Monday, January 11, 2010


Confirmed: pretrial conferences for both A.L.R. charges(Dave Basi, Jim Duncan, Tony Young) and BCRail charges (Basi, Virk, Basi)

Case #134750-1-D begins at 9:30 AM today, January 11, 2010

Case #134750 involves Dave Basi, James Duncan and Tony Young in matters concerning land removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve in Sooke, B.C., for the purposes of building a large housing development. 

HMTQ v. "Limited Access" covering all three Accused.  And then ...

Case #23299 begins at 10:00 AM in the same courtroom, involving Aneal Basi, "Limited Access", and Bobby Virk.


Things will start to move along in 2010. Mackenzie J has good control of her courtoom and will want to hear the evidence and move the case along finally.
Judging by some of her first decisions this judge appears to me to be steering this case toward either a stay or outright dismissal.
And I allege that will be to cover Gordos butt.
As long as no one in politics, or the corrupted justice ladder has good control of her - all is well.
Unfortunately Gary E. - I totally agree with you. That's why the dicktater isn't all stressed out - he knows exactly what's going to happen, and when.
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