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From BC Mary: best wishes

for a


Spirits of the past and present,
keep evil sorts at bay;
harmony and joy prevail,
at the turning of the day.

Posted by Ceritanne:

Hi Mary,

I counted. There were, in total including the three engines...176 rolling stock. We all know what has happened in the past when CN hauls long lines of railcars through BC mountain passes.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Merry Christmas to you, Mary.

I'd like to say that Santa had a life-sized train for you and all of the citzens of BC, but that might be just too hard for him to make happen. None-the-less, I'll be making our finding all the truth about the sale of BC Rail my New Year's wish.

Peace be with you, SIG
Merry Christmas to you too Mary. I'm sure we regular visitors to your site are all feeling a bit downhearted about recent indicators, but I just want to say that you have reason to feel happy this Christmas because you have lived up to a high ideal - just like Jesus probably would have if he was around in this day and age. Not many people have your courage or determination. It is a gift and I thank you for it.
Merry Christmas to you and your as well BC Mary. Thankyou for a great wealth of information on this blog. And further thanks to others who helped supply that information.
Many thanks for your positive thoughts, S.i.G., you've been such a strong voice this past year; can't thank you enough.

And yes, I do see a life-sized train for British Columbia's future.

I believe in the power of visualizing ... do you? I think it's important to know -- and to imagine -- what it is we hope for. So yes, I hope for a BC Rail that is ours again. And hey, my name is MARY which has to count for something at this time of year.

One of the first thing we'll do with BC Rail restored to public ownership is re-instate the BCR Passenger Service between North Vancouver and Prince George ... maybe even beyond ... and because it's OUR railway again, we'll hang in during the rough years until it's once again profitable, once again known as one of the world's greatest railway tours. It could be a stunning lesson in "Super-Natural British Columbia - ours to preserve and protect."

Imagine it as simple advertising - people going home to tell other people about the priceless beauty of NATURAL BRITISH COLUMBIA.

And then there's the freight service which should serve BC towns and villages first, and "Gateway fantasies" under different rules ...

But I digress. No ... I'm not digressing ... this is imagining how important we all are in repairing the damage, restoring and healing British Columbia.

Heck, I can even hear the conductor calling ... All aboard ... !.
To Anonymous 12:50,

A special Merry Christmas to you, too ...

you've no idea how much it helps me, to know what you've just said.

I carry on this work because of a sense of trust in people ... but I'm never absolutely sure until someone like you or S.i.B. says it in so many words.

We're all together in this Battle for B.C., and we've been blessed insofar as the Legislature raids, then Basi, Virk, Basi have allowed us to see what's really going on in the current government. And I mean this current government which is worse than any I've ever known.

Readers are aware that I've lost faith in political parties. I figure partisan politics are a cruel joke played upon the public to keep us squabbling and distracted.

There's no "Right", no "Left", no "Green", no "Up", no "Down" ... they're all the same virtual Wal-marts advertising their cheap wares, not caring a damn about us or the province.

I will never forget the adroit lesson provided by Leonard Krog (Opposition Justice Critic) on July 14, 2009 when he preferred to betray the province rather than lift a hand to help.

So what's left? Only the people: you and me, and I don't care what else you believe in, as long as you believe that British Columbia is worth saving and that BC Rail is our key to saving the province.

That's why I say: we must never give up ... we must never wring hands and declare ourselves doomed ... if you do that, you'll sure as heck be doomed.

So picture us winning.

Picture the day when the premier's e.mails find their way into the BC Rail courtroom. Also the wire taps. The correspondence. We know it's all there.

First we'll hear the Prosecution's case. Imagine those happy moments when familiar cabinet ministers take the witness stand, to tell under oath what they know ... and when Michael Bolton, Kevin McCullough, and Joe Doyle rise to cross-examine ...

Maybe the powers-that-be have been hoping to discourage us ... hoping we'd begin asking for the case to be thrown out for taking too long. Hoping we, the peop,e, would never hear what led up to the give-away of BC Rail, and the similar, subsequent treacheries which led to the crippling of BC Hydro and BC Ferries, sale of BC Gas, etc. etc. No chance we're forgetting.

We absolutely must hear this trial explained under oath. Picture it. Imagine it. And hope for it.

