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Ten Predictions for BC 2010, The Decade of Consequences, by The Great Satan

If we're lucky, The Great Satan may write a regular column for us. Here's his first one ...


The pundits have referred to the zero-zero decade as the decade of change.

So in the spirit of naming the next decade I will now declare it . . . The Decade of Consequences.

I predict that as world, national & regional societies "we" are all finally going to have to pay the bill for total human systemic corruption, incompetence and over-population.

If there was a god and the bible had some truth in it then we all will be in for some real Old Testament ass-kicking.

But enough of the Hollywood Bible epic-stuff, let's get to our own little piece of Sodom and Gomorrah and my Ten Predictions. . . for the best place on earth . . . Gordon Campbell's BC.

* From now until mid-March we will hear very muffled rumblings of upheaval surrounding the over-budget and grossly mismanaged Olympics in the Campbell state controlled media.

* British Columbia in February will be awash in photo-ops as every self-created celeb from Stephen Harper to Charles Manson will be in town to be seen at Gordon Campbell's Games. The un-paying freeloader VIPs will outnumber the paying spectators. (Pamela Botox will recommend her plastic surgeon to do something about Charlie's forehead.)

* During this time, The Basigate Trial will again be delayed by more legal slight of hand or quite simply a key-witness may disappear. (Erik's foot may wash ashore in the Burrard Inlet.)

* Once Campbell's biblical epic is over the first of "BC's biblical punishments" will befall us . . . the provincial budget or more correctly the Olympic mortgage payment comes due. As bad as it will appear it will be actually far worse since Gordon & Colin are not above a little lying now and then. But one thing you can be sure of . . . the service cuts will be deep, the taxes and fees massive and the income tax rate for the $100K crowd will go down.

* Just in time for this plague on the middle class will come the BC public sector contract renewals. Expect deep cuts in staffing and pork for BC's hedonist second level elite. This will give our overpaid, lazy and incompetent public servants the chance to experience the same sodomy and suffering we have suffered over the last five years (secretly we all know many of them voted for Campbell).

* At that point the NDP and its "leader" Carole James (the second biblical punishment) will get all excited and start huffing and puffing until Carole has to take a break for publicly paid therapy and stress counseling.

* The real NDP, the labour movement, will organize demonstrations, slow-downs and dare we say "strikes" in protest to this public sector apocalypse, all the while being denounced as socialist scum by Bill Bad on NW and his six pm BS hour.

* As usual Labour in BC puts on a good show, makes lots of noise but alas accomplishes nothing.

* Spring 2010 will bring BC true Newfie-status as our Olympic Gordon Campbell mortgaged economy slides to the bottom of Stats Canada's numbers.

* July 1st, 2010 the HST sodomy hits and finally the ever suffering non-public sector has had enough and takes to the streets for a long hot summer. (Carole James, aka Charleston Heston will of course declare herself BC's Moses, take credit for all of this and proclaim herself "leader" but no one listens.)

And the freebee eleventh prediction, BC's useless and cowardly media will either not report on "the end of life as we know it" or just simply get it all wrong.



Just for clarification:

The Great Satan (Persian شيطان بزرگ Shaytan-e Bozorg) is a derogatory epithet for the United States of America in some Iranian foreign policy statements. Occasionally, these words have also been used toward the government of the United Kingdom. - Wikipedia

I guess we'll need to wait for G.S. to respond to that, as to why he chose it as his User Name.
too funny. but sad. and true. the service cuts are what worries me. the province has to be almost bust by now.
Well, he forgot one....Gordon Campbell after team Canada fails to make it to the Gold Medal game,disappears,never to be seen alive again....

His body is later found Hanging by a rope(suicide)...

Hey, I can dream too

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard's term "the GREAT SATAN" since 1979 has been certainly applied to America and on a number of occasions to Israel as well.

But even higher up the Shite fear and venom tower was and is the CIA and Mossad.

In what constitutes a reactionary "occupied state" devoid of a free press and effective Rule of Law . . . the only democratic option may be the covert one.

Educate the public and you can put away the pitchfork. If people understand there are reasonable means available to effectively make change I think they will.
In the interim I think we need proportional voting systems. To protect the publics interests from the cabals and "party" politicos who subvert the system of parliamentary democracy.

I like it ... your name, I mean. Whew! What a nice difference it makes (from this end of the telescope) to see an actual character ...

not a boring row of no-name Anonymous comments.

As for proportional voting, well, that sounds pretty good too.
BC Mary... "Sleepless" is still Anonymous or to quote from a North Vancouver Councillor who doesn't want his questions in a blog being dragged through election mud slinging sessions for the next two decades:

"I'll admit, my participation in this blog is part debate, part vitriolic diatribe, and a large part entertainment. I love to throw out an exagerated viewpoint anonymously simply to spark responses.

I support keeping the blog anonymous. Let the people decide which information they will or will not publish to the world."

To Anon 7:15 ...

This isn't big news. I do understand the meaning of the word "anonymous".

I also understand that if people wish to use their full name and address, they're perfectly free to do so. But in many cases, that's a constraint upon what they feel comfortable saying in public print.

So I'm OK with people choosing a User Name ... or choosing to sign in with only their given name.

What I'm not OK with is wall-to-wall Anons, where I can't tell one voice from another ...

as there are always a few of them who get their britches in a knot over that very thing: because I can't tell one Anon from another.

