commercial passenger bus.

Do you reckon they have a few VicPD cops trained up and ready for that?

Thanks again, NVG, for another scoop.
You mean because of 2010 Winter Olympics, if the police can't do double time manning the pickets to bust up protesters (and raging grannies), they can do triple time driving buses AND reporting to their Chief of Police which makes their TIME = quad.

Oh to be a police officer in times like this.
Take a look at this. No wonder Identity Theft is so prevalent.

Richard Perran

Do a search for "Richard Perran", or just "Perran", at this site under the heading of:

"People who have Media Studies as a research interest (791)"

Problem is anyone who uses can create themselves into another person here. Photographs are an option.

Is this how the Government of BC hires its employees, by searching the internet to see if they exist?

Further nonsense reading on Richard Perran:

If you click on "Keywords" it proceeds to list off every hit (55), and the Search Engine used, and from which Country the request came.... oh and when the first interest in Richard Perran occured...

Tuesday 17th November
richard perran
08:08am Google 5 Canada

When did this story hit the MSM, or more to the point is when did the hiring hall at BC Liberals headquarters decide to take another look at their STAR employee?
November 21, the story broke.

Maybe it was on November 17th that the Times Colonist reporters started to look closer at Richard Perran, but what tipped them off to this guy specifically, it wasn't the ICBC Facial Recognition Technology that the BC Liberals had been sitting on for seven months.

It was one of the 1400 letters that were sent out apologizing for the breach and that one was Salome Waters who went to the Times Colonist who produced this:

"Adding to Waters' concerns is the fact that the letter warning her of the security breach was itself mishandled. A note accompanying the letter says, "in the last few days you may have received a copy of this letter addressed to someone else. This was due to a clerical error and we sincerely apologize for this mistake." The note advises clients to return unopened warning letters to the government, or destroy ones that were "accidentally opened."" SNIP
In closing the University of Victoria's web site is:

Whereas the search base used by the TC and PAB was:

uvic.academia is not the same, nowhere near Victoria BC.....
Now this little document, along with others, was put in place to stop "employees" and Contractors from breaching privacy rights.... in June of 2008

Holy smoke ... I didn't even know we had an OIP.

That's almost as good as having an ILK.

But not really.



Why is it, now that the dust has settled onto the shoulders of Richard Wainwright aka Richard Perran, and his Spouse called Gillian, last name unknown, both government employees, both fired.... Fired that the reaction that the BC Liberals are going through is SO reminiscent of when David Basi, Bobby Virk and Aneal Basi were let go?

I'm not suggesting that Wainwright/Perran is anywhere near to that of the BC Rail billion dollar sale but......but..... these two cases, if Wainwright is ever charged... and it took the Crown a year to arrive at that in the case of BC Rail... but this instance, this identity theft better described as identity fraud, is another case of BREACH of TRUST don't you think.

Its not so much the breaching, its the knee jerk reaction of how the BC Liberals react to the truth being known by the public.

Listen...... can't you almost hear the scratch, scratch, scratch of the BC government trying to cover their tracks. Emails are being sent out for disposal, again....

PAB is in the thick of this, so is The Premier's Office staff.

I wonder if lawyer Bolton is willing to take on another case!
In 2007 the BC Government hired Richard Ernest Perran as a Supervisor without his having a driver's license (its on record, below, that he never completed his Learners). No big deal I suppose, not having a driver's license, but then again it would have given the Hiring Team in the BC Government one more piece of evidence that the guy they were interviewing with over the phone, YES over the phone interviews, was for real.

Or maybe, once Richard Perran secured his BC Government job he did drive.... a government car, hybrid too, without a license.

Who doles out these government cars, did they ASK for proof of his driver's license and then he, being the fraudster that he is held up his "Richard Ernest Wainwright" driver's license with his thumb on the word "WAINWRIGHT"...... and said "YES, here I am" with fingers crossed behind his back.

Now I wonder how many employees, of the 30,000, have been hired without being asked for some form of photo identification?


""This technology will provide strong protection against identity theft and fraud, and help prevent prohibited drivers from obtaining licences in false names," the B.C. government said in a Feb. 6 news release.

Exactly one week later, on Feb. 13, Richard Ernest Wainwright walked into an ICBC customer centre to renew his licence and pose for a new photograph, according to the information police used to obtain a search warrant.

A short time later, ICBC's facial-recognition software matched his picture to an expired learner's licence in the name of Richard Ernest Perran, the documents say."


Times Colonist Dec 4th 2009


And for the 1400 people who have had one guy steal their information for the purpose of Identity Fraud, don't forget...PhoneBusters where they say:

"PhoneBusters is currently central sourcing all pertinent information on Identity Theft to identity trends and patterns, information is also used to assist law enforcement agencies in possible investigations."

