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Gordo's Mistress

 Do you use "Google Alerts"?? I do, and they're very helpful ... like the old-style clipping service where spotters search for news stories on any subject of your choice, and for a fee, they clip and save all the news stories they could find on that particular subject. Google Alerts do that for free, simply for the asking. 

Two of my requests are for news of 1) Gordo, or 2) Lara Dauphinee, Lara being the Deputy Chief of Staff to the BC Premier, and also his Executive Assistant, whose large salary is paid by the taxpayers of BC.  But rarely does her name show up.  Yesterday, it showed up.

But please don't ask me what this item means, as I have no idea. I did NOT ask for items about anybody's "Mistress" but this is exactly how it arrived. Frankly, I have never seen such a thing before. Tell me what you think it means ...

Google Web Alert for: "Lara Dauphinee"

RE: Gordo's Mistress

First of all it is Lara Dauphinee, and she is most definately not related at all to Kathy Baldazzi. Kathy (not Cathy) is the wife and radio partner of Fred ...

This posting has been deleted by its author.

And if you follow this Link to Craig's List, it says only:

(The title on the listings page will be removed in just a few minutes.)

For what it's worth, another "Google Alert" arrived today, Jan. 26, 2010 which makes even less sense. It's also responding to the topic "Lara Dauphinee" and here's what it says:

RE: Campbell's Secretary (here)

You may be getting confused with his old press sexretary/personal assistant LaraDauphinee, but has now been bumped up the ladder at tax payer expense. ...

On the next page, it says:

This posting has been deleted by its author.


This is a new strategy ... a repeat of the previous "Google Alert" which is obviously bogus (they think an Executive Assistant means a secretary), originating from Vancouver CraigsList, and the message is "This posting has been deleted by its author." Big deal.

It has no form or function, so I don't exactly get it.

Is it possible that somebody is so fed up with Campbell that they're just kicking  sand in his face?


Hi ... I forgot to tell you that Anonymous comments are no longer allowed on this site, so please pick a User Name for yourself ...

may I suggest Gordo-Watcher?

Also, I'm wondering if there are two threads on the topic of Gordo, as the one you found is different from the one I received:

RE: Gordo's Mistress

First of all it is Lara Dauphinee, and she is most definately not related at all to Kathy Baldazzi. Kathy (not Cathy) is the wife and radio partner of Fred ...

This posting has been deleted by its author.

What do you think?
Craigslist rants'n raves seems similar to UseNet groups like soc.culture.canada and bc.politics - but layered over with actual anonymity, as craiglist shields its posters from surveillance (unless subpoena'd or whatever that's called in Canada). Not a reliable source at all, except as a barometer of opinion and a monitor for troll activity.

Looking through other entries I found this:

Might be from the same poster, hard to say - though I daresay the comment that he lies to his wife is unlikely; his wife isn't blind and plays the role of a "political wife" in grim, if smiling and waving, silence.

It's also worth speculating that if he lies to his wife, and to the public, he probably also lies to his mistress.....though this is starting to fall in the category of the old double-blind question "how many times a day do you beat your wife?". Again, I don't think his wife is blind, and while the public isn't the media continues to pretend that they are.

All I can say, really, is that the story is lurid enough that one day his mistress, or someone else, is going to accept payment from a tell-all publisher to spill the beans.....if this were the US or the UK it would have happened already......
Hmmm. appears to be a treasure trove:

is titled "re: so we pay $120,000 a year to get gordo laid"....I haven't found the original post that's in response to yet. The content of the one linked is "
It's kind of sad that he has to pay for it.............. it's sadder still that he think British Columbia is also his whore. "

Eliot Spitzer paid for his with the public nickel....perhaps he should have given her a job with the State of New York....(then there would have been no crossing of state lines).
I always thought Craig's list was a place where citizens sold clapped-out cars, old refrigerators, etc.

That's partly what surprised me when "Gordo's Mistress" popped up on a Google Alert.

And frankly, I have to hold my nose to read anything about Gordo's private life. That's not the point of interest.

What offends many people is the simple fact that BC taxpayers foot the bill for this employee's fat salary and expense account but are so quickly shooed off from asking about Lara Dauphinee or her work record.

So far as I can see, Lara lives a privileged life of 100% NONaccountability while being one of the most powerful and highly-paid staffers in the province.

That's the point. That, plus why this odd little truncated comment showed up in my mailbox this a.m.
Again, can't find the original, but.....
Someone just said, in a link to Craig's list, that Lara Duphinee's salary is $120,000. a year. Wrong. It's more. Way more.

2 years ago, it was $138,926. (2007-2008), so it's significantly bigger now.

Plus, Ms Lara runs up the highest expense account of anybody on the government payroll.

Then, to see how well Ms Lara is protected, go to The Tyee for April 29, 2009 and read the article headlined:
Huge Pay Raises, the Silent Issue

and in particular, notice how many times people trying to discuss the facts about Ms Dauphinee's employment, get their comments cut off or censored.

