Monday, January 11, 2010


Basi Virk: a plea bargain? with updates

It looks like Basi-Virk trial will never happen ...

Click HERE for Bill Tieleman's report on  this morning's Basi Virk Basi / BC Rail pre-trial hearing in BC Supreme Court.

Pre-trial motions not likely in much-delayed Basi Virk trial

By Keith Fraser
CanWest - Jan. 11, 2009

Read his whole report HERE.

Defence drops several pre-trial motions at Basi-Virk trial

By Neal Hall
Vancouver Sun - Jan. 11, 2010

Read the column HERE.


Hi Mary - I've substantially revised my story online since this morning based on a review of the two hearings and other information. I now believe there are reasonable grounds to think a trial could take place this spring, despite my earlier misgivings.
I think your mistaken Mary....According to the story I just read in the Vancouver sun(amazing)

There will be no plea bargain...The reason,if they plea bargain Basi/Virk would have to pay their own legal fees.

As far as I'm concerned this "trial" has been a setup from the very beginning. It has made a number of lawyers exceedingly wealthy, while running sufficiently long to give it an air of legitimacy.

One more time BC'ers get to pay for the corruption of this government. No wonder the MLA's don't give a shit about what we have to say, or how we feel - they know they don't have to. Campbell has taught them well. On both sides of the aisle.
But Leah ... we can't give up,

can we?
We can't, nor should we. We should be prepared for how we'll feel when he walks though, as I strongly doubt Integrity will walk thru the door anytime soon. Or in time to make a difference either.

On either side of the aisle.
Leah ...

so realistically, then, we're picturing ourselves on a squirrel's wheel running endlessly, getting nowhere ... because anything can happen ... or because Gordo might possibly walk??

But ... Gordo is far from triumphant right now.

And right now is where it counts. Gordo is one sitting duck, flanks exposed, liar liar pants on fire exposed.

It's risky business, imo, to imagine ourselves defeated and accepting "how we'll feel when he walks" even before it happens. Because it's here and now that the people decide that it may never happen.

The only way to prepare for doom is to prevent it, right?

I'm going to imagine you as Warrior Princess, sword held high ... and the magnificent horse you're riding has just dropped another basketful of ammo ...

Have a look at Mark Hume's column today ... it ain't over til we say it's over, Leah.

Wouldn't you say that we, the people, are lucky to have Bolton, McCullough, and Doyle in court where it almost seems as if they're more on the side of British Columbians than the Crown Prosecutor is.

And last year, at this time, weren't we hoping for a B.C. without CanWest? ... we dared to imagine that ... and just look: it happened. Miracle? Divine Intervention? Whatever. It happened.
Grant G. re if you are right about no plea bargain, that is, the defense would have to pay their own legal bill, i see a problem with that.

number one, the province has already paid, havent they?

number two, who on earth can afford to pay the legal fees? Give your heads a shake??!!! The bill has to be in the million dollar range by now. WHat hope is there for that being collected by the province?
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