Trends, I hope not and I sure hope the Victoria RCMP have forwarded all 1400 names to PhoneBusters......
Oh but to have some names of Richard Perran's workmates at the BC government offices. The PAB department have been busy scrubbing all traces for Mr. Perran from their directories, but here's one they missed and its all thanks to a Google......hit.

a href=""

BC Government Directory, CFD - Medical Benefits - XDD
We've all heard the saying "The Buck Stops Here!

The rookie "Honourable" Ben Stewart has been on the firing line with this "recent", seven month privacy breach, but the public should be asking which Minister hired Richard Perran?

Honourable Mary Polak

Minister of Children and Family Development and Minister Responsible for Child Care
Rising demand for criminal background checks raises alarm

By Richard J. Dalton Jr., Vancouver SunDecember 10, 2009 4:02 AM

"Demand for criminal background checks for employment has ballooned, growing 40 per cent in the last year, the BC Concessionaires, a security organization, said Wednesday."


"Loukidelis said B.C. already has legislation to require background clearance for workers who deal with children and vulnerable adults. The legislature would have to expand the law to deal with other workers who might come into contact with children if politicians feel such an amendment is necessary."


Which should mean that when MLA Polak staff hired Richard Ernest Perran they should have found a clean bill of health because he didn't exist on this planet until two years ago when she hired him.

His timeline of existence was all of maybe three months, that's the time between he was release, early, from prison to the time that he applied for the job with the BC Liberal government.

Just how many other public servants have been hired, possibly based on looking at the advertisement and then concluding that all they have to do to get the job is to GIVE the Hiring Team what they want to hear. Yes there is a category called Hiring Team in the BC Liberal government, where to save money they do their work over the phone with the applicant.

It was Victoria's Times Colonist newspaper that broke the story on Mr. Perran leading a double life from his criminal past as Richard Ernest Wainwright. Criminal
checks rise 40%
. The second source for the story is sought from this gentleman: "Darrell Evans, executive director of the B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association. "We're just gradually going toward a society without privacy."

If anyone should have had a background check it should be the Operations Supervisor who was looking after women and children and their private information.

What happened Minister Pollak? What went wrong? Who does the criminal checks for the BC Liberal Government? "BC Concessionaires", is this your security organization that checks up on your employees to be..........
Anyone doing criminal checks for the British Columbia government is probably checking in the wrong direction. In BC the biggest, slimiest and most harmful criminals are all at the top - starting with the Capo hisself - Lord Gord Campbell!

I was notified of a great comment over at Laila's this morning. Someone overheard an elderly lady expressing the hope that she lived long enough to witness both Campbell's and Harper's funerals...harsh but appropriate!

Lemme get this straight.

You were notified

(by someone)

of a great comment

somewhere else ...

by someone

who overheard

someone else expressing hope ...
Ask Google a stupid question.... and its quite surprising the answer that comes back.

Did you know that the BC Liberal Government has a website covering Criminal checks on BC government employees. Yep. Its right here under Kash Heed's domain of the Solicitor General of British Columbia. However those individuals who must comply with the act sort of reminds of the Federal Gun Registry where it's the HONEST folks who were penalized and the crooks didn't give a damn and kept on using their weapons to kill the innocent, the police, and each other who are in the drug trade.

The former SG introduced the facial recognition software technology in February and within two months it had nailed Richard Ernest Wainwright as being the same person as Richard Ernest Perran (who had applied for a learner's license which had expired). Then the PAB sat on the information for seven months.

Whereas the old standby of fingerprinting which has been around for ages...... and didn't Richard Wainwright jump for joy when he realized that no one was going to check his "Richard Perran" fingerprints against that of the possibility that they would match a known felon.

You'd think that someone that was being hired by the Provincial government as an Operations Manager would be required to be fingerprinted to verify that he wasn't a sexual offender. If his fingerprints didn't match anyone then prints would be destroyed, to protect the innocent....... And talking of the innocents, here is a complete list of individuals who do have to present their fingerprints to be checked by the RCMP:

"Under the Criminal Records Review Act all individuals (current or new to their position or circumstance) who work with children, or have unsupervised access to children in the ordinary course of their employment, or in the practice of an occupation, or registered students in a post secondary institution who will work with children, and who are employed by or licensed by, or receive operating funds from the provincial government are included under the act. Positions such as:
* Members of governing bodies such as teachers, doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, optometrists, and physical and massage therapists
* Registered students in a post secondary institution who will work with children
* Licensed child care providers
* Licence-not-required child care providers registered with the provincial Child Care Resource and Referral Program
* School and hospital staff, including secretaries and cleaners
* Volunteers in child care facilities (licensed or licence-not-required) and licensed after school programs, but not to other volunteers or to individuals working with vulnerable adults.
* Residents age 12 and older, at licensed and licence-not-required child care facilities.