Even "G West" who is well known on this blog as a careful commentor with good information to share.

That's the unpleasant part of the Gordo + Lara story, in my view.
Mary,this showed up in my aggregator as well, but what I found was an excerpt taken from your site of our photo purchased from Flunging photos....that was all the aggreagator showed, because when I clicked on the link,I got the same as all of you: removed by author.

Over the last year, I've had the misfortune to have a couple of my posts posted in the Rants and Raves section of CL, which is never a good thing because all the wackos in the world post there. Read a little and you will get what I mean. I got so much spam as a result of the links posted and as hard as I could try, the admins wouldnt remove it for several days.

From the Google inquiries showing on my stats in the last few weeks, I would say someone is doing their damned best to take Gordo down, and are willing to go pretty far to do it.
I think this is the original Craig list post which you Mary posted the response to. The question of the day is, why does this come up now, in 2010?

are Fred and Cathy beards? (Maui)

Date: 2010-01-20, 10:15AM PST

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Are they there so Gordon Campbell can meet his mistress without attracting attention? Is Daphne, Cathy's sister, that mistress? Was she there in Maui when Gordon drove drunk that early morning and got caught? Are Fred and Cathy beards?

Whats a beard? a cover up????
Beards are a cover-up, like the wife of a 100% gay man is a classic beard.

Skookum, as distasteful as Mary and myself find even the thought of Gordo's private life - it IS relevant and VERY suspect. Personally as far as I'm concerned a politician can have a mistress (apparently expected in many European countries, a man without a mistress or two being not macho enough or worthy of leadership?) or boyfriend.

However once Gordo and his minions used Gordon Wilson and Judy Tyabi's relationship to steal the liberal party, the hypocrisy factor enters big time. At least the Gordo that led the last actual BC Liberal party and Judy legitimized their relationship, and certainly paid the price politically. Many people claim that Nancy and Gordo are either divorced or separated, but you wouldn't know that from the rosy "family bus" stories that IMMEDIATELY followed Mary's postings questioning the whole Gordo + Lara scenario.

If you haven't already read, or have forgotten, search Mary's site for the postings during the election which were the result of months of research and tracking down of people like Paul Nettleton and his former legislative aide. Nancy, his wife in name only, if that, didn't appear EVER during the campaign until mere hours after Mary's post bringing attention to the strange situation regarding Lara.

Also we pay much more than $120,000 ($250,000+?) for WHATEVER it is that Lara does! The last I was aware she has two job titles and one of if not the highest expense account in government - there is a lot of travel involved in going everywhere Gordo goes, officially or otherwise.

It is also alleged that Nancy lives up Squamish or Whistler way -while Lara and Gordo and their spawn (allegedly born in the UK to avoid scrutiny in BC, as if Canned Waste would probe) live in a double blind (owned in neither name) condo in one of the gentrified 'hoods of Vancouver.

Regarding Fred and Kathy, their Hawaiian getaway digs was where Gordo embarked on his drunken Maui drive from and once in the immediate aftermath Fred began commenting on some of the circumstances but was promptly shut up by his wife and his lips have been sealed ever since about events of that evening, publically, at least. Rumor has it he (Lord Gord) headed in the opposite direction from his "official" destination - and not because he was drunk. Curious minds speculate about why he may have been heading the opposite way from where he was supposed to be staying.
There's also another part of the same set of rumours to the effect that it wasn't actually him driving, and that there was some seat-switching before the cops got to the driver window to avoid the other party in the equation be3ing named.

and given Dauphinee family input on the subject of Lara being in Palm Springs or Arizona or wherever that night, and not in begs that question who else might be one of Campbell's, er, "travelling companions". It's bit different in terms of political interest vs prurient interest, as Kathy's sister is not on the government payroll (if it was her....).

Nancy is, I believe, principal of Squamish Secondary, or one of Squamish's main schools at any rate, and she lives there......interesting about the timing of her campaign appearance vs. Mary's blog-post timing....sorta noticed that but presumed it was coincidental....nothing in politics is pure coincidence, though....

Makes one wish that Paul Nettleton had a bit more taste for full public disclosure of what he knows, instead of his modest (and perhaps fearful) quietude in the North.....
"It is also alleged that Nancy lives up Squamish or Whistler way -while Lara and Gordo and their spawn (allegedly born in the UK to avoid scrutiny in BC, as if Canned Waste would probe) live in a double blind (owned in neither name) condo in one of the gentrified 'hoods of Vancouver."

I thought our premier lived in the highrise by the ubc golfcourse and lara was (living) has an addy a floor below.
According to a tenant in a UBC Area condo the dynamic duo live a few floors above her. She rides in the elevator at times with them. It was a posting on one of these blogs about a year ago and I can't find it.
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