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Trainmen talking about BC Rail ...

Railroad Forum ... sightings, credits, history ... a little treat for BC Rail buffs.
See it here.

With a BC Rail video: the treacherous climb at 2.2% up through the desert out of Lillooet, BC.


bc mary, i am getting tired and bored hearing about bc railmen, small town bcers, broken promises by campbell, etc and so on. Lets just get this basi virk basi thing to trial and let the defence do their thing. enough already about the poor, woe is me, bc rail men and their lot in life. clearly, if the people of bc cared, they woujld vote out campbell and his crew of yes men, scoundrels and charlotains. and methinks they would do just that if carole james was not such a hopeless alternative.

yes, carole james nad her ndp hacks and the fools who voted for them are as much to blame for this mess the children who created it are.
Oh, please, Anon 9:13,

let me peel you a grape and fan your feverish brow ... you're right, it's so damnably unfair to you that BC Mary can't make the trial of Basi, Virk, and Basi happen.

But see (snap, snap!), I'm snapping my fingers ... but nothing is happening. Oh, I forgot (and so did you), today is a holiday for New Year's day.

But if you promise to keep paying me that high salary with unlimited time off, I'll promise to be back on the job Monday, January 4, 2010 snapping my fingers some more which I'm sure will make Madam Justice MacKenzie hurry down to the Vancouver Court House and order the BC Rail trial to begin.

And I like your new spelling of "charlatains", it's like bad people named Charlotte who steer ships at sea, right? And "Methinks" is such a turn-on. Wow. You are somethin' else, 9:13. Take the rest of the weekend off, eh?

Happy New Year.

Thanks for reminding me that carole james nad her ndp hacks and the fools who voted for them are as much to blame for this mess the children who created it are.

I had forgotten that important point.
I'd like to ask your anon (possibly PAB employee) above a question.
If you were ripped off for your well earned (and I'm not saying the PAB is well earned) pension would you have the same attitude that you have here?
And as far as voting Campbell out: how can you vote out someone who times their lies till after an election.
And what can I say about the present NDP opposition? Well they haven't got one dime out of me since the election and they won't get any until I see some action here. Not just lip service but real action. Start treating Campbell with the same respect he showed Judy Tiabji and Gordon Wilson. Or the same respect he showed us with the HST. There is not enough space here to say what I think about his giveaway of our railway and all the monies that went into programs such as health, schools, or social programs.
Gary E.

I fail to see any connection between my attitude here and my pension, should it have been ripped off and well earned.

Into the drink tonight?
Let me say first of all I don't drink.
Then let me observe there is no denial from anon that he is not PAB.
And finally anon why don't you look up the BC Rail pensions that were ripped off by CN when they were paid to take our railway. Then you may see the connection to your statement.
Hi Gary E. Would anyone from PAB promote that the trial begin? Because that is what I am doing and what I have said.

Again, the BC RAil pensions are not mine. So I dont really see why I should care. I do care that the CEO made almost 600K one year, which seems grossly out of line considering the size of operations. Yet Carole James and her NDP cohorts were unable to force the govt to justify that.

Again, I do blame the Dog (the Liberals) for biting the children in the playground. The dog should be put down. But more importantly, I blame the Owner (the people of BC, Carole James and the NDP), for letting the dog anywhere near the children, off leash, in the first place.

DOes that sound like a PAB comment?
Who voted for gordo's 3'rd so called majority win?
I would love to see BC's #1 criminal gordo be brought up on treason charges against the people of BC and the weakening of the people of Canada by selling our only publicly owned rail/way BCR to a foreign country!
Of course anyone from PAB would agitate to see the trial begin! They, like their master, are positive of the outcome...not hard when one has so much influence with the courts they're supposed to be distanced from.

As for not caring about those pensions, or even seeing why "you should care,"...I see extreme little difference between you and any Liberal sitting in government today. Matter of fact the only difference I do see is that you're willing to say something - inane, rude and ignorant...but something.
Just depends on how bad you want to hide your anonimity I guess.
Your initial response to this article was how bored you were with the railmen, small town bcers, broken promises by campbell, etc and so on.
If you have read anything on the subject of BC Rail on this or any other blog you would know that part of the purpose is to keep the illegal giveaway alive. But you, like many others are bored with it. THAT is just what this government is hoping for. If it was left up to the mainstream media this ripoff would have disappeared long ago.
As far as the pensions not being yours, that is typical of I'd say 50% of the voters in this province.
I forget the exact wording but it goes something like: they came for the jews and I didn't defend them, they came for the blacks and I didn't defend them and when they came for me there was no one left to defend me.
And please don't pick apart this example I think you get the message.
Mary,as you know I've been quite ill, but I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you, and I look forward to another successful year of blogging by your virtual side!

May I say that my biggest wish is that justice is served and the REAL criminals at work in the province are revealed for who, and what they are,in a very public manner.

Time to open all eyes wide, on a large scale.

Many thanks indeed ... and best wishes to you and the family for your challenging year ahead.

I can't wait to hear what unfolds in your future!

And isn't it wonderful the way vigorous bloggers have taken up the battle for BC Rail, BC Hydro, BC Ferries, and against all the general low-down double-dealing that's passed for government and Opposition in the past decade?!

The highlight of the New Year would be, I think, to see a heavily-loaded ore truck run over Gordo's foot while he's preening and posing for another photo op.

But what I really care about most of all that we find out - by evidence given under oath at the Basi-Virk trial - HOW the BC Rail deal went down. From that in my view, we'll know how the other Crown assets were tossed aside ... and stop the rot.

If the BC Opposition wants to assist in that duty of care, it'd be wonderful. But do they? That's what I'm hoping you'll find out in 2010.

Rebuild your strength, and then let us know how we can help.
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