Criminal Record Checks

Types of Criminal Record Checks:

"A criminal record check is a review of any outstanding charges, stay of proceedings, recognizances under Section 810, 810.1 and 810.2 of the Criminal Code of Canada, conditional discharges, pardons, charges diverted to alternative measures or convictions of the 62 relevant offences as identified in the Criminal Records Review Act. Relevant offences also include an offence in a jurisdiction outside of Canada. In addition, the federal Criminal Records Act allows access to pardoned sexual offences. For information on pardons, visit website: National Parole Board.

Criminal record checks are conducted for many purposes and can also be conducted by municipal police or RCMP detachments. The difference is that criminal record checks done through the provincial government’s Criminal Record Review Program are only done for individuals who fall under the Criminal Records Review Act.

There's a list of 62 items that the police check, Identity Fraud is not one of them. Too bad because the tone, I think that's the right word to use here, the tone of the Act is to protect children from physical or sexual attack from a person who is in a position of Trust.

Richard Ernest Wainwright aka Richard Ernest Perran could have sought out any Operation Supervisor positions in the BC Government, and he would have been hired, but this guy chose to pick Ministry of Children and Family Development and Minister Responsible for Child Care, a department loaded with vulnerable women and children, and he specifically selected 1400 data files.

Its time to update this Act to cover Identity Thieves and Fraudsters.
Government investigates employee who allegedly e-mailed information Employee accused of e-mailing information from provincial files to someone in the U.S.

"The B.C. government is investigating an employee who allegedly e-mailed sensitive government information to someone in the United States, the Times Colonist has learned.

The privacy breach centres on an employee in the Ministry of Housing and Social Development, who is accused of using a personal e-mail account on a government computer and sending information from provincial files to an unknown recipient in the U.S., said Ben Stewart, B.C.'s minister responsible for privacy and citizens' services.

"They were e-mailing files inappropriately from the office to another person," Stewart said yesterday. "We don't exactly know who this other individual is, but it's believed they could be in the United States.""

If the crook within government can so easily take the public's Private information with it only become apparent because of a fluke investigation what does that say about what may have transpired during the time BC Rail was being sold off to CN Rail for a song?
Day by day the facts are slowly coming out from the MSM. Did I say facts, like in plural?

Yesterday it was the Times Colonist, today its the Vancouver Sun, both articles written by Rob Shaw.

"Exactly what information was sent, and for what purpose the border guard was using it, remains the focus of a government investigation launched last month, and made public by Victoria's Times Colonist Friday. The investigation will also look at the employee's e-mail history to determine if other privacy breaches occurred."

We are now informed that in this latest case of Ben Stewart defending the slowness by which the government has been required to send off three more letters to individuals to notify them that their Privacy rights have been invaded by someone from within the employees working for the Government of BC...... it was a SHE and the US border guards gender has not been released.

All that has been reported is that its "believed that the B.C. civil servant and border guard had some sort of personal relationship, sources said."

Might we go so far as to say that it was initiated by the US over the BC remains to be released until two investigations are completed, one from the Government the other from the BC privacy watch dog, David Loukidelis better known as our independent information and privacy commissioner.
Thanks to Vaughn Palmer for not letting this late Friday report slip past the public.

Reports on security breach tell tale of bureaucratic bumbling

By Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun January 30, 2010


"Why did it take another three months for government to revoke his computer access?

Why did they not get around to firing him until Oct. 22? Or firing his wife (who was in a no less sensitive government post) until Nov. 13?

And why was it Dec. 4 -- eight months after those confidential documents were seized in compromising circumstances -- before government finished informing all 1,400 clients of the possible breach of their personal privacy?

The government's answers to those and other questions were set out in two reports released Friday. They were commissioned back in December, after the story came to light via some exceptional reporting by Lindsay Kines, Les Leyne and Rob Shaw from the Victoria Times Colonist.

Together the reports tell a tale of bureaucratic fumbling, stumbling and bumbling, so consistently awful as to constitute a textbook case on how not to do things where public trust is paramount.

There were so many screw-ups, the investigators grouped them into three separate headings, for ease of understanding."

I'm just seeing this story now and want to add my 2 cents.

Last summer I had a record check done. I was handed a yellow piece of paper with some text and a ink signature attesting to my lack of a record.

It dawned on me later that anyone so inclined could have easily forged that document. There wasn't any security measures. No special watermarked paper (such as used with paper money) and not even a embossed stamp.

I contacted the commissionaires and it turns out they only started using a paper embosser late last year!

How'da'ya like them apples?

So even if people had records checks done - they could have easily been forged... up until late 2009.

They also need to stop giving records checks certificates to the people the check was run on if it's for employment. It should go to the employer, with a copy sent to the person.
9:00 PM,

I hope somebody "in the know" picks up on your suggestion and improves the system. I assume the flaw in the system allows a bad record to turn up without anything bad on it ... ?

Wow. Best place on earth, right?
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