Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Basi-Virk lawyers agree to drop pretrial motions

Long-delayed trial moves one step closer to starting after defence abandons contentious points - but no word on what Crown gave up

The Globe and Mail - Jan. 12, 2010

VANCOUVER — Negotiations are under way between defence lawyers and prosecutors in a political corruption case that has intrigued and tantalized British Columbians for nearly six years.

In a series of intense meetings - which have gone on for several hours at a time - lawyers defending Dave Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi have agreed to abandon three key motions that until now have seemed crucial to the defence case.

Read Mark Hume's full column HERE.


Defence concessions will likely move Basi-Virk trial ahead

Times Colonist (CanWest News Service) - Jan. 12, 2010

Click HERE for Keith Fraser's report.


Well it seems the 'game' is still being played by the prosecution and defense. One really has to wonder if one of the real reasons for drawing out this trial is to keep the alleged 'bribers' from being charged? Is there a limitation on bringing charges or what. Has a deal been made to have the taxpayers cover costs of defense? Is the (p)remier's present rosy outlook on remaining for the rest of 'his golden decade' an indication that the fix is in or about to be? He who has the lust for gold rules.
Ooops, I got so interested in your questions I forgot that ANONYMOUS comments are no longer being accepted on this web-site.

Good questions!

Don't know all the answers but I'm sure of one thing: it's the people who can rule if they believe in themselves.

And I think "He who lusts for gold" is extremely vulnerable to truth-telling and trials for the next few weeks.

Vancouver will be swarming with International Press hungry for things to write about. Italy has Berlusconi but we have Gordo, eh?

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The disrespect of Canada's justice system is a sad joke. Whats worse is that there doesn't seem to be a need for the feds to step in...Maybe we don't need a federal government.

Gordo would love it, (like a true blue Reform Party member) if we got rid of the Federal Government.

But the surge of public anger over shutting down the House of Commons tells us that Canadians do care a lot, and have respect for justice itself.

We seem to have caught some sort of disease from the George W. Bush Gang, however ... and we need to push back hard.

I.m.o., it's dead wrong to give up. Say or do something every day, to help push BC and Canada back on the rails again, and moving forward.

Sorry if that sounds like a wind-up doll making a prepared speech ... but it isn't. It worries me a lot when good people start talking about giving up.

And I say again: Gordo is BC's worst problem and Gordi is extremely vulnerable to the truth right now.
Are you OK Mary? It is unusual to have no activity at all for so long on this site, so I can't help but be a little concerned for you (which works well for my new name).
To Concerned Citizen,

I'm OK, thank you C.C., and I was wondering about "no activity" from commentors too ...

I've been a bit pre-occupied with another issue (or two, or six) as well ... the shocking situation in Haiti (wanna see a story on "How did Haiti get so poor?" it's here:
Haitian Earthquake: Made in the USA

by Ted Rall.

or, as another commentor said, "Like British Columbia under Campbell circa 2075" ...

also sorta holding my breath until Jan. 19 [look up ... wayyy up, for details] ... and noting, in particular, that

we have entered that creepy 30-day envelope of time leading up to the opening of "the" games where Nothing Bad Must Happen in the News Even If It Does Happen, and

just generally trying to find my way through. And I bet you know what I mean, too. And doesn't that say it all? It's good to know you're there, watching.

Many thanks, C.C. I think we'd do well to be watching out for one another, for the next while. Just sayin' ...
US government now warning Americans traveling to Vancouver about . . . Olympic terrorist risks.

The "Campbell Ego Games" have turned into a police state-insane asylum with a black hole budget.

The stockpiling snow story is complete BS, if the warm weather keeps up there's going to be a huge problem, they may try and move alpine stuff to Revelstoke or Big White...

I was more than curious about that manufactured snowpile myself ... I mean, how much tarp to "cover it" ... and aren't tarps coloured (ie, drawing the sun's heat) ... and wouldn't they become giant balls of ice after a while ...
People in alpine sports around here have always wondered why they didn't risk assess the weather with more diligence before even making the Olympic bid. There are not infrequent years where the freezing level stays high and has a particular impact on mountains like Cypress. Even Whistler Blackcomb (which is higher) can have problems in those years. The security gig is even more nutso, and is the real scandal of the Olympic Games, they've gone crazy and spent a BILLION dollars buying equipment and building a massive oppressive presence where there is little if any risk. Its astounding no one has overseen the RCMP on this. What a mess.

The stockpiling snow story is actually quite funny, somebody was up a night or two coming up with that one for public consumption. The weather might change but if it doesn't, look out North Shore Mountains, its summer !!!
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