Like, duhhh. Of course I can't.

And that translates into a disjointed discussion where there's no way of knowing whether I'm continuing a previous conversation or talking to someone new.

I don't see any merit in your objection to User Names which not only preserve your anonymity but give me a chance to follow a conversation with one person or another.

It ain't rocket science, for pete's sake ... or are you determined to misunderstand?

Perhaps you're another one of those well-salaried Anons whose career is built upon objecting, thwarting, dodging ... as in Media Monitoring. Or to be more clear: Public mischief.

If signing into this blog as Bill or Bob or Sleepless or XYZ is a problem for you ... wow, I think you need to work on that yourself.

But just so you know: I'm seriously considering banning Anonymous comments altogether. As an improvement.

After all: my blog, my work, my rules. I ain't playing Blind Man's Bluff any longer.
blind man's bluff..... interesting choice of wording.

'As to tired seeing one anon after another' why not just stipulate that the word Anonymous is not one that is acceptable to your tired eyes.

Don't blow up at me like you did to the last one BC Mary.

Reduce the options, force your readers, your contributors, to choose from fewer ways of calling themselves..... but in reality they'll still be anons.
A story in this morning's Victoria paper is about a Liberal connected "doctor" whose degrees were fake. He was even the head of a hospital in Victoria. The Times Colonist has published a lot of stories about him and op ed articles by him, shouldn't the government, Liberals and Times Colonist check on these people's qualifications ???? THIS IS SCARY !!!!
To aBC:

Not sure what you mean. I've said it over and over and over ... the Anonymous sign-in is a problem for me. It reduces the meaning and the development of ideas.

But tell me something, since I have never in 3-1/2 years of publishing this blog, "blown up" at anybody ...

so why is it that I alone cannot voice an opinion without it being called "blowing up" ... ??

Like I said already, those who help me out by choosing a User Name of their own (as you have done, aBC) will still be anons. Why are you telling me this?

Maybe the whole idea is to wear me out, discourage me, in hopes I'll quit.


Like most people, I can tell the difference between those who are trying to help find out what happened to BC Rail ...

vs. those who distract by dispute (as opposed to disagree).
It is too easy to click the 'Anonymous' button in the leave comment box. If you don't have a Google account or (like I was)are too lazy to check out and understand how to use the other options this is a good way to go. 8:38 is right. Reduce the options and make people think. Those who are really interested and want to leave comments will find the proper way.
To watchingfromnextdoor,

Yeah, that must be it. I am too lazy to re-set the options for commenters.

Fact is (as you'd know, if you read this blog regularly) I'm no geek and I can't find the options in current blogger settings.

I distinctly recall such an option when I first launched The Legislature Raids in May 2006 ... but blogger world has changed since then ... and I simply can't find it now.

My call for help, of course, has gone out to Koot who (so far) has saved my life when these difficulties appear.

And as I've said, over and over and over, my plan is to reduce the options. So please stop telling me to reduce the options, OK?

And btw, I disagree that it's "too easy to click the 'Anonymous' button"

... because the "Name" option is right there, too, equally handy, if you have the kindness to use it.

Now tell us the URL for your blog so we may all visit and learn from such a temple of perfection.

OK, just kidding. Thanks for coming back as "Watchingfromnextdoor".
Based on some of the comments of late, I am inclined to believe that Campbell has appointed a designated person to monitor and comment on your site?
Suppose, 10:16, that it's true.

What kind of society has B.C. developed, where hard-won tax dollars are used -- not to heal the sick, to educate the children, train the work-force, to keep the streets and offices safe, or to promote the arts ...

but to hire anybody willing to sneak around spying on us.

What kind of world is that?

But we saw it, didn't we, in the Media Monitoring contracts given to Dave Basi by the BC "Liberal" party, and heard him discussing dirty tricks with the Minister of Finance. We saw it when the BC government sent Stuart Chase into the BC Rail pre-trial hearings to take secret notes which he sent back to Victoria ... about which the Attorney General lied, saying Chase was in court to explain things for the media.

We've seen the spying, the meddling, and we can guess where it leads. But it's still hard to believe.

So me? I carry on, as if I had never remotely guessed.

And by "carry on" I mean: we keep shining a bright light into dark corners. We keep asking the questions, as you just did 10:16. Thanks for that.

One step at a time. Keep carrying on.
hi Mary,keep up the good work and by the way didn't the fascists have a eye on the media network?
Hi Mary,just a question for you,Harvey O link, it's gone and I don't blame you his blog is getting old,I wonder if he just passes on messages,to his buddies that's the sense I get?
across your headline banner BC Mary you could place this notice:


but never ever use anonymous

Thank you.
Happy New Year BC Mary

Oh but its good to be back at work and there's opportunities to take time off work to take in a court appearance or two regarding BC Rail Raid.

There must be something in the air because over in my neck of the woods all the talk here is about - ANON, or not to ANON

And on the subject is it PAB or not PAB I think those days are past. No longer will any government keep records that can be used to incriminate themselves.

I think everyone is on edge, they want to see what's happening, if not at THE trial then at the 2010 Winter Olympics.
An excellent quote regarding what has been going on with the dumbing down and muting of media sources in Canada for the past few years, especially here in BC...and a good reason for insuring that no one of extreme monetary means be allowed to control the media - ever:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the National autodetermination practiced in past centuries." -- David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral Commission meeting in June of 1991
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