That's my New Year wish for us all.
Two things to hope santa will bring. A lump of coal in Gordo's stocking, and a judge who gets this darm case up and finished in the new year. Hope springs eternal
Good ideas, DPL ...

Merry Christmas Mary! Let our hope for the New Year be "real" justice in BC....
Happy Christmas Mary, all the very best for 2010.
thank you G West!

Lets home for the sake of ALL british columbians that those charged with these crimes go to trial, and the truth comes out. if they are guilty, they should be sentenced to the full extent of the law.

I just hope that any other wrong doing by any others, if any, and lots have been alleged in this forum, that comes from this trial are held accountable for their actions. But remember, there is a BIG difference between what you can PROVE and what you think on a balance might of happened.

And becuase of that, there are too many criminals walking among us.

Perpahs the Laws need to be changed so that it isnt so hard to get crooks behind bars? We need to build more capacity in the penal system, and stream line the courts so that endless delays do not result.

Those who disagree with that are, imho, crooks themselves, or freinds of crooks.
I agree with anony 10:46. Anyone who commits a crime should be in jail. We need more jails, enuf of all this due process bs!! We need people who are more than likely, more than probably guilty, IN JAIL!!

Did OJ Simpson do it? Apparently he did, yet was still found NOT GUILTY. Not guilty. I hear that jails are over represeted by African Americans. Yet OJ was found innocent. But wait ...!

he sits in jail becuase of roughing up a pawn shop owner. He is found not gulity of murdering his ex wife and the fella she was having coffee with, but goes to prison becuase of a spat over sports memorobilia.

What does that say for our society?

Imaging, the BC Ferry sunk 2 dead and NO ONE held accountable.

If this thing doesnt go to trial and soon, I will lose all faith ...

Here's the good news. O.J. Simpson wasn't / isn't part of "our society"

so no need for despair.

Merry Christmas.
BC Mary, thank you for your comments; regardless to whether you think OJ belongs or not, do you think he commited those murders?
I'd be more interested to know whether you think Conrad Black is guilty, and should be locked up in a U.S. jail for 6-1/2 years?
yet I am more interested in OJ Simpson. I see mamy similarities in the Defence tactics, the lengthy trial, amd aquital.

and I asked you first. Do you think OJ Simpson killed those 2 people, yes or no?
No opinion on O.J. Simpson. Better ask a U.S. citizen who has followed the case.

But I did think that there were aspects of how the Conrad Black case was handled in Chicago, that would be helpful if they were possible under our laws in B.C.
Which aspects, specifically? Are you suggesting that if tried in Canada, Black would not have seen the inside of a Jail for 1 day, let alone 6.5 yrs? If so, then I agree with you.

On OJ, dont have to be a US citizen to have an opinion. The trial and issue was in Canadians faces for a year. Unless you lived under a rock, you would be aware of and have an opinion. I am cursious as to why you refuse to say whether you think OJ did it.
No, I refer to the process by which Lord Black was brought to trial in the U.S.

I've answered you fully on the topic of O.J. I have no opinion on O.J., Michael Jackson or Tiger Woods either. Why? Because I think it's silly to waste time on U.S. celebrity gossip.

Plus: that's not the topic on this site.
Mary, keep up the "great" work. Here is a very interesting read.


(Happy New Year to all the wonderful people who contribute to this blog, and are keeping an eye on all of the questionable dealings of this government.)
Best wishes to you, too, Curt.

Thanks for the TERRACE DAILY ONLINE tip ... I've been watching them steadily too ... a courageous, intelligent little news service.

Merv Ritchie makes it clear, what the Supreme Court of Canada has done for us with the new ruling on libel ... the protection this provides for people (like us) sincerely trying to get the news published.

There's so much to be said about things we know to be true but can't prove ...

Like, I hold Gordon Campbell responsible for the loss of BC Rail ... and much else.

So it was reassuring to read Merv's story on that key letter (which is "before the court" in Terrace) Steve Wilson wrote to the premier. Well, actually, it wasn't reassuring at all ...

but at least we get to see it ... and can write about it. More on this Dec. 28.
Easily I to but I think the list inform should acquire more info then it has.
11:46, I was hoping you'd come back here and tell us what you meant to say ...

seems like something got chopped out of your comment.

Happy New Year.
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