Monday, February 08, 2010


Basi-Virk: Long-awaited BC Rail corruption case

will start in late April or sooner for 8 to 10 weeks; likely to be heard by jury

Trial by jury could begin earlier in April at judge's request

By Bill Tieleman
24 hours columnist - Feb. 8, 2010

The trial of three men facing corruption charges in the B.C. Legislature raid case will begin in late April or sooner for eight to 10 weeks, a B.C. Supreme Court justice heard Monday.

And David Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi – the three former B.C. Liberal government aides facing charges connected to the $1 billion sale of B.C. Rail in 2003 – want a jury trial, defence lawyers say.

Justice Anne MacKenzie said she wants the trial completed by summer, prompting Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino to suggest starting earlier in April might be possible.

Outside court Michael Bolton, representing David Basi, said: β€œThe accused want a jury trial.”

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